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So your getting married, or you may have just got married (Congratulations!!) and you're planning your perfect honeymoon? Well, I hav...

Planning The Perfect Honeymoon

honeymoon planning tips

So your getting married, or you may have just got married (Congratulations!!) and you're planning your perfect honeymoon? Well, I have some tips for you, whether you're taking the family, the kids or just going alone as a happy couple I want to help you make sure you have a vacation to remember.

Make a budget: Setting a budget is vital to the planning process, the average honeymoon costs around £2500 but when you plan carefully and use the right agents you can get it for much lower, Just make sure you stick to your budget unless you can really afford to splash out!

Find a trusted agent: Finding the right travel agent is a must, someone who will take care of all your special needs and wishes to try and make sure you have the most magical time possible, I LOVE Holiday Gems - Check Them Out Here.

Picking the perfect destination: France, Spain, Italy, America, there are so many places to choose from, maybe you have one in mind already but maybe you're stuck, do you have somewhere you've been before and loved? is there somewhere you have always wanted to go together? If you still have no idea try putting names in a hat and picking one, you never know it may be amazing!

Choosing The Perfect Hotel: Picking the perfect hotel is such an important step, do you want a nice little beachside resort, do you want to be near a family fun park or a strip of restaurants? 
Make sure that the hotel/resort will have all you will need for your stay or have a bus/tram that can take you to a town close by. 
If you're planning on being all inclusive make sure that the restaurant can cater for any dietary requirements you have or any special food warming facilities you need (if you're taking young children).

Honeymoon with children: If you already have children you'll probably be taking them with you on your honeymoon, now I personally can't think of anything better than spending our honeymoon with our children, we'd have just become a family and it's a fun way for them to celebrate too, but you may also want some alone time as newlyweds so maybe try out the kids club or the babysitting services of the hotel to get the few hours of quality time to yourselves.

With Family/Friends: Going on a honeymoon with family and friends is always fun, I went with my sister and her husband to Disneyland Pairs and it was lovely, but they still wanted their alone time too, so don't forget to just be honest with the people you're with, unless you love the company! 

Travel documents: Make sure that when you book your honeymoon you don't use your married name, most of the time your married name won't match up to whats on your legal documents and you won't be able to travel.

What NOT to forget: There's always something you forget so heres a little checklist just incase:

  • passports/travel docs (EHIC if you're going to Europe)
  • medications
  • Currency (so much cheaper to buy before you get to the airport)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Contraception ;)
  • Adapter plugs
  • Camera
  • Chargers
  • The kids ;)

I really hope these tips help and you have an amazing honeymoon where ever you go!
Let me know in the comments if you have any tips.

Much Love

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I'm going back to work, it was a hard decision but more financially suitable for our family, Leaving my babies is going to be such a har...

Going Back To Work...How i feel

I'm going back to work, it was a hard decision but more financially suitable for our family, Leaving my babies is going to be such a hard thing, not seeing Olli's 'firsts' or being there for bedtime ect is going to be very emotionally difficult for me but its better than living with crappy benefits and struggling long term.

So I have an interview today, I'm absolutely crapping myself as its been 10 years since my last interview and 6 years since I've had a job! I have sod all to wear and nothing prepared so I'm literally just going to have to wing it!!

Blogging: I'm still going to keep my job as a social media manager and I will keep blogging because its my passion but sadly it just doesn't bring in the income we need to be stable.

Wedding: We're still getting married, its been booked and mostly paid for so there's no going back now and its something we're all really excited about, honestly were gonna be saving our arses off to get this wedding done but its going to be so worth it <3

Lego Club: If you didn't know I run a Lego club every fortnight at my local library, and I'm still going to carry on with it (fingers crossed), its a massive passion for me I love to volunteer and help people in our community so theres no stopping me!!

Worries: I have a few worries, I mean I haven't had a job in 6 years due to having kids and even though I'm self employed now and have been for a while its still different, I haven't had an actually employer for a while and its going to be strange taking orders from someone else.

