In summer I spend so much time in my garden, I love the long evenings, family Bbq's the kids playing before bed and just chilling in...

Make your garden shine with KooPower

In summer I spend so much time in my garden, I love the long evenings, family Bbq's the kids playing before bed and just chilling in the sun.
Well, it was about time to spruce up my garden just in time for those rays! 

I found these amazing solar lights from KooPower, we got some garden spiked solar flickering flame torches and solar fairy lights they look amazing.
They look great and they're really easy to set up, simply take them out of the packaging, attach the ground spike if you wish then plant it in the ground or on the fence or even bend them to a shape they're very flexible. 
koopower solar fairy lights

Both sets of lights are really great quality and feel really durable which is great for the harsh winds and winter we have in the UK.
The solar fairy lights have 8 lighting modes including flashing, chasing, slow fade and twinkle and can have a power timer/memory so you could have them on for 6 hours and off for 18 and that memory will stay until you remove and/or change the batteries. The flickering torches are a safe alternative to real flames and do great at illuminating gardens or footpaths for up to 10 hours once fully charged. 
koopower solar flickering torches

Because the lights are solar powered they obviously don't work straight away and take about 6/8 hours of sunshine to fully charge.
In the winter the fairy lights can be switched to a battery because there is less sun to charge them. The lights come with an on/off switch so you don't have to have them on all the time, we'll probably just have them on for BBQ's or when we want to stay out in the garden later.

Both sets of lights look amazing in my garden although I have no grass it's all tiled they really help light it up. They're so brilliantly priced and can really help spruce up even a little garden.
If you want to spruce up your garden for summer head over to KooPower and grab some amazing lights at some really great prices!!

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Hasn't it got warm recently?! Summer is coming and I'm so thankful I live near a beach, its a 10 min walk and it's amazing a s...

Get Swimsuit Ready!

Hasn't it got warm recently?! Summer is coming and I'm so thankful I live near a beach, its a 10 min walk and it's amazing a splash park and golden sands. *Bliss*

So I've been faffing around online for so long to find a decent swimsuit for all my curves to squish into and high Street stores we're just not going to cut it.

I came across UK Swimwear, they had the most amazing designs and even do plus size! (can I get a halijuliah) I honestly spent ages on the site and in the end narrowed it down to 3...i didn't want a bikini or even a tankini and most certainly not anything my big lady boobies can fall out of either!
So after much deliberation I chose the perfect one, The Sunflair Swimsuit, it was rainbow and had my size and cup size too! Just look at it 😍

Excuse my squinty eyes,
i had no glasses on! 
My order literally came within days and the packaging was lush, wrapped up and in a holographic packet I loved it, as soon as I opened it up I knew it was the one, I immediately tried it on and I was not disappointed one bit, it was the perfect fit, mega comfy and it even supported my boobies without squashing them flat like others have done in the past.

We soon headed off to the beach in half term and had an amazing time at the splash park and on the sand, my swim suit stayed comfy all day and I didn't even have to pull up my shoulder straps they stayed put all day.

Overall this is the best swimsuit I've had in a long long time and I would definitely recommend anyone buying one from there the quality is that good it will probably last for years! Even after washing and tumble drying it its stayed lovely and in great shape.

My one flaw is that the boob support isn't wired but the support that was there was really good on its own, I guess it's just down to personal preference.

So head on over to UK Swimwear and get an amazing suit just in time for the beautiful summer time.

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Summer is here and we're off to the beach! But what to pack? Yes, make a list cause you'll always forget something as you rush out ...

What to pack in your beach bag this summer

Summer is here and we're off to the beach!But what to pack? Yes, make a list cause you'll always forget something as you rush out the door!

What to pack in your beach bag this summer

First up is a bag...

Take the biggest bag you possibly can and a carrier bag for all the wet clothes too!

"An IKEA blue bag to carry all the wet towels/clothing home - also makes a great makeshift paddling pool"

"A rubbish bag to pick up our rubbish and any rubbish near us."

Then Suncream...

Factor 50 for the kids and me cause I burn so easy! And like factor 20 for Mike cause he doesn't burn he just goes brown.

"Never forgetting the sun cream anymore since I used to do plenty of that in the past, and lots of cold water! "

Next up is some water...

"I freeze bottles of water and keep them in the cool bag. Not only do they keep everything cold but they slowly melt throughout the day so at the end of the day when you have to make your way home in the hot car or on foot you have an ice cold drink to hand!"


