Thursday, 18 January 2018

Crazily Effective Ways To Avoid A Depression Relapse

Dealing with depression is a battle which lasts a lifetime. Some days, the darkness lifts and you feel as if you can enjoy life. Still, there are times when a relapse occurs and the gloom settles back in for the long haul. Anyone who has a mental illness will know that avoiding setbacks is the way forward. Of course, it’s much easier to say in theory than it is to do in practice. Thankfully, there are helpful hints that proven to work and keep the demons away.

The following is a selection of some of the best tips.

Be Proactive

The credit card bill arrives in the post or online and you start to panic. Before long, your anxiety has escalated and you have a full-blown episode. Everyone has had to deal with money troubles in the past and will continue to do so in the future. The trick is to be as proactive as possible by tackling the debts head-on. Do you have bad credit and a loan? In that case, use the resources on ​​ and boost your rating. Do the interest rates on your credit card cost you a fortune? ​Https://​ has great tips on how to negotiate with companies and lower the overall balance.


Exercise Regularly 

Depression comes back when stress builds and cortisol levels increase. Both of these things lead to tension which gets worse and worse until it explodes. An explosion is one thing you need to avoid at all costs, which is why you should
​find a release​. It’s worth noting that there are loads to choose from and exercise isn’t the only option. But, it is one of the most popular because it’s a medium to vent anger and frustration. Plus, flogging your body on a treadmill lets you forget about your worries for a while. Only Mo Farah could think about mental health while the rest of us try to avoid a heart attack!
Avoid Overstretching

New Year, new me is the phrase of the year so far. The only problem with this attitude is that it can force you to take on too many tasks. As well as getting fit, you might want to travel more, make more money, and find more time for your partner. All of the latter are brilliant targets to hit, but they are only achievable one step at a time. It’s worse for people with mental health problems because failure can lead to negative introspection.
Don’t Blame One's Self

Individuals that deal with depression often negatively critique their life and skill set. Having a go at yourself for doing something wrong is one of the easiest things in the world, yet it’s dangerous. Quite simply, by doing this you are telling your brain that you are at fault and no one else. Not only is this not entirely true, but it’s also a contributor to a negative mental attitude. To look on the bright side, you need to be positive and focus on the constructive feedback.

Relapses can happen at any time. When it does, use these tips to keep depression away.

Let me know what your tips are for avoiding a depression relapse?

Much Love


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Dealing With Life After Education

Whilst in education, you’re protected by a bubble. But, when that bubble bursts and you find yourself in the ‘real world’, things start to get a whole lot more, well, real. And it’s best to ready yourself for that aforementioned bubble bursting by knowing exactly what to expect to have to deal with in life after education.

To see what can be expected in life after education, and how to deal with it all, make sure to read on.

Graduate blues
Graduate blues​ are real, there are no two ways about that. And, these blues are the first thing that anybody that is fresh out of college or university is going to have to deal with in their life after education.

These blues can come in many different shapes and sizes. They could come in the form of simply holding a recent graduate back from moving on with their life, for instance — this could mean holding them back in their career or in their personal life. Or, these blues come in the much more severe form of throwing a recent graduate into the midst of a very real depression that not only holds them back in life, but makes them ill.

But, just know that there is support out there for those that suffer with graduate blues, no matter what form of it they suffer with. Yes, there are ways to​ ​kick this depression’s butt​!

An array of choices
Life after education is full of choices, some of which are some of the most important you’ll ever make in your entire life. These choices include what career to forge for yourself and what direction to take in regards to it, where to live and what kind of accommodation to live in and who you want to spend your time with.
Yes, life after education is full of choices and it’s important to remember that each of them could prove to be life changing. So, don’t take these choices lightly!

A life of finances

As unfortunate as this is, out there in the ‘real world’ there is a whole world of financial issues to face day in, day out, and that’s even after you take your student debts into consideration. Yes, life after education is full of financial issues and matters, and dealing with them is pivotal.

When it comes to dealing with them, first of all you should take as much​ ​student loan debt relief​ as you can acquire in order to ease that big, looming debt that will only worsen your financial life and record if you let it. Second of all, you should make sure you are always open to the idea of asking for financial assistance, and you should always be willing to ask for help when you need it. Third of all, you should begin saving whenever and wherever you can, even if this just means keeping every little bit of change you are handed.

Life after education can be made to be just as good as life in it — if you are able to deal with it in all the proper ways, that is.

Let Me Know what you think in the comments below.