I'm also really worried about my hair (strange I know) but I have very bright colourful hair and sometimes its really not suitable to some companies, same goes with my piercings which I can take out but don't really like to.

Money: So money is the big issue here, are benefits got cut and I don't make enough being self employed to support us and make up the difference, so a job was the most viable option at the moment and I am excited about it but worried too!

Mental Health: My mental health is a big part of my life, some days I really struggle I get very emotional about silly things and other days I'm as strong as a rock and nothing will break me, I'm worried that work is going to drain me and I will end up having more bad days than good, days where I wont want to get out of bed let alone communicate with the public, but maybe I will be fine and I'm just a worry wart!

My family: Working is gonna be a struggle for my family, Mike will have 4 kids on his own at some point and its bloody terrifying, not that he cant do it cause he can but they are all pains when all together!

Me Time: I'm sceptical about this part, I enjoy my time when I'm at the library volunteering but I don't feel like its work, ill actually be doing something that I don't particularly want to be doing (like who really wants to work right?!) so it may not be as refreshing as I hope.

Anyway, That's all from me I felt like I just needed to get that out!
How did you feel going back to work? Let me know in the comments below :D

Much Love

There’s nothing worse than that feeling when the shrill shriek of the alarm rouses you from your all too brief slumber. Your mouth feels dr...

Why Getting Plenty Of Sleep Makes You A Better Parent

There’s nothing worse than that feeling when the shrill shriek of the alarm rouses you from your all too brief slumber. Your mouth feels dry and sour, your head feels like you’ve had an altercation with a bull elephant and as much as you know that you’re duty bound to throw aside the covers and start your day, your every instinct screams at you to pull the covers back over your head and let the day pass you by.

This feeling is bad enough when you’re unattached, but when you’re a parent, it’s just the worst. Not only can it make it really difficult to feel like you have any real quality of life, it can also seriously impede your ability to be the best parent that you can be. It’s a horrible feeling that can ruin your day before it’s even started, yet it’s how too many of us begin most days. If this all sounds a little too familiar, it’s time to look at the reasons why getting plenty of sleep (7-9 hours is the gold standard for most full grown adults) can make you a better parent as well as some healthy natural solutions to getting your daily dose of shut eye.

Sleep keeps you feeling and looking young and healthy

When you become a parent, it’s easy to see yourself solely as somebody’s Mom or Dad and feel like you’re losing your identity to your parenthood. Getting plenty of sleep not only helps you to better manage your dual roles as a parent and in your day job, it also keeps you looking and feeling young and healthy. When you sleep, your body produces the collagen that your skin needs to stay plump and useful while also ensuring that your skin and hair get the hydration and nourishment that they need to stay healthy, lustrous and glowing. This will do wonders for your self esteem and make you a happier, more confident parent.

Sleep helps you to concentrate

A lack of sleep can seriously impair concentration and cognitive function. This is problematic whatever age your kids, but if you have a baby, infant or toddler you’re essentially playing Russian roulette with your kids’ safety especially if you get behind the wheel of a car with them. Parenthood (especially new parenthood) requires a number of complex cognitive processes and if you’re waking up feeling sluggish and unable to concentrate you’re unlikely to be at your best when it comes to meeting the myriad demands of a modern parent.

Sleep helps you to keep your calm

We’ve all seen those parents who lose their composure with their kids in public places. Those parents that seem, out of nowhere to snap and scream at their kids before storming away with them, fighting back a flood of tears of shame and frustration. Every parent knows that they’re only a few bad nights’ sleep away from being that parent. Nobody wants to be the kind of parent that’s quick to anger, shouting and corporal punishment. We want to be able to deal with our kids calmly, rationally and reasonably… But that’s really hard when we’re sleep deprived. As well as impairing our cognitive faculties and memories a lack of sleep can make us emotionally volatile, making us quicker to anger and far less rational than we’d like to be.