The sand free kind are my favourite but any old towel will do, Plus keep an extra one on hand for hair or just a stylish Cape if you get cold haha

" A muslin to get the sand off feet, travel towels as they pack tiny and are incredibly light and a book - well a girl can dream!!"

"Always, a beach towel, sunglasses, sun hats, sun cream, and a book. Not forgetting money for an ice-cream."

What to pack in your beach bag this summer
Blankets and parasols...
I never take a blanket or parasol or even windbreakers but I really should cause I regret it every time!
But they keep the sand at bay and a cosy place to play.

You can buy a sand free beach towel here and use code MUMMA15 FOR 15% OFF! 

" Fitted sheet or extra giant picnic blanket so there is plenty of sand free room!"Www.Mummieswaiting.Com

"We have recently purchased a fabulous sand free blanket. We live near the sea and the car can look a right mess with all the sand we bring home. This blanket stops sand sticking to it and with a quick shake it's clear of sand and ready to pack in the car with no worries"

A book or magazine...

Everyone likes a good read while they catch some rays... I prefer a word search or crossword to do then I don't have to worry about losing my place if I have to go help the kids!

"An entertaining magazine to enjoy"

"Factor 50, ice poles (they never last but you get a couple before they defrost and they help keep the wine cold ;) ), Parasol, baby powder to help remove sand, books and beach games"

Other bits and bobs...

Talc... I always go to the beach with some talc... It's really a great soft way to get sand of you and helps with the little ones too!

"Talc to get the sand off our feet"

A cool box.... there's nothing worse than a warm drink, a cool box is great for cold drinks and cool picnic snacks.

Bucket and spade... Who can forget that right?! There's been plenty of time we forgot to bring ours and end up feeling so guilty we buy a whole new one to add to the collection that cost an arm and a leg!

What to pack in your beach bag this summer
Sunglasses... I always make sure we have our sunnies on... Being blinded by the sun isn't the best look especially in those squinty selfies!

Floaties... So maybe not armbands but maybe a ring, a boat or a lilo would be cool just don't float out too far! Also, the lilo can double up as a sunbed ;)

Cabrera clips... They're so helpful with clipping bags to buggies or even clipping flip flops to bags to not get too sandy!

Sun hats... Make sure everyone has a hat to wear... Sunburn can even get your scalp and the heat can give you a headache so make sure you take one with you.

A deck chair... If your feeling like sitting instead of laying take a foldable deck chair, they're great sitting around near the kid's pool or near the water on the beach.

After all of what to pack here are some great safety tips!

Learn your beach rules... They may seem silly but they keep you safe! Learn and obey them at all times.

Find your nearest lifeguards hut and make your children aware, use this as a lost child point too.

Wrist tags... Wrist tags for the beach are really great idea write your name and number on it so if your child gets lost they can call you to find you. On RNLI beaches safety tags are FREE too ;)

Watch out for sea life...

Jellyfish look a lot like carrier bags in the water and crabs can be super fast and pinchy, be careful but respect the wildlife around you.
What to pack in your beach bag this summer

Take notice of beach flags...

Red and yellow, black and white, orange, red? What do they all mean? Learn your flags and take extra care on your beach visit.

Stay together...

This may seem like an obvious one but this applies everywhere including the water.
Plan a meeting point in case you get separated.

Photo: Nigel Millard

Blow-up toys and airbeds are designed for pools, not the sea where they can easily be swept out. If you do use them at the beach, then:

  • ensure children are closely supervised
  • keep near the shore
  • only use between the red and yellow beach flags
  • follow the lifeguard’s advice
  • do not take inflatables out in big waves
  • never use them when the orange windsock is flying, as this indicates offshore winds which will blow inflatables further out to sea
  • if you do get into difficulty, then stay with your inflatable as it will keep you above the water.

Every Summer, the RNLI and Swim England hold Swim Safe sessions for 7-14-year-olds at selected beaches and lakes. The sessions are free and teach children vital skills to stay safe in and around open water.

If you want more beach safety take a look at RNLI tips HERE...
Plus they also have some amazing printables for kids too!!

Being a parent is hard sometimes but what's even harder is the amount of sleep that we don't get! For new parents it's the n...

The Best Sleep Ever

Being a parent is hard sometimes but what's even harder is the amount of sleep that we don't get!

For new parents it's the night feeds and for toddlers it's the early mornings then they get to school age and its constant up at stupid o'clock even on the weekends!