Much Love

Monday, 15 January 2018

The Tired Parent Soloution : Focus Supplements Review

Being a parent is hard work, were basically on call 24/7 so getting enough sleep is always a tough one, we get up though the night, feeding changing, bouncing about so our babies go back to sleep or if your anything like me when I had my first, sobbing because you were literally so tired you ached.

focus supplements caffiene and L-Theanine tablets in a black bottle with a blue band around the top

I'm a parent who relies solely on lots of coffee and chocolate to get me through my days, and a lot in the evenings too, the caffeine always helps to keep me on track without feeling mega exhausted from getting up at 5:30 with 4 kids!

Friday, 12 January 2018

Getting Out Of The House!

Do you need an excuse to get out of the house this weekend?
Of course you do! Staying in the house all the time can be tiring, boring and a little bit lonely.

Spend your time this weekend trying something new and being part of the community instead.


Meetups could be anything from Local Family Days Out to a group of fans meeting up to
discuss sports or TV. Most of the time these meetups are arranged online on social media
groups, so if you are part of a social media group who offer meetups, get yourself out of the
house and be social! An example of a meetup which is very popular is for those who play
Pokémon Go. You will often see groups for the game meeting up to hunt for rare Pokémon,
so get out and join in!

Exercise Classes

Exercise might not be your favourite thing to do, and to be honest we really don’t blame you.
But Exercise classes are really great places to tone up your body, look after your health and
meet new people who are in your position. Often it is the atmosphere of being in a class
which motivates us because there are other people trying their best to do the same thing.
There’s strength in numbers.

Local Sports Leagues

If you were always a fan of a sport such as football, basketball or swimming in school, you can
always try to join a local league and brush up on your skills. Spend the weekend competing in
competitions and making friends with your teammates. You will have so much fun being with
your friends and you’ll be able to get fit in the process!


There are a huge array of different classes you can take in the evenings and at the weekend,
and one of those is cookery. Whether you are already a whizz in the kitchen or you could burn
butter, you will always have fun and learn new skills by attending a cooking class. It is also a
great place to socialise and show off your culinary skills to the masses.


Let the geek within you come out and have some fun! You may have heard of comic-con,
it is the biggest comic book convention in the world and takes place in multiple locations
worldwide every year. The most popular one is San Francisco where the stars of your
favourite films and TV shows will be there to answer questions and meet you. Even if you
don’t want to go to the bigger conventions, there are smaller versions you can visit too which
are just as fun.

Get a Pet

if you aren’t much of a people person, get a pet. Having a dog or cat as a companion can
make the world of difference to your happiness and your stress levels. They are always
happy to see you, will force you to get out of the house for a walk and will cuddle up to
you at night.

Let us know if you have any tips for getting out of the house in the comments below.

Much Love


Monday, 8 January 2018

What to buy a 5 year old for their birthday?

So my daughters turning 5 and soon all her school friends will be too! I've been wracking my brains for gift ideas and honestly she got so much for xmas and having a birthday like 3 weeks after doesn't help! Time for toy clear out part 2 and some research for Mumma!
I'm just gonna jump right in and show ya what my rough ideas are for her and for other 5 year olds :D
*contains affiliate links*

5 year old birthday

Board Games:

Now every kid loves a board game so here are some I've chose for Lilli and a few extras too!

Orchard Toys- Rockets And Comets
Orcahrd Toys - Where's My Cupcake?
Orchard Toys- Mini Penguin Pairs
Doc Mcstuffins Operation (comes with plasters too how cute?!)
Pop up Minion (like pop up pirate but any child who loves minions will love this)
Twister (I know some 5 year olds may not get on with this but its so much fun!)
Hungry Hippos

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Hemp Underwear: Wama Review

Mike got sent some undies in the post ;) (usually I would be sceptical but I knew they were coming)
WAMA underwear got in contact and asked me to review some undies for them, now we all i know I'm a larger Mumma and really don't fit in anything other than £3 leggings and long vest tops so this time I passed this one onto mike, He was thrilled, he's a hippy at heart so getting a pair of Hemp undies was a bonus for him!

They arrived super quick considering they came from america, they felt super soft as soon as they were out of the packet and they fit nice too ;) Unfortunately he refused to model for anyone else but me! Sorry Ladies ;)
Mike quickly decided he wanted a shower so he could put on his fresh new undies and relax and that's exactly what happened, along with a prance around the house in them to model them to me!

Wama Underwear

Mike Said "they're really breathable and comfy, and the elastic isn't too diggy either" Also he said "the leg fit is perfect, most boxer shorts don't give that leg freedom and you have to rip the seam, it’s so cool they’re made of hemp”

I really love the sound of these and would love a pair myself if I didn’t have such a big bum!
Hemp is such a natural resource and it should be used for things like this more often!

