Have you ever felt like you’ve got no time for yourself because you feel the looming pressures from day-to-day life? Maybe you’d love...

Listen to your body – not your mind.

mental health guest post

Have you ever felt like you’ve got no time for yourself because you feel the looming pressures from day-to-day life? Maybe you’d love to go to the cinema, have dinner with a friend or just have a hot bath without worrying about anything, but you have that horrible twisting feeling in your stomach that tells you, you just don’t have time for it. When struggling with a mental illness/illnesses, it can feel even harder to tell yourself that you need some ‘me time’ and it makes it feel less deserving.  This could have an impact on both your wellbeing and productivity. I think we’re all guilty of not listening to our body and then crashing when it’s all too much.

When looking back on events you may have missed out on, nights out you passed on all because you felt guilty, now is the time to tell yourself that it’s ok to say yes to things that make you happy – despite what your mind is telling you! Of course its ok to say no too, but you should never give yourself a hard time because you’re enjoying yourself! In the end, you’ll realise that you will feel better doing things you want. Sometimes, when we listen to our mind, it can take over and distort what we’re thinking – people believe there is so much pressure to be a certain way to fit in with society, but the truth is, there are no guidelines on how to live your life.

Unfortunately, for me, I’ve learnt this the hard way – many of times I’ve listened to my mind but instead, I should have been listening to my body. I always think to myself ‘I can’t do that, because I have to do this’, this only makes the task harder and makes productivity drop lower.  If you feel you can’t get over the guilt of doing things you enjoy, then turn it into a reward – you did 3 hours of work no interruption? Perfect, go for a nice long walk, grab a coffee or reach out to someone. Feeling isolated can only make you feel worse, always try and get person interaction daily, this really does help! There is time for balance – for doing things you HAVE to do, and doing things you WANT to do. If you’re like me and you’re unable to shake the feeling of guilt when doing something you enjoy, tell yourself you’re doing it because you CAN.

Hi! My name is Sophie, I’m 22, a Student from North Wales. I’ve just finished studying for my law degree at undergraduate level, now I’m currently doing my Master’s degree in Law and Banking. My blog is my escape, to blog about things I love, new finds, or even just to write. Writing helps me escape how I’m feeling. I also love reading, spending time with family and friends and discovering new places with my love. I also blog about life living with mental illnesses, I know I’m not alone on this matter so if you ever feel you need to reach out then I’m always free to talk. You can find me:

I'm comfortable in my own skin, are you? It's 2019 and the hype to be skinny is real! Too fat too thin that's just media sp...

I'm comfortable in my own skin, are you?

I'm comfortable in my own skin, are you?

I'm comfortable in my own skin, are you?

It's 2019 and the hype to be skinny is real! Too fat too thin that's just media spin you look better when you're comfortable in your own skin. - that's what Jhonny fox from the king blues taught me anyway.

Let 2019 be the year you create special holiday memories with your family! This is a guest post from breaks.com with some tips on planni...

Top family holiday destinations in 2019

Let 2019 be the year you create special holiday memories with your family! This is a guest post from breaks.com with some tips on planning, booking and enjoying your 2019 getaway.

Choosing a destination

Working out where to go is an important first step to any holiday planning. If you don’t have a place in mind, don’t worry! Start by working out the sort of holiday you want and the specific destination will become clear.

Firstly, decide when you want to go. If you are planning on a summer getaway then you don’t need to travel far to find hours of sunshine each day. This can, however, be more of a challenge in the colder months! This handy guide from the Met Office will come in handy when in the research phase.  

Sometimes with kids, it is easy to pack the car up with everything you need and drive (vs. flying with children). If this sounds like something possible/bearable for you then France will always be a top pick. You can take the Eurotunnel across the channel and find yourself on French soil in no time at all. Northern France is your gateway to the rest of the continent and you can explore the chateaux’s of the Loire Valley or keep driving south for beaches and a few extra degrees celsius found in Spain. Both options provide a family-friendly holiday with as minimal stress as you can get when travelling with the troupe!

