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So me and mike play ALOT of mobile games, from match 3 to shooting, jumping, fighting and puzzles, you name it we play it! So we got asked t...

Appamate Mobile Game Review

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So me and mike play ALOT of mobile games, from match 3 to shooting, jumping, fighting and puzzles, you name it we play it! So we got asked to review a few games, now some are android and there’s also one for Apple too which I was super chuffed about and so were the kids!!
Megan and laten loooove digital games and this one was no different!


ColorCone: an Apple App Store game which is Highly addictive! Your a little tri coloured cone and have to jump and get through the right coloured bars, sounds simple enough but there’s a twist, you can’t go up too high or down too low or you’ll shatter, the same goes with The coloured bars...this takes some getting used to but it’s highly addictive and playing with kids is sooo much fun!
We get very competitive, seeing who can get the highest number of completed bars we all took 2 goes then passed it to the next player so it was so much fun and the suspense is so intense!
Overall we loved this game and I totally recommend you go to the App Store now and download it!
This app is only available on App store but I'm sure it will be on google play very soon as its brilliant!

Next up is Fruit Candy Smash:
I liked the layout and style of this game but its not very explanatory, there isn't anything that tells you what to do so unless you have played this type of game before it will probably take a while to 'get it', that being said once you do get the hang of it, it gets very fun and challenging, not really something my kids would play but probably aimed more at teen/adults  Its only available on Google play store so far but I'm sure it will be on more platforms soon!

Lastly there is Bouncy Ball Flip:
I only got to play a little of this game and its really fun but also really hard if you don't have very good hand eye coordination like me! It's an addictive ball game where you control the gravity of two balls while jumping over spikes, Brilliant game for the kids and again they fought over who's turn was next because they loved it so much. This is available on Google Play store too! 

The other 3 games I was asked to review were Smash Dot and Space Racing 3D but unfortunately they kept force closing on my device so I was unable to play them.

I hope you enjoyed my little game review as much as we've enjoyed playing on them :D Let me know what you think in the comments below :D

Much Love

*I was asked to review these apps by Appamate, all views and opinions are honest and my own*

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