Image from Pixabay - Pixabay License A beach holiday is perfect for families. Whether you choose to have a seaside holiday in the UK o...

Planning The Perfect Family Beach Holiday

A beach holiday is perfect for families. Whether you choose to have a seaside holiday in the UK or you want to escape to somewhere warmer, taking your kids to the beach gives them lots of things to do. From eating ice cream to playing in the sea, you can visit the beach every day, and the kids won't get bored. There are various types of beaches, although most people want a sandy beach, especially when visiting somewhere with a lot of sunshine. If you've decided that a beach holiday is ideal for your family, take a look at these tips for planning your trip.

Choose a Resort or Go Freestyle?

With a destination in mind, deciding where to stay is the next step. In most beach locations, you will be able to find resort accommodation, or you might want to have more control over your surroundings, activities, and more. Staying in a resort can give you the option of an all-inclusive holiday, which might help you to save money. However, it can also mean you have to stick to what's on offer in the resort, from the beach to places to eat and drink. You can also book a hotel or self-catered accommodation elsewhere if you want to have a less structured holiday.

Look for Fun Activities

It's easy to make your own fun on the beach with children. Buckets and spades for sandcastles, nets for exploring rock pools and balls, bats and rackets are fun are all good things to take to the beach with you. Of course, you can also spend time paddling and swimming in the sea. But if you want some more activities, look for some things that you can book or join in with when you arrive at the beach. Lots of beach resorts will offer a range of activities, but you can also find independent providers for activities and events.

Think About Safety in the Sea and Sun

Staying safe on the beach should be a priority for everyone. You need to consider protecting everyone from the sun, as well as ensuring everyone is safe in the sea. One thing that can help with both is getting wetsuits for the kids. Flyer Diaries recommends the best kids wetsuits for both surfing and playing in the sea. You can check out their post for ideas on which ones to buy. Sunscreen is a must to protect everyone's skin, and you should also cover up to prevent sunburn. If you claim a spot on the beach, create some shade with a parasol or shelter. As for spending time in the sea, pay attention to beach flags and signs, and choose a safe beach. Some beaches will have lifeguards during busy months.

Getting Comfortable on the Beach

The beach can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a little uncomfortable sometimes too. Setting up a comfortable spot on the beach can help to make your holiday fun each day you visit. Large beach towels or a blanket is perfect for sitting on, or you might want to consider chairs to sit on too. As mentioned above, something to create some shade is helpful if there aren't already shaded spaces on the beach. You should also think about staying hydrated by taking plenty of water with you, as well as whether you might need to take food with you.

Find Fun Off the Beach

Even the most enthusiastic beach fans probably don't want to spend all of their time on the beach. There are things to do away from the beach too so that no one will get bored. Just finding places to get food and drinks can help to mix things up, but there are other things to do too. What's available will depend on where you decide to go on holiday and perhaps what forms of transport you have available too.

Packing for the Trip

Packing for a beach trip can involve more than you might think. There can be a lot to take to the beach when you're packing for your whole family. You need to make sure you have everything to keep everyone safe and happy on the beach, plus all of the usual holiday essentials. It's a good idea to start off with a list of things that you want to take with you to make sure you pack it all.

Your family can have fun on the beach every day when you plan your holiday perfectly. Think about everything you might need but also how to make it fun for everyone.

There is nothing more that you need to do as a partner than be supportive. You are together, a pair, a twosome: your partnership is that wh...

Amazing Ways to Be A Supportive Partner

There is nothing more that you need to do as a partner than be supportive. You are together, a pair, a twosome: your partnership is that which is filled with love and understanding, kindness, and fun. What makes for support for one couple will not be the same for another. The main idea is that through your love, you lean on each other when you need to, and you provide a shoulder to cry on when they need you. 

