We all love Pinterest, right? Well, I do and so do my kids! I always find some brilliant crafts to do with the kids, and the best part is th...

5 of the best Pinterest crafts for kids

We all love Pinterest, right? Well, I do and so do my kids! I always find some brilliant crafts to do with the kids, and the best part is they're so cheap and fun its crazy!! So here are my top 5 crafts from Pinterest.

1) The first one that I absolutely adore is to do with lego/duplo, it's so creative and forever interchangeable, it's a clock made of lego :D, it's brilliant for kids to get their full imagination heads on and make something that looks amazing but is fully functional too! It can always be changed to suit the mood or seasons and it's really simple with only a few bits of lego, a board and a clock mechanism, sounds like so much fun to make! 


I love it when we do an activity with the kids and they're learning, using skills like maths, science or English without even knowin...

Learning without knowing ft. Twinkl

learning without knowing

I love it when we do an activity with the kids and they're learning, using skills like maths, science or English without even knowing they are! and that's exactly what happened when we did this activity: Playdoh Mats from Twinkl.

Playdoh mats are simple printable sheets that engage children with the fun of playdoh but also the fun of education too! We chose the Halving Playdoh Mats, and bought a small selection of fresh playdoh to play with too!

Myself, Lilli and Laten sat down and got the playdoh out ready, We grabbed the printables and got to work straight away,  we worked through the sheets by reading the instructions at the top and making the right shaped items for them, after the fun of making the playdoh items we then followed the rest of the sheet and took half away then had them guess how many were left before counting them to double check!

learning without knowing

Lilli and laten found this so much fun to do and did every sheet in the pack, then started to make different objects to go in the pictures, Laten made a burger to go in the frying pan and Lilli made apple doughnuts from the apples on the tree, They carried on playing and using different tools to half their creations.

learning without knowing

We Loved using these mats and are definitely going to print some more for playdoh play. I Loved that they were actually learning and having fun at the same time!

If you liked this check out Twinkl and be sure to let me know in the comments below what playdoh activity you'd like to try?!

Much Love

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So its finally holiday season, WOOOOOOOOP! The Hotels are open, the pools are fresh, it's festival time and the weather is sweet, wha...

Holiday Season: Destination Wish List summer 2018

Holiday Season: Destination Wish List summer 2018

So its finally holiday season, WOOOOOOOOP! The Hotels are open, the pools are fresh, it's festival time and the weather is sweet, what better time to book a holiday right?!
So I've put together my destinations wishlist for summer 2018!
These are my top 5 destinations to go this summer!!

Majorca: I've been to Majorca a few times before, its safe to say I love it! its always a good, fun holiday and the weather is beautiful this time of year (I'm not a massive fan of boiling heat!) and all the hotels are open and buzzing! I love a good family holiday, so a hotel that has good activities, a decent kids club and of course an all-inclusive bar are all top priorities for us! I'm a sucker for a cracking deal too, I mean who isn't?! So why don't you check out Majorca Holidays Here and get a brilliant deal too ;)

Disney Land Paris: Now if you don't know me or my crazy family we LOVE Disney, nothing compares to visiting a Disney park and it's even better when you can get there in just a few hours on the Eurostar, And plus side is that the weather is about the same as a British summer, there's so much to do and see and even if you don't want to do Disney then its only a short train ride into Paris! So if you are a Disney fanatic like me check out Magic Breaks Here!

disneyland paris

UK Breaks: I Love a good UK break, a little chalet, log cabin, caravan or even a tent is so much fun! There are so many great places to visit, London, Scotland, Wales, Brighton, Manchester, Nottingham, even my little hometown of Great Yarmouth!
There's more than likely a Haven around or even a Centre Parks or if you want even cheaper why not just get a b&b beside the sea! 
Look At Haven Holidays Here.

Florida USA: I know I know, back at it with the Disney! But Florida is absolutely my favourite place on the whole entire planet and it's not just Disney, Its Universal, The Hogwarts Express to Universal Islands and it's Seaworld, Discovery Cove, Busch Gardens and so many amazing cool shops and restaurants, Florida isn't just about going to Disney World but it definitely is fun! And coming up soon is 4th July and the most amazing fireworks and festivals! I'd definitely recommend Florida to anyone and also to stay for over a week! Take a peek at some Florida Holidays Here.

Germany: I've only ever been to Germany once on my life and it was -17 degrees and I was really ill so didn't get to do a lot at all! 
But Germany in the summertime looks so incredible! Such lovely weather and so much to do too! Keep your eyes peeled for festivals and celebrations throughout the summer like Rock In The Ring in July and Lollapalooza in early September, why not check out some Germany Holidays Here.

Let me know what destinations are on your wishlist in the comments below and have an amazing summer holiday!!

Much Love

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Children worry, just as adults do, maybe not about the same things but they still get that anxiety and sometimes it can really change th...

The No More Worries Kit ... A Review

no more worries kit

Children worry, just as adults do, maybe not about the same things but they still get that anxiety and sometimes it can really change their world upside down.

