Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Review: Wooly Blankets - Made With Love Hull

So, i came across this page on Facebook, Wooly Blankets - Made With Love Hull... By a lovely lady called Amanda, and with being pregnant me and my emotions totally fell in love with these blanket sets!

I had an idea in mind of what i wanted, but i also wanted to it be in the style of the artist to give it a more loved feel , and for her to be comfortable with the pattern, after all shes the one who was making it.

I requested a blanket that was about Moses basket size and it HAD to be rainbows!!
The set also includes a newborn hat with either a bow or a bobble depending on what you prefer.

Within a few days she messaged me saying that she would be starting my blanket set and i was mega excited! Literally the next day i got a message with the pictures of it all completed! I was so shocked that she had completed it that fast!

Because i was so excited i had paid within a few hours, the whole set including hat and blanket came to less than £20!!!! BARGAIN!!!!!!!
I was very skeptical at first as she didn't have PayPal and trust is a massive thing for me, but i transferred the funds to her bank account and got told the items would be sent out asap and be next day delivery! you do, Postie stalk your post man and get mega excited to see what it looks like in real life!
And oh wow it was a stunning as i thought!! I cant wait to use it with my little Olli when he finally gets here! And I'd seriously recommend this lady to anyone she is an absolute amazing artist!!

Please take a look at her Facebook page by clicking here:

Much Love,