Not only do you have to provide long-term support, but you also have to consider the type of support that you can offer each other day to day. There are always times you may need to go above and beyond for your partner, just as there are times you need to seek outside help if you cannot provide the support that they need. Sometimes, partner support counselling can be everything that you both need, and this is the type of support that can be invaluable. Below, we’ve put together some of the ways that you can be a supportive partner.
Photo Of People Holding Hands
  • Always check in on your partner, even if it’s to ask if they ate that day. The small things can really make a massive difference in the way that you interact with each other. Those little interactions throughout the day can help your partner to feel secure in the knowledge that you care about their general wellbeing.
  • Over time, you’ll get to know what makes your partner tick, and when you do, you will get to know what they need from you to feel supported. Sometimes simply asking them what you can do when they’re in need can be everything. Ask what they’d like and how you can make them feel good. If you know what will make them feel happy and secure, you will be able to deliver that. 
  • Living with stress is the hardest thing that you could do, so creating a stress-free environment for your partner can be the kindest thing that you do for them. You know what will make them feel calm, from running a hot bath for them when they come in from work to ensuring that they have time with you just to be a couple. Support comes in so many ways, and sometimes you just need to let them know that you are there for them.
  • All you have to do to be supportive sometimes is sit and listen. Let them vent to you and make them feel okay with their venting. You are their safe place, and sometimes, you need just to be quiet and listen to what they have to say. They don't always need you to jump in with a fix, not when being present is more than enough.
  • Lastly, remind them that you love them. Sometimes, counselling can be fantastic for a couple, and if you ensure that you are working together, you can make counselling the essential thing that you do together. Tell them you love them every day!

Whenever your little one falls sick or feels under the weather, it can be a really difficult experience both physically and emotionally to ...

How To Deal With Poorly Children

Whenever your little one falls sick or feels under the weather, it can be a really difficult experience both physically and emotionally to look after them properly. Children find it much harder to express the pain that they are experiencing, so sometimes this means that they cannot even explain why they are feeling so bad. Providing the best care and support that you can to encourage them to heal as fast as possible is so important, and it really doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. So, if your little one is feeling poorly and you’d like to find out more about how you can deal with the situation in the most proactive way, then read on to uncover some of the best top tips and tricks that you can make the most of today! 

Choosing The Right Medicine 

Choosing the right medicine is the most important step you have to take, and you simply cannot trust the internet by searching for the various symptoms they are experiencing. Book an appointment with a medical professional as fast as you can, and listen to all of the advice that they offer. It’s likely that they will offer a prescription, but they may simply recommend that you purchase a child safe alternative to an average painkiller or paracetamol substance. There are many over the counter options that you may be comfortable exploring, with various child friendly products that you can explore at to help your little one feel a little relief from the symptoms that they are currently suffering with. Always read the label before you allow them to consume any medication, as it may clash with other products they use or cause some side effects that you may not want to experience. 

Make Them Comfortable 

It’s so vital that you can make an effort to help them feel comfortable, as they no doubt are experiencing all kinds of physical and emotional pains during their illness. If they can see that you are stressed about the situation, it can encourage them to also feel a sense of panic and anxiety, so it’s important that you can stay calm and motivate them to heal instead. If they have to have some time off school, then it’s a good idea to set them up downstairs close to the action - leaving them on bed rest can be so dull, and their boredom will soon bubble over and cause all kinds of extra problems. It’s ok to give them a few treats whilst they are poorly, as they can provide a much needed distraction from their current situation. 

Dealing with poorly children has never been so simple when you are able to make the most of the top tips and tricks detailed above! Always head to a medical professional before you decide to follow any online advice, and do your best to make your little one feel as comfortable as possible to promote fast and happy healing.

Infacare baby bath is soft and gentle on babies skin, but it's not just for babies, it's for bigger kids too! My 3 and 7 year old us...

Infacare baby bath review and giveaway!

Infacare baby bath is soft and gentle on babies skin, but it's not just for babies, it's for bigger kids too! My 3 and 7 year old use it and it's lovely!

The massive amount of bubbles you get is absolutely amazing my two were so happy in the bath, thultra mild night-time bath is lovely, it smells lovely and is so relaxing and gentle on babies skin.

The baby bath is PH balanced with a powdery fragrance that's been recommended by hospital midwives and healthcare professionals, the Infacare bubble baths have been clinically tested and developed to promote natural levels of acidity and alkalinity in skin and hair. 
Reassuringly, both the baby and nighttime bath are designed to prevent irritation, and mums say it helps with allergies too!

