Image Travelling with the family can be a challenge at the best of times, but during the school holidays things can get much mor...

Cheap Ways To Travel In The School Holidays

By January 23, 2018

Travelling with the family can be a challenge at the best of times, but during the school holidays things can get much more difficult. During the school summer holidays, tourism boards around the world hike up their prices and it becomes very difficult to find a place to stay which is affordable for the family

 However, luckily there are still a lot of different ways that we can travel with the family and enjoy the summer without breaking the bank. Here’s how...

The best way to save money when you are looking to rent a home for the week is to go directly to the owner instead of through bigger platform sites. By going to the owners of a property directly, you will not have to pay all of those extra fees and because of this you will be able to get the property for a lower price for your family for the week. 

Get Researching
The key to finding the best deals on travel is to research. Try to find some package deals on travel and accommodation or even drive instead of flying. 
Tryout website like dealsqueen for hotel booking, ski, cottage booking & flight booking related voucher codes. Cut the cost of buying items overseas with the best travel credit card and make sure that you look out for last minute deals too. You may have a week off coming up and suddenly find an absolute bargain you just can’t refuse.   

Get going
 It can be difficult trying to take your kids on holiday during the school year, because a lot of the time schools are a little funny about this and could even make you pay a fine for taking your child out of class. However, life is not all about school- just bear in mind that your child missing 5 days of school is not going to harm their education, they can catch up. It will also be much more cost effective to go away during off peak months. 

House swap
If you want a way to make sure your home is looked after while you go away, you can participate in a house swap.
Home exchanges involve you and another family swapping houses for a certain period of time. It is much cheaper than renting or going to a hotel, and you know that your home will be well looked after during the week. Most of the time you will be able to take your pet with you too, so that’s a great bonus. 

In the wild
If in doubt, go camping. Camping is a super affordable way of having a week away without spending hundreds on accommodation and travel. Simply get all of your food and drink packed up, arrange some fun activities for the days and make the most of fun the in fresh air. 

Road trip

If you want to save a ton of money on travel, get in your car and simply go for a road trip instead! You can stop off at towns along the way and visit landmarks, and take the holiday at your own pace. 

Do you have any cheap ways to travel? Let me know below :D

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