One of the benefits of driving to your holiday destination is that you may be able to be more flexible. Flexibility will enable you to take advantage of last minute holiday deals that the major operators offer to fill up under-sold holidays. Keep an eye on deal sites and forums if you want to pick up a winning deal for your family. Whenever booking, you should use discount codes from companies like TUI to save money and give you a few extra euros to spend!

Feeling more adventurous? Scandinavia and the Nordics are becoming increasingly popular with British holidaymakers. Just a few hours on a plane and you’ll be transported to a new world! If you are travelling outside of summer months and happy to brave the cold, look no further than Helsinki, Oslo or Stockholm. They are all beautiful cities to visit and an adventure for parents and children alike!

If you have deeper pockets then it is hard to ignore the allure of Mickey and friends. There are Disney parks around the world so you are never too far away from the Magic Kingdom. If you decide to set the sat nav for Disney then make sure you pack an autograph book, mouse ears and comfy trainers to roam the parks in!

welcome to 2019 you made it!!  New Year Fresh Start! That's what they always say! And what better time than now ey?! The new year has...

New Year Fresh Start! The TadFan Goals Planner Review

welcome to 2019 you made it!! New Year Fresh Start! That's what they always say! And what better time than now ey?! The new year has just begun and everyone's planning their year, what better way to do it than to set some GOALS, make sure they're realistic and sensible too!

So, I was contacted by TadFan to review their planner new planner and of course, I said yes, I'm so unorganized I'll take anything to help!
Once I looked more on the site I found it its so much more than just a planner, it's a goals planner too! it helps you figure out your goals and what steps you have to take to achieve
The TadFan planner can help with weight loss goals, personal development, becoming happier, mental health and so much more!

Each weekly planner section has a space for each day, To Dos and things to fill in at the end of the week such as 'what made you smile this week' and has a great quote each week too!
There are spaces for braindumps, favourite meals, shopping lists, notes, birthdays, a finances budget, emotion timeline and of course a full 12-month Callander. 

I'm so impressed with it and the layout is absolutely brilliant, it's definitely something I could use every day! Plus the design on the front is really nice and it's not huge, it fits in my bag lovely! 

I'm really impressed with the whole thing and I'm really hoping it will help me with my goals especially my business goals too! But if anything I'm just looking forward to trying to better myself!

Take a look at a quote from the TadFan site:

TadFan exists solely to help others help reach their goals, overcome a problem or challenging time in their life. We provide the support and guidance and promise to do everything we can to help you find that inner strength to shine. We are a team of like minded people who have been through all of the challenges you have faced. We won’t judge your path. (We have probably done worse things in our lives)  We are all survivors, who choose to grab the bull by its horns and not give up. You can knock someone down, but you cannot keep it down. We all have a purpose and ours is to help you. We hope we can work together dig deep and find the solution to enable you to have inner peace and regain clarity in life. Start today with the TadFan Goals Planner.
You can Purchase The TadFan Goals Planner HERE and set your goals in motion for 2019!

Happy New Year Guys!
Let me know what you think on social media @mummahm 

Much Love 

*Disclosure* Tis was a gifted item, all opinions mentioned above apart from the quote are my own and honest and my own opinion.

Growing up I used to dance ballet. From the age of 3, I remember the rush of adrenaline, the addictiveness of hearing applause an...

Guest Post: How I learned to love my body or did I?

Growing up I used to dance ballet. From the age of 3, I remember the rush of adrenaline, the addictiveness of hearing applause and the warmth of the spotlight — what a rush that was.

Then I got older, the more I dance, the better I got, the more expectations they had of me. I had to be this size not that size; I had to be able to do this many piroets in a row; I had to be able to bend my body this way and that way. When I started doing pair performances, that's when it began to affect me negatively. I'd skip meals; I'd skip school, I'd skip warm-up sessions. Ballet was my life, and I was just shy of my 14th birthday. 

At this point, I had no friends, and I had just started training with this Russian (I'm Eastern-European) prima-ballerina, who had no patience for puberty. I was told on the daily how I was too fat, too heavy too this, too that. My breasts were starting to come in - boy, was she not happy. There was nothing I could do expect to listen to that abuse, train harder and eat less.