Because we love Infacare baby bath so much we're giving some away to one lucky winner!

Enter below via gleam... GO GO GO! Infacare
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Now we're always searching the Web for great deals and there's so many sites to find them but this site, Sign Up Offers has the bes...

Site Review: Sign up offers

Now we're always searching the Web for great deals and there's so many sites to find them but this site, Sign Up Offers has the best tips for free stuff, money off and free food! We're always looking for a bargain or two and this site is no different.

Simply visit the site and click on whatever takes your fancy for example sign up to McDonald's to receive a FREE burger! And your done! Time for food! You simply sign up to receive the offer you desire and get said free item or subscription.
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

New offers appear every few days and they'll always be something to take your fancy, some offers like amazon prime or netflix offer a free month but do ask for your payment details for once the month is up, so you can either continue paying for the service or cancel.

TOP TIP: put the date your subscription date in your phones calendar a day or so before it's due to renew so you can make the decision to cancel. 
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Personally I love getting money off and will gladly take a free trial of netflix instead of paying £12 a month! Or even a free snack on my lunch break! It all helps and you can save loads this way, think of it as money back in your pocket!

So, take a look today and see what you can save with these amazing offers!

As a parent, you can’t imagine not spending all of your time with your children. Can there be anything better and sweeter than cuddling up ...

The Tragic Money Reality Of Having Children

As a parent, you can’t imagine not spending all of your time with your children. Can there be anything better and sweeter than cuddling up all day with your baby? Every mom and dad will agree with you on this point. 
Unfortunately, having children comes at a cost. Do you remember the adage: time is money? Your time, precisely, is what can help you to build a second source of income for your household. And there goes your dream of spending the whole day with your children! Bye-bye dream, hello harsh reality. 
Making time to make money is one of the impossible equations of parenthood that nobody can solve. On the one hand, you know your role as a parent is to be there for your child. But on the other hand, you can’t afford to ignore financial matters. How do you cope with the need to build a stable income and your desire to be as present as possible as a parent? 

The wakeup call: Last-minute panic
Unexpected invoices are the worst kind! But, unfortunately, they are a frequent occurrence for new parents. Let’s put things that way: you’ve got so much to think about as a new parent that you might, accidentally, forget about your energy bill, your TV package, or your credit card invoice. These things happen. After all, new parents are often exhausted. You get barely more than a couple of hours’ sleep each night, so it’s easy to get forgetful. Therefore, you may not be prepared when an unexpected invoice reaches you. When you forgot to plan for necessary costs, you need to look for solutions that can help you pay the invoice as quickly as possible. For all those last-minute bills, you’ve got no other options than to free up money fast. Savings and family are your best bet. But when you’re on your own with no emergency funds, you need to think outside the box, for example, borrowing money from a company such as Buddy loans, direct guarantor loan lender. As a parent, you’re likely to encounter a lot of these last minute expenses as you figure out the best way to care for your children. Don’t panic; you’re still learning how to get your family budget under control. 

How to make time for your work life
Ideally, you should plan for a stable income rather than rely on same day loans. However, as we’ve said before, accidents happen and there’s a place for payday loans too. But, you shouldn’t rely extensively on these to get by. As a parent, you need to ask yourself an important question very early in your parenting journey, namely, how can you free up time to work? Reaching out to a babysitter is a fantastic solution because it lets you schedule your working hours accordingly while your child boosts their social skills. Ultimately, it’s crucial for your child to meet new people and learn to get comfortable with other adults and children. A babysitter can be the best thing that happens to young children, as they learn how to make new friends. As for you, you can focus on your work with the knowledge that your child is in good hands. It’s a win-win situation for parents who worry about making ends meet. 

What if I want to be around my child?
Not everybody is ready to let go of their children. Perhaps, your expertise enables you to find alternatives to work directly from home. Work-at-home-moms need to juggle between parenting and working responsibilities, which isn’t always easy. But if you prefer to stay with your child, you can find flexible jobs and freelancing opportunities that allow you to be a working mom at home. It’s also a neat solution to boost your household income while reducing commuting and child maintenance costs. 