Sleep keeps you fun

Parenthood is a serious commitment and a lot of hard work, but let’s not forget that it can (or should be) a lot of fun, too! Getting enough sleep can help you to focus on the positives of parenting, allowing you to take pleasure and enjoyment in spending more time with your kids, making you a happier and more fun person to be around.

So, how can you make sure you’re getting yours?

Hopefully, it’s clear how getting your daily dose of shuteye can make you a better parent, but making sure you’re getting yours can be easier said than done, especially when you’re the parent of a newborn.

Make sure that your bedroom is sparsely decorated and full of natural materials like wood, stone and cotton as these can promote restfulness and relaxation. Avoid the use of laptops and tablets in bed and TV should be kept to a minimum too. If you’ve had the same mattress for more than 10 years it’s time to treat yourself to a browse of some luxury mattresses. Never underestimate the importance of a good mattress for a restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Obviously you should try and cut down on stimulants like caffeine and sugar and make sure you’re getting plenty of green veggies and magnesium rich foods like sweet potatoes and nuts. Make sure you’re getting plenty of water and exposure to fresh air and nature.

By getting healthy natural sleep, you’ll notice both your parenting and your quality of life starting to improve.

Lets hope you get some amazing sleep!

Much Love

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So Lils (my daughter if you didn't know) is mad, crazy and so hyper 24/7, she's really active and loves PE at school, she watches pe...

Bendy Wendy And Jumping Jack Join Gymnastics - Book Review

So Lils (my daughter if you didn't know) is mad, crazy and so hyper 24/7, she's really active and loves PE at school, she watches people do sports and Gymnastics a lot and then tries to copy them! So when we got asked if we'd review a book all about Gymnastics of course I said yes, I knew Lilli would love it and I was 100% right!

Bendy Wendy And jumping Jack are Gymnasts! -
The story of the book is that 2 children's are joining Gymnastics and they have worries and fears about not fitting In or being good enough! They go through all the Gymnastic moves and poses and find the perfect ones for them and all is right in the world!!

Its simple , but so powerful for little ones and Lilli has really taken a liking to the thought of starting gymnastics lessons too!

gymnastics book written by gemma coles

The book itself is absolutely fantastic! Its Bright, Good Quality and Bold, Lilli was instantly attracted to it, the illustrations are simple yet very child friendly and you can also buy the gymnastics coaching guides with instructions to learn yourself.
There is a DVD and a app for your phone or tablet which are also available online and looks amazing so we will definitely be checking that out! Honestly its a brilliant way to keep children entertained and enjoy learning about Gymnastics at the same time!

So whether your a teacher, parent or just know a child interested in Gymnastics this book would be the perfect little gift for the budding gymnast.

The book, DVD and coaching guides are available on Head Over Heels Gymnastics and the app is of course in the app store for apple and android!

So go take a look and let me know what you think below :D

Much Love

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If you love chocolate (like who doesn't?!) you'll love Chocolateeha ! It's this new chocolate I've discovered and its sooooo...

Chocolateeha Review

If you love chocolate (like who doesn't?!) you'll love Chocolateeha! It's this new chocolate I've discovered and its soooooo yummy!! It comes in loads of different flavours and it looks beautiful <3

chocolateeha bar
With a beautiful pyramid design and brushed with edible golden glitter its stunning to look at, the bars are easy to snap into the perfect amount, if you can stop yourself from eating the whole bar!

The flavours are very rich and the dark chocolate is not too bitter, we tried the Madagascan Dark Chocolate Infused With Wild Orange and it was the perfect combination.
We also tried the Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Infused With Peppermint and the Peruvian White Chocolate Infused With Brazilian Ground Coffee.

Me and my daughter both tried these flavours and she loved the orange one the best, she liked the design and the gold dusting on top, My favourite has to be the peppermint one, the mint and dark chocolate complimented each other so well and it was perfect with a cuppa to relax.

If you want to try the Indulgent range from Chocolateeha Click the link above and explore the range, its so worth it.

Much Love

*I was sent this chocolate by Wajeeha from Chocolateeha to review in exchange for a phone interview about my children's confectionary habits *

How do you rate your DIY skills? If you’re a competent amateur, this will come in handy when you become a parent. Being a parent isn’t just ...