That's when it all hit the fan. Me and my partner were working on a performance for a show we had joined with this travelling ballet troupe in Ukraine. Travelling to perform was nothing new, and I was used to being away from home. I had been away from home for about two weeks my teachers were responsible of me at this point because my parents had signed some sort of waiver form as I was leaving the country without them and was underage. Anyways, too much training and not enough food - I fainted during one of the rehearsals — nothing too serious just dehydration and exhaustion. 

Once my parents heard of it, they became concerned, so they started to keep a closer eye on me. They noticed how little I would eat and how much I trained. They saw how dysphoric I was feeling about my body — Anorexia they said. I was so confused because I was a child just following what was told to be normal. 

After my 16th birthday, I got injured - busted knee. My partner helped me finish the number, and pretty much carried me off the stage. That was the end of my ballet carrier. By the time I recovered, I could no longer go pro due to my injury and for how long I was out. 

After unintentional starving came intentional starving, during my rehabilitation, I had gained weight. I was a teenager now, interested in boys and heavier than I had ever been. Plus at the time I didn't realise I was bisexual so I had all these weird feelings that I also didn't know, how to cope with so the only thing I knew how to control was my eating. 

After years of starving and binging came binge eating disorder. The more I gained, the more I hated myself. Add to mix depression, and you have a cocktail of a young girl crumbling and begging for help. 

I finished high school packed a bag and moved to England to start over. It turns out this stuff will follow you anywhere. Now I was still hatting myself just at a different part of the world. 

It took me years to get where I am now. And I'm still probably not there yet. I don't know 100% what it is to love your body, but I know this - hating yourself leads nowhere. 

I used to tell myself I wouldn't buy clothes that I really wanted until I lost weight. Imagine my surprise years later that losing weight is actually a lot easier when you hate yourself less?! 

So made a conscious decision (thanks to my therapist, who thought me this) to replace my negative thoughts with much kinder ones. For example, instead of telling myself that no one can love me this size, every time that thought pops into my head, I acknowledge it, say thank you to it and store it away. Then I replace that with a much kinder thought such as 'those that love me, love me for who I am'. It's a conscious effort, but then again those struggles with eating disorders also know that recovery is a never-ending conscious effort.

That's my story of struggle, spotlight and learning to love myself. 

I’m a twenty-something year old, trying to figure out life one blog post at a time. I started writing concepts by S because I always have too much to say and not enough friends to listen to me. I can be found on twitterinstagram.

Heard of stem cell therapy? The most common way is by removing bone marrow for transplant but there's always another way, Your newborn...

Cord Blood At Birth

Heard of stem cell therapy? The most common way is by removing bone marrow for transplant but there's always another way, Your newborn baby's cord blood, don't worry it's not as scary as it sounds and has a tonne of benefits too.

Donating your baby's cord blood at birth could be a phenomenal advantage for them in later life, Smart Cells does exactly that! 
Smart cells take the blood from the umbilical cord and the placenta around 60ml or so, the technician will be alerted as soon as your in labour or c-section for fast action, 
A needle is inserted into the vein of the umbilical cord (as this is the largest of the 3 blood vessels in the cord), and the collection bag is held below the level of the placenta. This uses gravity to help drain as much blood as possible to recover the maximum amount of stem cells, don't worry the procedure isn't at all painful for your baby and is totally sterile too! 

Another car passed by and shuffled back on the pavement a bit more and began again. Left, right, left right, left right. They seemed so ...

Mental Health Guest Post: Reaching Out Is Not A Weakness

Another car passed by and shuffled back on the pavement a bit more and began again. Left, right, left right, left right. They seemed so fast and so constant. But then I thought bikes? Bikes are smaller, quieter, harder to see, they could whizz around the corner at the speed of light. And what if I trip? If I finally find a gap in this traffic, step out a slip over, and then a car comes and it doesn’t see me and runs straight over me and then doesn’t stop and then no one stops and this is London, it’s busy and people can be so selfish and people are hit on roads all the time and and and and. I shuffle back from the road a bit more and consider my options. Could I get halfway, to the safety of the yellow and blue bollards and that little space of pavement marking the middle of the road? Safety? That’s not a safe space. I’ve seen those things flattened by cars. Then I would have been hit by a car and a bollard. Maybe in all the debris, they wouldn’t even realise I was there and and and and…

Are you picturing some massive busy central London road? With many lanes and a constant flow of traffic? Noisy and angry? Well, you would be wrong. I’m in a small town on the edge of the city. Suburbia London I call it. The place where the city centre people come to have babies. It’s calm and friendly. This is a standard two-way street, well lit and pretty quiet. In the gaps between cars, a 90-year-old with a zimmer frame could get across and back about 12 times.