Well Sleep Master may not be able to help with the early mornings but they definitely can give you a great sleep!
Sleep Master have created an eye mask with built in sound muffling for people who have difficulty sleeping or for those who just want a quick nap during the day.

It's one size fits all design completely eliminates light and muffels sound for the perfect all natural sleep remedy.

The material is super soft with a velcro patch at the back so it doesn't have to be super tight or uncomfortable, it's washable at low temperatures and for a cooler sleep you can stick it in a zip lock bag in the fridge for an hour before bed or your nap and it's so refreshing!

I've used this mostly every night since I got it and I absolutely love it, especially now its sunny in the mornings this really helps me get in those few extra hours of refreshing sleep.  The material is super soft and really comfy to sleep in, plus I have quite thick hair and it does up around it perfectly without any hassle so that's a great bonus!

So if you want a great night's sleep go buy a Sleep Master HERE and let me know in the comments what you think.

Also go check out Renovation Bay-Bee Blog Here for some awesome posts!

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The key to enjoying a lasting commitment with your partner is openness and total honesty. However, there will always be issues that wi...

The Biggest Threats to Long-Term Relationship Success

The Biggest Threats to Long-Term Relationship Success

The key to enjoying a lasting commitment with your partner is openness and total honesty. However, there will always be issues that will test your success as a partner in a committed relationship. Some of these issues will be financial while others may be intimately physical. Here are some of the biggest threats to long-term relationship success.

When Your Spouse Has an Untreated Drug or Alcohol Problem

One of the biggest threats to the success of a long-term relationship is when your spouse has a problem with drugs or alcohol. The problem can become even worse when your partner either fails to recognize the severity of the issue or when they simply ignore it and expect you to do the same. It's important to find addiction treatment for your spouse. But this doesn't mean it will be easy.

When it comes time to deal with the problem, you will need to be extra sensitive. However, you will also need to be firm. You will need to work together very closely as a team in order to find addiction treatment for your spouse. Whether it’s prescription drug rehab in California or alcohol addiction treatment in Georgia, licensed experts are ready to assist your spouse in their fight against substance abuse. The effort will be worth it if you truly desire to remain together as a couple for the long haul.

Chronic Money Problems Can Affect Your Relationship

If you are making much less than you or your partner think you should be, this is certainly an issue. Jealousy over your partner making more than you can also be a source of frequent irritation. It's important to budget your money in a productive manner so that you have the funds available to not only buy necessities but also treat yourself from time to time.

Body Issues Can Come Between You

Your partner may be suffering from severe body image issues. They may be overweight or inclined to dislike some part of their anatomy. These are not only physical but also highly emotional issues that you need to be aware of. It may take a lot of honest, open conversation plus therapy to resolve these issues, but it will be worth it if you want to maintain the quality of your relationship with your partner or spouse.

Dislike of Your Spouse's Family or Friends Can Be Divisive

Another issue that can have a ruinous effect on your relationship is your partner's dislike of your family or friends - or vice versa. While it is true that a marriage is meant to last "'til death do us part", a lot of times it can feel like you unintentionally included other parties in that bargain. A great deal of open, honest conversation may be required to overcome this sensitive hurdle.

A Lack of Openness Can Rupture an Otherwise Strong Bond

One of the most insidious issues that can cause a rupture in your relationship is a lack of openness. How often do you discuss important - or even minor - issues with your partner? How open are you with them about your long term plans? If you find yourself avoiding conversations with your spouse, this is a sign that your relationship may be in trouble.

While all of these issues can threaten the quality of your long-term relationship, none of them are impossible to solve. If you want to remain in your relationship as a committed partner, you will need to work together to get through them. Counseling and other forms of treatment can be of use in helping you come out stronger on the other side.

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Dreams are funny things, sometimes they're so random but other times they're hopes for the future, then there are the bad ones... No...

Sweet Dreams ft. The Dream Pillow

Dreams are funny things, sometimes they're so random but other times they're hopes for the future, then there are the bad ones... No one likes those, especially our little ones.

Mostly dreams are made up of things you've seen, heard or talked about within the last day or so, so The Dream Pillow provides children with the creative freedom to take charge of their dreams and dream happily.

dream pillow intro and girl holding dream pillow

Dream Pillow has created something really fun and unique for kids, The set comes with your choice of pillow, a stack of cloud shaped idea cards and a storybook*. 
The idea is for kids to write or draw on the idea cards just before bed, place it inside the pillow and dream the happy dreams they've created. 