The Benefits Of Being A Dab Hand At DIY When You're A Parent

How do you rate your DIY skills? If you’re a competent amateur, this will come in handy when you become a parent. Being a parent isn’t just about nurturing children. There are also many practical roles you have to assume once you’ve got little people relying on you. Being able to implement DIY skills has all kinds of benefits. Here are just some of the reasons why it’s great to be a dab hand at DIY when you’ve got children.

Home repairs Unless you have a house that looks and feels like a brand new showhome, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever reach a point in your life when there isn’t at least one DIY job that needs doing. When you have young kids, it’s essential to eliminate any problems quickly for safety reasons. You can’t just leave doors hanging off hinges or shelves sloping on the wall and hope for the best. We all know that toddlers like to pull at things and rush around like a whirlwind, and even the most innocuous-seeming imperfection could present a hazard. If you’re comfortable with getting a hammer and some screws out and you can ​fix problems​ swiftly, this will save you money and ensure that your home is a safe haven.


Image from

Designing a dazzling child’s room
One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is designing a nursery fit for a prince or princess. When you’re expecting, you’ll probably be stocking up on essentials, and before you know it, you’ll have flat-pack furniture, boxes and piles of clothes and nappies everywhere. Even when you’ve got the instructions in front of you, building cots, changing tables and wardrobes can be tricky. If you’re a dab hand with furniture assembly, this is your time to shine. You can show off your skills and then turn your hand to painting the walls and adding those finishing touches to make the new nursery look perfect. As your children grow out of their nursery, you’ll probably find yourself building units, putting up shelves and constructing beds, so it’s always good to have skills in the locker.

Image by

Encouraging creativity
DIY isn’t just about hanging shelves or following an instruction manual. It’s also a chance to be creative, and you can get your kids involved in DIY-based activities from a young age to encourage them to try new things and learn new skills. It’s obviously not safe to play around with tools, but you can embrace the world of arts and crafts. Visit sites like Glue Guns Direct and fill your cupboards with everything you need to make your own cards, create bespoke gifts for friends and family and make animals, robots or buses out of junk. Being creative has benefits for adults and children. It can enable you to express yourself, it’s relaxing, and it’s also a fun way to spend time together.

Having a hobby
When you have kids, you may find that the amount of time you have available for hobbies is limited. You may be busy most of the time, but make use of those precious moments you do have. Having a hobby can give you a different focus, provide you with an escape and enable you to channel your emotions and use your creativity. If you’re a fan of DIY, use it to give you a little me time. Every parent needs a break from time to time and having children shouldn’t mean that you have to give up your interests.

Taking on new projects
If you’ve got DIY skills, there are all kinds of projects you can turn your hand to when you have children. You can make your own toys, such as dolls houses, rocking horses or teepees or you could use your talents to design bespoke furniture for the bedroom or the garden. You could convert an old wardrobe into a medieval castle or turn a rundown shed into a vintage beach hut or a country cottage. As your kids get older and they start to show an interest in different things, you can use their hobbies and passions to provide inspiration for your next project.

If you’re a parent and you love DIY and crafting, this will come in very handy. Having kids will almost certainly require you to hone your flat-pack building and painting skills, but DIY can also be a hobby that gives you enjoyment and enables you to channel your creativity. You can spend time with your kids doing fun, creative activities and you can use your skills to design amazing bedrooms, create cool toys and upcycle furniture.

What's your favourite DIY to do with your kids?
Let me know below :D

Much Love

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Hey guys, Globenfeld got in contact and kindly gifted me this stunning sports watch , Its honestly stunning and I love it, now I know its ...

Globenfeld Watch Review

Hey guys,

Globenfeld got in contact and kindly gifted me this stunning sports watch, Its honestly stunning and I love it, now I know its for gents but I wanted to review it and get mikes opinion on it,
He fell in love with it instantly, The presentation, the box, the functions just all of it.