...I put my hands on my tummy and think, this isn’t safe for you. I walk the 600 metres or more down the road to the zebra crossing. Still, a scary point to cross, it takes time, but I’m over the road. This road anyway.

I’m less than 12 weeks pregnant and I have never felt more breakable in my entire life. Every road, a curb, the gap between the train and platform, a set of steps, trip hazards, busy areas, a car, another person, terrifies me. I must protect this baby.

Let’s rewind a little. A brief history of me on my journey to bump stage. I wanted to be a mum from age 15 when they showed us a woman giving birth in biology. Just before my 17th Birthday, I was very sick and after surgery was given my first reason why this would never happen. Not long after turning 19 I was given a second medical reason why this wouldn’t happen. By my early twenties, I had roughly 2 periods a year and they didn’t think they were even ovulations. By my mid-twenties, I was having interviews with adoption agencies. All I ever wanted to be was a mum. Then in 2016, nearly a year after my mum had passed away, I visited the doctor for the second time in 3 days, because I was convinced I was dying. My body was shutting down and giving up. It couldn’t take anymore. I found out I was pregnant from a kind, female doctor, who seemed so pleased for me. I was obviously ecstatic and terrified. For the first few days, it didn’t seem real. Due to the lack of periods, etc, dating the conception and therefore birth was impossible without a scan. So 4 days later we heading into our local hospital. I was just over 6 weeks and we even heard a little heartbeat. Strong and beautiful. I now had one job to protect this baby.

Everything became a horror. Everything became something that could cause this baby harm or for me to lose it. I didn’t “risk” any of the foods that may or may not be an issue. I didn’t risk anything. This baby very much felt like my one shot. If I didn’t get this right, I would never get the chance again.

The baby was due in April 2017 and I took early maternity in November 2016, due to mixed reasons, but it’s lucky I did as I could no longer handle the commute to Waterloo in central London. I would wrap my arms over my then tiny bump and protect it from the busy platforms and streets of the city centre. I was consumed by thoughts of what could go wrong and cried constantly with fear.

Luckily I’ve dealt with issues before. Through my teen years and early twenties, I struggled a lot. Eventually, I was put on a drug for an unrelated issue, which had the side effect of heightening or causing mental health issues and things spiralled. I was lucky I lived in a close person community, living with friends, the family down the road and a strong group at work. They started to call me on things not being right and I reached out to my GP for help. I guess that was easier to accept because it had been heightened by unrelated medication. I didn’t see it is so much “my fault” despite the fact that issues had been there before. So, when problems started to show during my pregnancy the idea of asking for help wasn’t such a scary thing. Don’t get me wrong it was still scary, but less so. I feared judgement, that I would have my child taken from me the moment she arrived, but as my one job was to protect her and that meant protecting me, so I spoke to my midwife, who referred me to a specialist. Who I then didn’t hear from. After a few weeks of struggling on, I reached out again and called the specialist department myself. Turns out they had reviewed my paperwork and put me on a list, where nothing happened unless I reached out again. How crazy is that! Do they not understand how scary it is to reach out in the first place? I sobbed on the phone to the lady and they agreed to see me. I got additional appointments with them to talk through some of the issues and was marked as high risk for postnatal depression. Which I never got, luckily. Part of the reason I believe I never got it, was that I knew I had the support. I had additional health visitor visits, which to be honest were pretty useless, but just knowing that extra support was there if I started to crumble was a massive help. I spent days unable to move from the sofa, for fear something I would do would cause my baby harm. But I refused to make this time a complete waste. I made lists and planned the nursery. Watched hours and hours of YouTube on changing nappies and nursery tours and hospital bags. I put my time to good use and focused the crazy mess inside my head for good. By the time my baby arrived, I was so prepared and calm. I had a plan and a backup plan and had prepared myself that neither may work. I had filled myself with information as best I could. My scary experience turned me into a pretty confident mother, accepting of my “failings” (which I prefer to calling “learning experiences”) and proud of my day to day achievements.