"With the brand mantra Write it down, dream it up, The Dream Pillow introduces a new bedtime ritual for children. Visualization of happy dreams before bed is a proven technique for putting an end to bad dreams. Each night children are encouraged to write down their hopes, dreams and aspirations on a Dream Pillow Blank Idea Card, place the card into their Dream Pillow, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep."

Lilli received her Dreamials Dream Pillow and was super excited, it came packed in a super cute box and inside had her Lamby dream pillow and a whole stack of shaped dream clouds to write/draw on. The pillow was super cute and extremely soft too, I was kind of jealous! 

She was so excited to go to sleep and have happy dreams that night, she grabbed her pen and started drawing out her dream whilst telling me what she wanted to happen, sure enough, she went straight to sleep with excitement.

The next morning I was woke with a Very happy girl that her dream was amazing and that she'd rode a unicorn to her castle with her friends, she was so happy the pillow worked and was so excited to create more happy dreams.
I honestly recommend this for any child who has bad dreams or trouble sleeping or even just for a cute gift it's definitely worth it to see that smile after a good dream.
Buy you're Dream Pillow HERE

*Dreamials pillows do not include The Dream Pillow storybook*

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Sex makes you smarter, as scientific research showed this week. And that is not the only reason why sex is good for you. Lustplugs lists t...

10 Reasons Why Sex Is Good For You

Sex makes you smarter, as scientific research showed this week. And that is not the only reason why sex is good for you. Lustplugs lists ten scientific studies that all show the same thing: sex is healthy and here are the reasons.
10 reasons why sex is good for you

1. It is a good workout
During a study last year, people were equipped with an armband that measured their energy consumption. The decision by the researchers: "Sexual activity is - at least in some cases - a serious training."

2. Sex makes you happy
Studies show that sex makes us happier, are numerous. But a recent study shows that we are the happiest when we think we have more sex than our friends. "Happiness is positively proportional to your own sexual frequency, but inversely proportional to the sexual frequency of others," the researchers said.

3. You live longer
A scientific study of men of average age in Wales showed a link between the number of orgasms and the chance of dying. The risk of dying for men who had an orgasm at least twice a week was fifty percent lower than for men who did it less than once a month. Another study, among women, showed that for them, especially quality, and not quantity, is a determining factor for a longer life.

10 reasons why sex is good for you

4. Sex prevents heart disease
A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology shows that men who have sex at least twice a week are less likely to have heart disease than those who do it less often. There would also be a similar connection for women.

5. It reduces the risk of cancer
Sex can reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer. According to scientists, this is due to the release of the hormones oxytocin and DHEA before and during orgasm. For men, the connection is impressive. Research shows that the risk of prostate cancer decreases by 15 percent with each increase with three ejaculations per week.

6. It reduces stress
Not that we need science to prove this, but it has been researched several times. Sex has a stress-reducing effect due to the release of oxytocin in an orgasm. A small side note: masturbation does not reduce stress.

7. Sex is a natural painkiller
Headache is not a good excuse to abstain from the act. Research has shown that an orgasm can relieve migraines, back pain and menstrual pain. This too has to do with the release of hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins.

8. It gives you confidence
Bad sex can make you feel bad - but good sex does the opposite, especially with women. A study of young married women, which appeared in Planned Parenthood, found that positive sexual experiences increase self-confidence. And masturbation also proved good for self-confidence.

9. It is good for the immune system
Whoever has sex once a week has a higher immunoglobulin level, according to a 1999 study. Immunoglobulins are antibodies that prevent infections. A negative point: if you have sex more often, the number of antibodies starts to decrease again.

10. Sex makes you smarter
Recent studies show that sex is good for the brain. Report number one comes from a group of Koreans and Americans who observed rats. Rats that had a lot of sex created new neurons in the brain. That is related to a working memory. Rats that have sex are getting smarter. A second study, in November, focused on mice. In mice, sex led to better performance in memory tests.

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I love being myself and what better way to show it than with my fashion choices, I love outreagous clothes, bright pink hair and wearing tra...

Future Poet Fashion

I love being myself and what better way to show it than with my fashion choices, I love outreagous clothes, bright pink hair and wearing trainers with dresses!

Recently I got sent a t-shirt from Future Poet, a great staple piece for the wardwobe with a great twist!
Future Poet t-shirts feature uplifting quotes on them in fantastic designs, and great colours. 
Future poet

My t-shirt has the quote "I'm the best version of me" on a black t-shirt with a Future Poet logo embroidered on the arm.
The quality is so good, it's very soft and washes well too. 

