Thursday, 21 July 2016

Things to look forward to 2016-2017

*Getting a tip so I can gut out the house
*6 Weeks summer holidays with the kids!⚽⛳✨
*Mikes birthday 31St August
*Kids going back to school/nursery
*Laten and Megans Birthday 6th & 18th Sept
*My Birthday! 14th October
*Disney Land Paris & Halloween 31st October (Ollis first holiday!)°○°
*Christmas!! ⛄
*Lilli's birthday 24th January 2017 
*Holiday with family May 2017 
*Olli's 1st Birthday 21st May 2017 

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Times are hard!

Times are hard with money.
Even though we get a substantial amount of money in a month, we're still skint! All the time!
I stupidly got loads of shit on credit and racked up in treat by not paying or late payments! Seriously guys, just don't do it, I literally cannot get anything on credit for like 6 years p, not even a phone contract!
I regret it, I'm paying back shit loads each month and it's killing us! Makes me so depressed that I wasted so much money and put myself in so much debt!
Times are hard with the kids.
Lilli, Megan and laten won't listen, they shout and kick and break toys and are bloody awful when they're together! Drives me insane, Olli is lovely but sometimes it's so hard to figure out what he wants!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Oops I've missed 2 weeks haha

So I've missed like 2 weeks of pp updates, let's just go with a every few weeks update shall we?! Haha
We're Ill at the moment, just crappy colds but Olli has it the worst :( it's hard for him to breathe while feeding so he's getting very frustrated :(
We've had a few little smiles but not a proper one yet, he's getting there tho!
Olli sleeps so well at night, from about 8-10:30 then 11-4 then 4:30-6:30 :) it's a lovely routine :)
He's pooping really well now once or twice every other day :) (we had a poop shoot yesterday and it went all over my leg )
I'm doing well, I'm taking my tablets for PND and coping well, even though everyone keeps telling me I'm not myself! Hopefully they will kick in soon it's been just over 2 weeks I've been taking them for!
Our favourite item this couple of weeks has been our sling/wrap its been a life saver when trying to settle Olli and having other stuff to do like vacuum and tend to lilli! Would definitely recommend one to anyone with a baby/toddler!
We love you lots
Mumma, Lilli and Olli
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