Globenfeld sports watch black and red

"How is it the first half term of the year already?" I hear you ask, Yeah I thought that too, so we all know half terms can be b...

Whats On Feb Half Term - Great Yarmouth

"How is it the first half term of the year already?" I hear you ask, Yeah I thought that too, so we all know half terms can be boring and annoying as hell with kids shouting down your ear that they're bored or asking where they're going today ect, well I have the solution, here's a fun packed guide to Feb half term in Great Yarmouth (and surrounding areas) :D

Thursday 8th Feb: Harry Potter Quiz Night - Great Yarmouth Library - 6pm-8pm-£1 Per person - 5 to a team maximum, bring own food and drink. *booking is essential* 
  • Friday 9th Feb: Lego Club - Gorleston Library (upstairs) 4pm-5pm AND ITS FREE!!!!
    *Lego club runs every 2 weeks after*

  • Friday 9th Feb: Star Gazing Night - Wind Energy Museum - The Morse Collection - 7pm - 11:30pm *prices may apply*

  • Sat 10th Feb: Valentines Crafts- Gorleston Library 11-12:30pm FREE!

  • Sat 10th - 18th Feb: Design A Den week - Fairhaven Woodland And Water Garden Norwich- 10am-4pm *fees may apply*

  • Sat 10th Feb: Wizards Afternoon Tea - Mocha Great Yarnmouth 12-3:30 or 7pm
    *times run on sat 10th, sunday 11th, sat 17th and sunday 18th, tickets £20 per person*

  • Tues 13th - 17th Feb: Stay and play - Cribs And Bibs Party Rooms - Every Morning 10am-2pm

  • Wed 14th Feb: Micro bit Session - Gorleston Library - 10:30-11:30 FREE!
    *get started in coding in this FREE taster session, borrow a micro bit for free*

  • Wed 14th: Harry Potter Themed Valentines Meal -Mocha Great Yarmouth - 18:30-22:30pm
    *£40 per person, tickets and menu available from Mocha*

  • Wed 14th Feb: Chinese New Year Crafts - Great Yarmouth Library 2pm-4pm FREE!

  • Thurs 15th Feb: Punch and Judy Show - Market Gates - 11:30-1pm  FREE!

  • Sat 17th Feb: Pets as therapy - Meet Lily - Great Yarmouth Library - 1-4pm FREE!
So get these dates down in your diary and come along and have some fun!!

We hope you have a fun and hopefully not too stressful half term!

Much Love

Ever find cleaning and decluttering a chore? Kids are forever getting out toys the second you put them away and then comes another birth...

ClutterBug Interview with a professional

clutterbug promo poster

Ever find cleaning and decluttering a chore? Kids are forever getting out toys the second you put them away and then comes another birthday and they get a load more and you have no space at all to put them! Yeah that my life down to a T but not any more! I've been interviewing Arianna From Clutterbug and she has some brilliant tips on how to declutter and save space to make your life easier.

But first lets get to know her:
clutterbus arianna headshot
I'm a solo mum of 2 (+cat), originally from Jerusalem, currently haunting north London (Finchley). Prior to setting up ClutterBug as a sole-trader, about a year ago, I had an office job in the food industry (food-safety tech).
I've been decluttering and re-gigging homes for as long as I can remember - it relaxes me and helps me think straight.  So after invading the homes of family & friends (with their permission!) I decided to do it professionally - and so far it seems to be working out :-)
I'm a credited by APDO (, covered by indemnity & 3rd party insurance, and ICO registered (data protection).

Q1:I find with a lot of parents (myself included) that toys clothes and just every day life can get on top of you what are your top tips?

  • A simple, realistic routine makes a big difference. 
  • A ‘hack’ way of doing something for your home makes it 10 times easier.
  • And also simply having less stuff :-) People tend to not see what they have when there's lots of it piled around (true for non physical 'stuff' too...)
Q2:What do you think of younger kids helping with chores?