Preparing a family budget like a pro
When do you know whether a home-based job or an office-based job is the best solution for your household income? Future parents need to manage the uncertainty of building a family from the start. You need a budget. Having children impact on your finances; therefore, you need to make a list of all the costs you will need to tackle. You might even be entitled to receive benefits for your children, which can ease the financial situation. But, more importantly, setting your budget from the start helps to understand not only how much income your household will need but also whether you need to work. 

As a parent, you need to figure out how to tackle recurring and one-off costs. Budgeting for your family can help you decide on the best work approach. Additionally, you can also establish a routine to manage both your work and your parenting time. Finally, accept that you also have to handle last-minute costs from time to time. 

When you have a baby , people like to tell you all about how magical it’s going to be. They talk to you about the first smiles and the smel...

To The Sleep-Deprived Mother, I See You

When you have a baby, people like to tell you all about how magical it’s going to be. They talk to you about the first smiles and the smell of your baby - how you’ll breathe them in. Sure, they’ll talk about the lack of sleep, but it’s mostly in a way that dismisses how little sleep you’ll get because it’s so worth it

You’ll be told all about the new baby equipment you’ll need and you’ll be told about what to look out for when your baby has a cold. If you’re lucky, you’ll be well-advised on breastfeeding and bottle feeding. They'll tell you the dangers of cot bumpers (a good thing) and the dangers of leaving your baby in a car seat for too long. If you hadn't already realised, much of the warnings you’ll get about pregnancy and your new baby are to help you to be safe. They’ll make you feel excited about the new bundle about to come into your life. 

What they may fail to tell you is just how hard it can be to be a mother. We’re holding our hands up - it’s not easy. Yes, you get used to the lack of sleep, but if your baby has colic or reflux, you’re pretty much never going to get a chance to rest. It sounds brutal, but as you scroll this at 3am while your two week old baby kicks his legs and screams his lungs out, you’ll get it. You’ll understand. And Mum, we see you. We see you struggling. We see your tears and we see how desperate you are to both attend to your baby’s needs while simultaneously begging him to just relax and sleep. We know that this is not easy - and we see you.
Baby Sleeping on White Cotton
The hardest part of motherhood is the lack of sleep. It’s torture, to be honest, to not be able to have any decent rest. A baby is designed to wake up frequently, of course, and in the fourth trimester - those first precious weeks where they are getting used to the outside world - it’s especially hard. However, it doesn't mean that you can’t complain. You can love your baby and be grateful for their tiny presence in your life while wishing them to go to sleep just for a while so you can rest. 

A baby only cries when they are lacking something. Whether this is hunger, discomfort in their nappy or exhaustion, babies will cry because it’s their only way to communicate with you what they need. They also cry when they’re in pain. You may not have breastfed your baby, but even a breastfed baby can scream and cry because of reflux. If you’ve ever had acid reflux, you know exactly how painful it can be to feel the acid rise up at the back of your throat. Imagine being a newborn and feeling that burn but not being able to tell anyone about it? That is your baby right now.

Speaking to your doctor, they should be able to diagnose reflux - especially if your baby is particularly prone to spewing up after every feed. They’ll prescribe Gaviscon infant and hope for the best. With silent reflux, it’s a little different. Your baby may not throw up after every feed, but they’ll still be in pain, and that’s much harder to diagnose. You can practice paced feeding with the bottle to see if your baby is dealing with silent reflux, but ultimately your sleep is still going to be disturbed. The fact is that you should speak to your doctor about any lengthy screaming, as there could be something that you can do about it. 

It’s not easy to deal with sleep deprivation, but your baby doesn't need sleep training. So many of the older generation will tell you to wrap him up and let him scream, but the research has shown time and again that leaving your baby to cry has an adverse effect on them long term. You wouldn't want to be left crying and sad if you were upset, so you won’t want to do the same. The sleep deprivation - thankfully - will pass. Get the right help from your partner or your family. Don't sit up and cry at night alone, because there will always be someone who can help you. If you’re on your own and parenting, you can keep reminding yourself that these long nights feel endless, but there is a day right ahead of you where this will end and your baby will settle and you will reclaim your sleep once more.

Until then? We see you. We support you. We know you can do this.