WAMA have an amazing little story and i do love it because its oh so natural and refreshing:

"WAMA was created from a deep passion and love for travel, the environment and the vast world we live in today. Our goal is to preserve planet earth by making use of what mother nature has provided us. More than just pioneering the hemp underwear industry we want to bring more awareness to hemp in the fashion world. We believe with more purchases of hemp clothing comes more awareness to hemp as a textile option. With more awareness comes more use and with more use comes less pollution and the preservation of nature. Help Us Help Nature."

The underwear mike reviewed is made of hemp, why hemp you say?

"Because we all store a vast amount of our bacteria and odour in our genitals area. So to protect our privates we chose to use hemp due to its naturally anti-microbial properties that kill bacteria and even odour to some degree. When you wear your WAMA Underwear you can Relax, it’s Natural."

Wama Underwear
                                                 Wama Underwear
WAMA Hemp undies are available in singles or packs or 3,6,and 10 for men and women and they're super comfy so head over to WAMA now and pre order some!

Much Love

*These boxer briefs were sent to us at Mumma And Her Monsters in exchange  for a honest review*

Thursday, 28 December 2017

How to build a DIY Barbie House

So for Xmas Lilli wanted a Barbie house, they were all mega expensive but I knew this was going to be her main present so we kept on looking, all the other ones were either too small for Barbie dolls to be in or only came with tiny dolls house furniture, so I sat down with Lilli and asked her if she wanted to make one with me?! Luckily she was well on board and i had an old bookcase that was just sitting there...Perfect!
how to make a barbie house

I hopped onto EBay and ordered what I needed here's the list:

  • 4x Pink spray paint £2.99 each
  • Pretty scrap book paper £3
  • glue gun (my other had broke) £3
  • extra glue sticks £FREE with glue gun
  • Barbie stickers £1.99
  • plastic furniture (bed, bunk bed, toilet, bath, sink, kitchen, table, chairs, sofa, telly, lamps and climbing frame) Roughly around £2/3 each item

And Extras from other shops:

  • A Grey and silver starry roll of Vinyl from Wilkos £4 (covered the whole 3 shelves with some to spare)
  • A Black Sharpie from Wilkos (to draw a ladder up the side) £1
  • Fake Grass from my local carpet shop £2 (done the whole roof)
  • Chelsea's Pool set £15 Amazon
  • Carpet samples £FREE from Carpet Right to use as rugs
  • 2x Battery operated press on lights £1 poundland + 6xAAA batteries £1
diy barbie house

diy barbie house

How I did it:

First I grabbed the Bookshelf, I sanded it down slightly and sprayed it bright pink, at first I only bought 2 cans and it only did a side and a half so I had to ordered more, later that week I walked into my local shop and found the exact same cans for 99p £2 cheaper than I paid!! TYPICAL!
Anyway after spraying the shelf it had to be left to a few days to properly dry I started drawing the ladder on with sharpie, I then stuck on the scrap book paper as wallpaper and Lilli added some stickers to jazz it up more!

After buying the Vinyl flooring I spent honestly about 10 mins sticking it down it was that easy!, We then measured and cut the grass we got and glued it to the roof (this took forever as the glue was drying way too fast in my house!) We stuck the lights to the roof and it was all done!!
So after months of waiting because we started planning in October Christmas came and I set up all the furniture (really silly shit from china which comes in 100,000 pieces) and it was Perfect!

diy barbie house


The Barbie house really wouldn't take long if you did it one go, probably a day or so It was really easy but also really an accomplishment for me as I'm terrible at making anything! I roughly spent around £70 on making this so its cheaper than buying one new and Lils loved to make it with me so its extra special! Lils absolutely loves it and I'm really looking forward to getting a few extra bits for her birthday next month to go in it :)

Along with the Barbie house I searched local selling sites for Barbie items, I found a Bratz tour bus (it literally says it in the smallest place so you cant tell) , A Barbie cruise Ship with pool and slide ect!, They cost me a total of £17 all together!

My mum bought Lilli a Barbie car and some dresses and we got all the other dolls for her that she had asked Santa so nicely for.

diy barbie house
I really hoped you liked this post and how the Barbie house turned out, let me know what you would have done :)


Sunday, 24 December 2017

Why im such a grinch at christmas

It all started about 13 years ago on 23rd December ... I got in the bath, my sister was on the pc, mum was getting ready for bed and all of a sudden there was smoke... the whole front room was Smokey and the tv was on fire, to this day we still don't know if it was an advent candle we didn't blow out or if it was the tv that was just too old, but somehow there was a fire.