A: I think its a great idea, I find that you can get kids as young as 3 to declutter their toys & clothes, choosing to donate some items to less fortunate, or simply younger, children. They get really engaged in the process given the right motivation (charity, or making space for new Bday gifts).
I'm a fan of big boxes/ baskets for younger kids, which make tidying up much easier for them (in comparison to shelves). For older kids it is nice to have some shelves, to display their treasured possessions.

Me: I totally agree on the big boxes for kids but they can also be a nightmare and toys get muddled ect.. we have a cubed storage unit with 8 boxes so each child gets 2 boxes each, one for toys and the other for colouring/ favourite toys and the youngest one has nappies in the other.
Donating toys is a fab idea we have the ‘kindness elf’ at Christmas time who sends a letter to ask if the children will donate toys so we can also make room for new ones

clutterbug decluttered deskclutterbug very cluttered desk

'Before an after of a desk Arianna decluttered.'

Q3: What is your most trusted routine for tidying/decluttering?

A: For a routine, trying to stick to a 'one in, one out' rule is very helpful - so one doesn't end up with a massive pile to put away at the end of the day (though I must admit I'm struggling to get my own kids to do this... especially at play-dates).

Q4: What's your rule for clothes? And where do you start?

A: I give clothes a year (unless they're too small) - so it has a chance in each season - but the principle is right. that if they haven't wore it in so long then get rid of it!  For sentimental clothes - I'd say, if you really love it - frame it and put it on the wall (like you would a plaster foot/ hand cast).
If not - let it go...If you don't like the idea of a stranger handling it, find a friend / relative with a baby.
There's no rule on where to start - I'd go from the easiest (whatever carries least emotional 'baggage') and leave the tough ones for last (baby clothes or celebration outfits)

Decluttering and getting rid of things can be really hard, I know, I've been through it myself and as a hoarder of 'crap' it was really difficult for me to part with things, but once I did I felt 10 times better and my family had the space we needed to be more organized and happy.

I hope this Q&A has been helpful for you and let me know in the comments if you have any tips too!

If you want to know more head over to Clutterbug's Facebook, Twitter And Webpage.

Much Love

*this is a collaborative post with Clutterbug London*

Accidents happen all the time, it could be anywhere but most common injury's are at school or nursery, Your child spends a lot of time a...

School and Nursery Accident Advice

Accidents happen all the time, it could be anywhere but most common injury's are at school or nursery, Your child spends a lot of time at school or nursery up to 7 hours a day without your supervision and they can have a slip or fall at any time and mostly just come off with a grazed knee or hands but when its something more serious do you know what action to take? 

teddy with bandages

Each school or nursery has a duty of care for their pupils and they must stick to this plan to avoid one or more pupils being injured, the school is responsible for anything that happens inside and on school premises (as well as school trips). If a risk assessment isn't carried out correctly a whole number of incidents can happen such as,
  • A fall down stairs
  • A trip on uneven ground that hasn't been previously warned about.
  • Slipping on non-gritted ground in bad weather.
  • An injury caused by using unsafe play equipment
  • School bus accidents
  • Burns
  • Broken bones/Fractures caused by accident
  • Sporting accidents
The list could go on, Children are always in the wars but the serious stuff can still happen if proper safety precautions aren't met, Health and safety checks must be carried out on a regular basis by staff or ground keepers and kept to a safe standard.
"Some incidents and accidents are required to be reported under the RIDDOR rules. This applies to types of accidents that could occur at school that may involve staff, children or contractors doing work on the site. There is proper and specific information available from HSE to help identify the more serious incidents that must be reported" - Accident Advice Helpline 
Most serious accidents rarely happen and some are unavoidable but cases that happen through negligence can be very upsetting for children and parents/carers, if you are concerned about anything around or in your child's school always speak to a member of staff to help put things right.

If your child has had an accident call an advice line and see if you could make a claim against them, most are no win, no fee so its always worth a shot for your peace of mind.

Has your child had a serious accident? What action did you take?

Much Love

*This is a sponsored post*
*Make sure you know your rights to make a claim by checking HSE website*