Image Pexels CC0 License Going on holiday with the kids is a totally different experience from holidays before becoming a family. The ...

How to Plan a Stress-Free Family Holiday

Going on holiday with the kids is a totally different experience from holidays before becoming a family. The spontaneity of your holidays in the past may be gone, but with some planning before you go, you can ensure that your holiday is a fun experience for the whole family. Planning is an essential part of making your family holiday a success and preventing it from becoming a stressful experience. If you are looking for solutions to ensure that your family holiday is a stress-free experience, these ideas will help:

Fuss-Free Flights

The flights are one part of a holiday that many parents dread. The idea of being couped up on a plane for hours with the kids crying and complaining that they are bored is the stuff of nightmares. To prevent any in-flight tantrums, it is a good idea to have some ideas planned to keep the kids entertained and comfortable during the flight. Sticker and activity books are a great distraction to keep the kids occupied and calm during the flight, and are something that you can do together.

Freedom to Explore

When travelling with kids in tow, it is much more convenient to set your own pace when exploring your destination. Using public transport with the kids in a different country can be a nightmare, especially if you are needing to hurry to make connecting trains or buses. Carrying around kids, rushing to catch public transport and also trying to hold bags will leave you feeling hot, sweaty, exhausted and stressed out.

 Making your own way around while you explore is a much more enjoyable experience as the kids will be more comfortable, they can nap if they need to, and you will be able to run on your own schedule instead. Hiring a car is the best solution to getting around your destination.  Make sure to use a reputable car hire company such as BurswoodCarRentals so that you receive the best service.

Plan Your Itinerary

Minimise wasted time on your holiday by planning some of the activities that you want to do, and places that you would like to visit in advance. While you may not want to create a rigid routine, it is a good idea to at least have some ideas of places that you want to visit. Otherwise, you may find yourself wasting time during the holiday searching for things to do, and have the kids constantly asking, ‘what are we doing today?’ 

Checking out the tourist information website for your destination is a great way to get an overview of the types of places you would like to see. Don’t forget to look for reviews from other tourists that have visited to see what they had to say about the places and whether or not they would recommend them. 

Avoid mealtime meltdowns in crowded restaurants by researching some family-friendly places to eat before heading off on your trip. If your kids are fussy eaters finding places to eat in advance is particularly helpful.

Everyone loves a great deal but sometimes we search for hours to find the best ones, we spend time searching for coupons or free delivery co...

Find great deals with UK Deals and Giveaways

Everyone loves a great deal but sometimes we search for hours to find the best ones, we spend time searching for coupons or free delivery codes or maybe even a great price for something off your wishlist, well fear not because I've found an amazing site called UK Hot Deals that will save your time and money!

UK Deals and Giveaways site is a brilliant platform full of great deals, exclusive discount codes and even great giveaways too, you can win toys, appliances and so much more! Register for free and you could save £100's on these amazing deals.
Photo by Artem Beliaikin
from Pexels

They even have a Facebook following of 20k and post great deals every day from trusted sites as well as having thousands of registered users on their site. Users can register for free as well as post and comment on deals, It really is a lovely community for people who want to save money and time!

The site has a great variety of categories including baby, beauty, gaming, homewear, fashion, toys and travel, as well as having the giveaways section too. It's so handy especially if you like to online shop like me!
So finding deals is extremely easy, just click the deal you like and press the 'get deal' button or even start a discussion and leave a review in the comments section with other fellow bargain hunters.

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR
from Pexels

UK Deals and Giveaways is especially great for new and expecting parents, in the Baby section you can find great deals for the things you need most like a car seat or a moses basket or even just saving a few quid of a pack of Nappies!

Sign up now to get the greatest deals in the UK now!

For years I have struggled to accept myself for who I am. I have hidden my difficulties and tried my hardest to smile and act happy every ...

Guest Post: Mental Health

For years I have struggled to accept myself for who I am. I have hidden my difficulties and tried my hardest to smile and act happy every single day while inside my mind is screaming at me.

I spent years hiding my anxiety, my depression and my OCD.