I jumped out of the bath grabbed a towel and ran out of the house with my mum and sister while calling 999 and panicking about what was going on, I was only just in my first year of high school and  I was pretty young so I don't remember in too much detail apart from I was scared,
the firemen came did an amazing job and we were stuck without a home for Christmas!
Luckily we could stay at my mums boyfriends for Christmas but it wasn't the same it felt lonely and weird, we had a burnt, black tree, soot covered presents and sod all clothes, although I was grateful for what presents I received the magic had just vanished :(

So Christmas always gets me anxious, even though it was so long ago I don't think ill ever get over the intensity and the smell of the soot that night. the agony and pain through loosing my Christmas spirit sent me in a downwards spiral for Christmas' to come.
We spent months in a hotel room while our house was being sorted, eating at friends houses or doing washing at our family's houses it was odd to say the least, Music was my comfort then, Coldplay and all the depressive stuff, but it helped heal me so I didn't feel so broken.

Now I have kids I have to pretend to be all festive and excited, I have to make the magic real and the belief stay alive, I have to be happy mummy but its not all an act, I am happy sometimes, making the memories and seeing their faces of utter happiness its just beautiful, its worth all the stress and worry the few days before to make sure everything is perfect for them.

Maybe one day ill get over it, my anxiety will fade and the smell will eave my memory, but for now it will still be daunting, Christmas magic was ruined that day but maybe my children can help keep that little spark alive!


Thursday, 21 December 2017

Love Drop Adult Subscription Box

I always love a bit of fun in the bedroom, I mean who doesn't? So I stumbled upon Love Drop on twitter and they said they'd send me a box to review! Instantly I was bloody excited and trying to guess what was going to be in it, I knew it would have a sex toy, but other than that I was baffled.

After reading a little more about what Love Drop is about I instantly fell in love with their idea!
Love Drop is about having those all Important dates especially in a long term relationship, dates are important for keeping the spark alive and what better place to have one than the bedroom ;)
The box is a bi-monthly subscription for couples who will receive a designer sex toy, and some romantic gifts and intimate activities.

Love Drop Says: "Society focuses so much on ‘dating’ and how exciting that is, but it’s almost as if once you’re in a long-term relationship then that's seen as ‘boring' and we lose interest… We disagree and want to make a difference!"

So anyway on to the box...

The box got delivered and I literally and no idea what it was, it was super discrete and literally could of been anything, Its packaged in a bag and bubble wrap to keep it secure too (all that for free delivery! bonus!)

The contents of the box I received were:
  • Couples Sex Toy - Lelo - Nya
  • 2x Lelo - Hex Condoms
  • 2x Lelo Lube
  • A Devine Chocolate bar
  • A Set Of Love Drop Prompt Cards
  • 1x Melt Co - Joy Candle
All these items are bloody good quality and defiantly give you the excitement in the bedroom (or any other place you wish) you want!

The Toy..

Now I know you all just want to know about the toy...Well here it goes, its small, pretty, its powerful, its rechargeable and its a couples toy! It has like a million and one different speed settings or pulse settings, the charge is pretty quick and lasts ages and did I mention its really pretty?!
The RRP for the Lelo Nya is £69 and I would defiantly say its well worth it for a couples toy!

If you want to know more just watch the Vlog below of the unboxing and let me know in the comments what you think?!

Much Love

Monday, 18 December 2017

Blogmas Week 3!!

Welcome back to Blogmas! Its week 3 and were nearly there!!O-M-EFFING-G!!! CHRISTMAS IS IN 7 DAYS!!!!!!!! THATS ONLY A WEEK!!! *cue panic*


I cant believe its only a week away, time has totally flown by these past few months, and although I have bought 99% of my gifts for people 30% of them haven't turned up yet! *cue even more panic!*
I've been quite organised this year, been buying presents since October but I've only recently started wrapping.

Me and mike still have a Barbie house to finish making, a Lego table to put together and a train table! I tell ya these kids are going to bed at like 6:30 on Christmas eve cause its gonna take us all night to get it sorted lol.

I have such a busy week this week too, I have work for a few hours Monday and Tuesday and a Lego Christmas party to shop for and set up then run on the Friday, I have to finish wrapping when all the presents arrive, I have to print a thousand activities to do at the party too! On top of all this Lilli is only at school for 2 and a half days, its going to be absolutely mental!!

What have you got on this week? are you prepared for Christmas?
Let me know in the comments :D

And don't forget to check out week1 and week2 of Blogmas too!!

Much love

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