Sunday, 24 August 2014

I'm here!

Laying in bed giving you cuddles to fall asleep, the same story every night, you won't sleep with anyone else I can't leave your side or move an inch til your totally in dreamland!

As soon as your asleep I take you into your room with your bed and place you down, take your half empty milk bottle downstairs and refill for the next wake up a few hours later, some nights you'll stay asleep til 3:30 never a minute later! And we'll start the process over sometimes not putting you in your bed!

I love my snuggles and I love you too but I miss my sleep 19 months with broken sleep would be enough to drive the average person off the edge! No not me I'm your mummy and mummy is strong and carrys on! .... I feel such guilt for wanting to sleep a whole night cause you need me but I promise I will always be here!...I love you Lilli Pants xx

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