After the first wash there was no change in the print on the shirt or softness of the fabric. 
Future Poet

Plus top marks for making a t-shirt that fits my torso, I'm 5ft 10" and a xxl so finding a t-shirt that fits my long and chubby torso is like finding a needle in a haystack so this was a very great surprise!!

You can check out Future Poet on social media or SHOP HERE!

Slime is so much fun and we really wanted to make some this half term, we had some crappy weather days and it's was the perfect ti...

How to make Hair dye slime

how to make hair dye slime

Slime is so much fun and we really wanted to make some this half term, we had some crappy weather days and it's was the perfect time to do this activity so I grabbed the ingredients and we got busy making!
But when making the slime I forgot we didn't have any food colouring but we did have loads of hair dye colours, so we added some and guess what?! IT WORKS! 

We used stargazer hair dye as that's what we use to dye our hair, it's skin friendly and is REALLY bright! You can find this on Amazon or eBay for about £3.50 and because you only need a small amount it will last ages! 

What you'll need:
  • 1 cup of PVA glue (clear or white) 
  • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda (baking soda in the US) 
  • 1 tsp hair dye in your chosen colour
  • 1 tsp contact solution (Borax)
  • Any glitter, sand or beads you want to add
  • Any food essence or essential oil you want to use.
  • Mixing bowl and spoon 
how to make hair dye slime

  1. Add 1 cup of PVA glue in a mixing bowl
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
  3. Add 1 teaspoon of your chosen hair dye 
  4. Add other optional bits like glitter or essence. 
  5. Mix well until smooth and coloured. 
  6. Add 1 teaspoon of contact solution. 
  7. Mix really well until slime forms. 
(sometimes you need more contact solution but don't use too much or it won't be slimy anymore)
how to make hair dye slime

We used peppermint extract in our slime to make it smell minty and fresh it's lovely but you can use any scent you want. You can literally get it from any supermarket!
Lilli had so much fun with this making faces and flowers with the slime! She's kept it in a Jacobs cracker box with a rolling pin and some cutters too!!

And you're done! It was super easy to make and we've made so many colours of this! I hope yours turns out great too!

The overall cost of this including hair dye is below:

  • Hair Dye 3.50
  • Contact Solution 2.69 (Superdrug)
  • Bicarbonate of Soda 1.00
  • PVA Glue 1.50 
  • Mixing bowl 50p
Total: 9.19p, Obviously mine didn't cost that much as I already had hair dye and bicarbonate of soda.
how to make hair dye slime
Honestly, don't even ask why I'm squinting!!!

We really hope you enjoy this and have so much fun making your own!!

A clean WooWoo is a happy WooWoo, but did you know most of what you clean it with could be damaging your PH balance?! We've teamed up w...

WooWoo Review and GIVEAWAY

A clean WooWoo is a happy WooWoo, but did you know most of what you clean it with could be damaging your PH balance?!We've teamed up with WooWoo to tell you how easy it is to have a healthy and happy veejay, pits and other bits!

Woo Woo 'Soothe-It' Intimate Wipes come in 2 different scents, Cranberry and Aloe Vera and Chamomile and Aloe Vera, the Wipes come in a pack of 20 towelettes and are PH balanced and biodegradable so yes you can flush them!

The Wipes are great for freshening up, cleaning up after doing the deed, quickly cleaning your pits and cleaning your sex toys too!

Woo Woo also have 'Tame It' Intimate hair remover creme, simply apply the creme, wait a few minutes and wash off with a sponge for a Brazilian effect on your woo woo!

It's really easy to use and comes with an applicator too so hardly any mess and I'm sure a whole tube would last at least a month or so!

My Review:
The Wipes are really easy to use In my opinion, they pull out easily from the packet and smell really lovely (I have the cranberry ones) I keep them in my drawer for after sex and I tell ya they're so helpful Instead of running to the bathroom with 'excess liquid' or cleaning my toys.

I would definitely recommend having a pack in your bedside drawer, handbag or suitcase. Plus, taking them out and about is easy too as the pack is small enough to fit inside the zip pocket in my bag!!

The Creme is amazing, honestly, I use a razor and it never quite gets it as smooth as a wax or removal creme but this was perfect and took me less than 5 minutes to achieve, and it's still smooth 2 days later!
Definitely, one to use for a holiday for that all-important bikini line.

Because Woo Woo are so generous they've let us host a GIVEAWAY! 

Click the link below to enter.
Competition is open to UK residents only and runs from 23rd April - 12th May 2019

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