I didn't want to admit to myself that I was struggling, to me no one else struggled with anything. Everyone I knew was happy, bubbly and always in a good mood. I thought there was something wrong with me. That I was different.

I felt ashamed, weak, hating myself for my thoughts.

I hid it to the point where I made myself ill. My depression was declining, my OCD was becoming more dominant and life controlling that I could no longer hide it from my family. My anxiety was at a full time high that I could honestly hear and feel my heart thumping through my chest.

I confessed all one night to my Husband. I hadn't slept properly for ages. I was at breaking point.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) my Husband new I wasn't well but he was waiting for me to admit I needed help. He had tried asking me several times before but I abruptly shut him out. I felt really bad.

Along with my hubby I arranged to see the GP. He was rubbish. He told me to contact an online counsellor then all would be well. I did as I was told. I had 4 counselling sessions via email. It made no difference to me what so ever.

I went back to the GP again and this time I asked to see a GP who had experience with mental health (I felt so embarrassed).

However in being honest I was seen by a GP who listened, who offered me tissues when I cried, who went well over his time with me but made no attempt to move me.

He did suggest I see a counsellor but face to face and he prescribed me with anti depressants and signed me off work until I felt I could go back.

After a few weeks I felt an improvement in my thoughts. The instant panic feeling started subsiding. I started writing a diary and started talking to my family about my difficulties. I was able to open up about the way I felt. It was hard at first, but after time it became easier. I didn't see a counsellor as the waiting list was so long I never received an appointment.

A few years down the line and I am still take anti depressants, I still have anxiety, OCD and bouts of depression but not half as bad as it used to be. I am open and will talk honestly about my mental health to anyone and everyone. I have accepted my quirks, I am who I am!

If you feel alone please remember you are not. There are hundreds of people out there that are suffering too, just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean behind those smiles people are ok.

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It’s cold, it’s dark, it's January. With so many of us feeling the January blues it is no wonder that this month is a popular one for b...

3 Exciting Family Holidays

It’s cold, it’s dark, it's January. With so many of us feeling the January blues it is no wonder that this month is a popular one for booking our summer holidays. Booking a holiday gives us something fun to look forward to and keep us going through the gloomy days. If you are looking for a little inspiration, then you have come to the right place as today we are sharing with you 3 exciting family holidays. Which one will you choose? 

Disney World
Disney World in Orlando, Florida, might just be the ultimate exciting family holiday.
Disney World has four theme parks, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios, along with two water parks all spread out over a huge area also encompassing several resorts, shops, entertainment and restaurants. There is more than enough to do there for families and you would not need to leave Disney property during your entire holiday if you didn’t want to. You would not get bored!
However, if you wanted a break away from Disney, there are plenty of other things to see and do in Orlando and the white sandy beaches of the coast might tempt you.
If the magic of Disney is calling to you, you might want to read about Planning a Disneycation in Florida.
Cruising is becoming a popular family holiday choice and it is easy to see why. Cruising covers every base for you, as it's an all-inclusive holiday, you get to see several destinations, there's no end of family entertainment and activities, all with the excitement of travelling onboard a ship. 
Cruising holidays enable you to get out and see the world. You could explore islands in the Mediterranean, maybe you will cruise the famous Nile River or perhaps the Caribbean is calling to you. You can take in so many different sights and cultures whilst on a cruise, without having to deal with the inconvenience of moving from hotel to hotel and long road trips. 
The ships themselves normally boast several swimming pools, cinemas and theatres, plenty of restaurants to choose from and a variety of sports, clubs and activities to get involved with, perfect for those days at sea. 
If you are fascinated by the idea of cruising, you might want to contact Bolsover Cruise Club for guidance and inspiration. 
Adventure holiday 
If you are looking for something a little different, you might want to try a family adventure holiday.
There are a wide variety of holidays available, it all depends on just how adventurous your family wants to be. You might go for a camping trip in the forest, roughing it in the wild for a few days. Or perhaps that is too tame for your family and you are looking for an adrenaline-filled break, complete with white water rafting, abseiling and rock climbing.
The fun thing about these breaks is that you can take on the activities that appeal to you whilst heading to the destination that you are most eager to explore. You can check out this list for more adventure holiday inspiration.