I love to evaluate everything and over that first year as a mum I learnt and evaluated and grew like never before. I realised that every job and life experience had led me to this point. Experience in time management, planning and organisation. Knowledge of how to stay calm under pressure and not let it show when you are flustered (a skill from my years as a wedding and event planner), but also being able to open up and show weakness at the right moment, so I didn’t fall apart. My life, which trust me has had some pretty dark moments, had prepared me to be exactly who I needed to be in this moment, to be the mum I wanted to be.

It’s bizarre how life works out. Pre-baby (a gorgeous and smart girl, named Felicity - meaning extreme happiness), I never could have pictured my life how it is now. I’m even helping other mums find enjoyment in motherhood and live a life they love. I set up my company in July 2018. Drawing on the skills of my own life and bringing in experts from many areas (I’m a huge fan of knowing when and being able to reach out for help). I called it Super Mum Society, as I believe we are all super mums, but sadly society keeps playing down how awesome we are and all we do. Even on our toughest day, when we just scrap through we are super. I wanted to be a mum for so long, I am going to enjoy it. I am first and foremost a mum, but around that, I now spend my days spreading positivity and hope to other mums. Some mums want to learn new skills and others just need someone to show them the skills are already there. Most mums I work with need someone to tell them it’s okay to take some time for self-care. You can’t pour from an empty cup. But my strongest focus is helping mums realise they just need to be whatever they want to be and stop worrying about the things that don’t matter to them and their family.

I’ve gone from not being about to cross the road, to be able to stand up in front of people, or a camera or even live online and talk about my life and share my advice. I inspire and motivate on Instagram, provide a safe, supportive and honest community on Facebook, share expert advice on YouTube. All while enjoying the greatest blessing of this earth - being a mum.

Super Mum's Community Group - www.facebook.com/groups/supremumscommunity

So every year for Christmas eve we get a little package with hot chocolate, a few DVD's some sweets and of course some new Pj's, ...

The Best Pyjamas For Christmas!

The Best Pyjamas For Christmas!

So every year for Christmas eve we get a little package with hot chocolate, a few DVD's some sweets and of course some new Pj's, well this year will be no different except we all have MATCHING PYJAMAS! 

So, I was thinking about where to get said new pj's and I searched the web and BAM! Pyjamas.com was right there, they have all the latest trends for kids pj's, Video games, LOL dolls, Harry Potter and even some great Adult ones too so its great for all of us, then I stumbled across the Christmas range and I fell in love, They have elf's, bears and even Santa sets that all the family can wear together!

The sizes are brilliant, they start from 12-18 months and go all the way up to a 5xl in men's and a 22-24 in ladies, they have so much to choose from and they're all such a great price too!

So, I chose to have us all matching this year and were all festive little elf's, Mum elf, Dad elf, And 2 little elves in training.
And of course one of the DVD choices in the Christmas Eve package will be ELF too haha.

It was so simple to order and the delivery time was really quick (Less than a week) so at least they're here well before Christmas, The Pj's themselves are cotton soft and really great quality too they will certainly be nice and comfy on Christmas eve all snuggled up (well after taking a million photos of us together matching).

So why don't you go and check it out, grab some Pj's for your family too!

Have a Merry Christmas!
Much Love

*DISCLOSURE* I was gifted these pyjamas in return for a review, all opinions an photos are my own.

Slime, Jelli, and Snoballs in the bath?! Yes, you read right, Zimply kids sent me some Slime baff, Jelli baff and Snoball play to hav...

Snowballs, Slime And Jelli Fun

Snowballs, Slime And Jelli Fun

Slime, Jelli, and Snoballs in the bath?! Yes, you read right, Zimply kids sent me some Slime baff, Jelli baff and Snoball play to have a load of fun with and we really did!

First up we tried the slime baff, we ran the water and emptied the content in the bath, we mixed it with a bath toy (spade) and realised it worked way better just mixing it by hand, it takes around 10-15 mins to fully set but was thickening quite quick!

