Monday, 8 January 2018

What to buy a 5 year old for their birthday?

So my daughters turning 5 and soon all her school friends will be too! I've been wracking my brains for gift ideas and honestly she got so much for xmas and having a birthday like 3 weeks after doesn't help! Time for toy clear out part 2 and some research for Mumma!
I'm just gonna jump right in and show ya what my rough ideas are for her and for other 5 year olds :D
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5 year old birthday

Board Games:

Now every kid loves a board game so here are some I've chose for Lilli and a few extras too!

Orchard Toys- Rockets And Comets
Orcahrd Toys - Where's My Cupcake?
Orchard Toys- Mini Penguin Pairs
Doc Mcstuffins Operation (comes with plasters too how cute?!)
Pop up Minion (like pop up pirate but any child who loves minions will love this)
Twister (I know some 5 year olds may not get on with this but its so much fun!)
Hungry Hippos


Lets get creative! we all love to get covered in paint and glitter don't we! Okay maybe we don't but the kids do!!

Make your own chocolate pizza kit (that sounds so delicious)
My first jewellery making kit
Create a Pirate Scrapbook
Create your own rocket puzzles
Mould and paint Glitter unicorns kit
Sow and Grow monster plants


We LOVE to read, were always at the library getting new books but its really nice to have copies of the favourites - so here are some of Lillis :)

Busters Birthday - its such a cute little book and we read it all the time :D
The Gruffalo & The Gruffalos Child
Room on the broom
10 Little series ... Princess' - Pirates - Superheroes - Dinosaurs - Elves

Dress Up:

Kids love role play and what better way than to dress up! Plus youll always have a costume ready for world book day!!

Lego Nexus Knights
Lego Ninjago
Harley Quinn
Fire Man
PJ Masks
Star Wars Storm Trooper


Now who doesn't love toys right?! Here are some I've found, some I'm buying Lilli for her birthday too!

This List was complied through What 2 Buy 4 Kids and Amazon chosen by age range.
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