Lilli loved the slime and spent a good half an hour in it, I'd definitely say its lots of fun! We didn't put many toys in the bath to reduce the cleanup time but I assure you it gets very slimy and sticky so maybe less is best! 

The slime we chose was red but comes in a variety of colours, its free of harmful chemicals, it's 100% degradable and environmentally safe for lots of bath time fun!

I'd advise putting any long hair up as I didn't for Lilli and it was a bit of pain to wash out after.

Next up we tried the Snoball play and my goodness they had a blast. First, we got the recommended amount of water and tipped in one snoball 25g packet (you get 2 in a pack), We mixed it around for about 5 minutes and it made an absolute tonne of snow to play with, we laid down an old towel and grabbed the Barbie dolls and had a mini snow party, you could use any toys or even just have a snoball fight outside! 
Snoball play is 100% degradable and safe for the skin so you can have a great snow experience all year round! 

We found snoball play extremely messy but so easy to clear up, I'd definitely advise doing it on a tuff tray or in a small blow up paddling pool to reduce mess and clean up time.

We got sent 6 sets from Zimply kids that included 2x Snoball Play, 2x Slime Baff and 2x Jelli Baff for the ultimate fun session, we've yet to use the jelli baff but make sure you keep your eyes peeled on Instagram or Facebook for photos :D

So take a look in stores and online for these great products which would make fab little extra Christmas presents for the kids.

Much Love

*DISCLOSURE* I was gifted these products in return for a review, all opinions and photographs are my own.

IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I honestly can't believe how quick it's came around this year, so to get things started with a ban...

Blogmas Tag 2018


I honestly can't believe how quick it's came around this year, so to get things started with a bang its time for the blogmas tag :D

so I'm gonna answer some questions and pass the tag on then you do it too!! Ready?! Let's go!

Blogmas Questions:

1. What’s your favourite Christmas song?
So, I love Christmas songs but it has to be a bit of Michael Buble or Wham!

2. What’s your favourite Christmas movie?
Has to be Mickeys Once upon a Christmas 🎄 THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE!

3. Are you good or bad at wrapping presents?
I’m terrible unless it’s a box or a tub of sweets!
4. Do you have any family traditions?
Yes! We open 1 present on Christmas Eve and then read our Christmas story :)

5. Favourite Christmas food?
Probably Christmas pudding or candy canes

6. Mince pies or Christmas pudding?
Hmmm, this is a tough one! I love them both but Christmas pudding with fresh cream is a winner!!

7. Do you wake up early on Christmas Day or have a lie in?
Early!! We were up at 4am last year!! This year will probably be the same!

9. Best cracker joke?
What does Miley Cyrus have for Christmas?
A: Twerky

10. Do you give/ receive any yearly gifts?
Yes!! My mum buys us a ‘crappy Callander’ every year!
And also we put an orange in stockings too! It’s a weird yearly thing!

11. Have you got a New Years resoloution yet?
Yes! To Grow My Business!

12. Are you dressy or pj’s on Christmas Day?
Pjs all day long!!! Unless we're going to see family then its more like a onesie lol

13. What’s for Christmas dinner?
Normally chicken we're not turkey fans but sometimes we have gammon it’s so good!

14. What’s on your wish list this year?
Alexa Dot, Handbag, a purse and some cuddles

15. Do you buy local/handmade items or mass produced?
Honestly a little of both! It’s hard with the kids wanting his and that ‘must have’ toys!

16. When do your tree and decs go up?
This year we did it on 27th november :)

17. Midnight mass or not?
Not for us! We love Christmas party’s though!

18. What age did you stop believing?
Honestly, I was about 9/10 and it bloody killed me :(

19. What’s your favourite Christmas event?
Has to be going to see Lilli in the school concert she just melts me :D

20. Are you a Christmas fanatic?
I wouldn't say fantastic but its growing on me :D

Really hope you enjoyed my questions and I hope you get to answer them :D

I’m tagging Michaela from At Home With Kayla, Karina from Mums The Nerd, Alice from Living With A Jude, Naomi from Me Becoming Mum, Lisa from That British Betty,  Laura from Laura Morningstar and Emma from Me The Man And The Baby :D

Much love