The Irish Fairy Door Company have a brilliant solution for this, The No More Worries Kit, the kit includes a mini worries plaque, a feelings journal and some prompt cards, now if you haven't seen the other items that The Irish Fairy Door Company sell your in for a treat, Other items include a worry plaque, fairy doors, tooth fairy sets and even fairy garden accessories. 

no more worries kit

The No More Worries Kit is one of the latest arrivals from the company and we were lucky enough to be sent one for a review, so whwn it turned up I sat down with my 9-year-old and explained about the worry fairys and how they can take worries away, I talked about using the journal to write down her worries in so she could share them with us if she wanted too, and then finally we spoke about the cards, the prompt cards seem like a fab idea, they have small prompts on them so if the child doesnt know how to approach the situaton they can find the appropriate card and show it to an adult so they can help talk about it.

Safe to say Megan still has that magic believer inside her and thought it was amazing that the fairies were going to help her with her feelings, Megan is very complex and keeps a lot bottled up sometimes so this has been a fantastic little tool to get her to open up about it.

no more worries kit

About the plaque: If you haven't already seen the large worry plaque you probably don't have a clue what I'm on about, the plaque has a light that turns red when the fairies are listening to their worry and then turns green when they have taken it away, there is now a large and a mini version of this plaque but the set we reviewed had the mini one which has a retractable clip so can be taken on the go.

"Place your thumb on the included 'No More Worries' Mini-Plaque and think of your worry. When it glows red, the fairies are listening. When it turns green, you know they have taken your worry away!
The Mini-Plaque has an extendable cord and clip so you can bring it with you and use it anywhere!" - The Irish Fairy Door Company

Megan has certainly used this a lot over the past few days and I really think its starting to help her want to talk about whats going on more, She has clipped the plaque to her book bag so she can take it to school to and we have encouraged her to share her feelings with her teachers too.

I really think this product is amazing and will really get children talking about their worries more. 

If you liked this product head over to their facebook page and give them a thumbs up and also let us know in the comments :D

Much Love

*Disclosure: I was sent this item in exchange for a review, all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own*

Love Unicorns? Love Superheroes? Me too! They're all the craze this year right?! Well, SquidgyDoodle makes craft kits including exac...

Squidgy Doodle Mini Craft Kit Review

SquidgyDoodle Mini Craft Kit Review

Love Unicorns? Love Superheroes? Me too! They're all the craze this year right?! Well, SquidgyDoodle makes craft kits including exactly those themes! 

We got to try out their new Unicorn Mini craft kit, the kit lets you make a unicorn crown and comes with glue, cut out shapes, elastic and my very favourite a rainbow crayon!

SquidgyDoodle Mini Craft Kit Review

SquidgyDoodle Mini Craft Kit Review

Lilli spent a good 15 minutes colouring the crown and decorating the horn before she let me help stick it together (with the already provided double sided tape) and attach the elastic string to secure on her head. Lilli used all the decorative accessories that came with the set and loved sticking them on, After she had finished she loved parading around pretending to be a unicorn!

SquidgyDoodle Mini Craft Kit Review

I am absolutely in love with the rainbow crayon and actually want one for myself! I even decorated a few pages in my bullet journal with it too!

So if you fancy having half an hour crafty session or even enjoy a cuppa while the little ones do it by themselves, id totally recommend to get one of these mini craft kits, they're perfect for pocket money gifts, reward chart gifts or even party bag fillers and only cost around £3.00 

Let me know which one you'd choose in the comments :D

Much Love

*Disclosure: SquidgyDoodle sent me this mini craft kit to review for free, all opinions are honest and my own (this includes Lilli too)- I do not receive any payment for this post*

Ready for a rail adventure? Well, we are!  Last weekend we planned to visit Norwich Castle Museum and what better way to start our j...

Norfolk Rail Adventure With Greater Anglia

Ready for a rail adventure? Well, we are! 

Norfolk Rail Adventure With Greater Anglia

Last weekend we planned to visit Norwich Castle Museum and what better way to start our journey than to get on the train! We love the rails, even the kids do, spotting all the animals and guessing what station was up next is all part of the fun, our journey from Great Yarmouth to Norwich was only 1 train and only took half an hour as it was a direct service on the way there, we get to spot the animals, go past the Cantley sugar factory and of course be very comfortable doing so too!

Once we got to Norwich we took a short walk to the castle meadows and got in line for the museum, the staff were ever so friendly and gave us maps and told us which direction to start in.
We walked around for a good couple of hours viewing all the different exhibits and they were amazing, the kids got really excited as we got to dress up and draw/make different things, my favourite has to be the Boudica/Romans, it was so interesting and I even got to dress up in a toga! 

Norfolk Rail Adventure With Greater Anglia
Norfolk Rail Adventure With Greater Anglia

Norfolk Rail Adventure With Greater AngliaNorfolk Rail Adventure With Greater AngliaNorfolk Rail Adventure With Greater AngliaNorfolk Rail Adventure With Greater Anglia

We visited the main hall (Castle Keep) and found it really family friendly, it had lots to do including an activity sheet to find the clues hidden around, we got to make peg dolls and you could even try on some chain mail too! The kids had a blast in this area and even got to chuck a penny down the massive well to 'make a wish'.
There was dress up and photo holes and a couple of other fun things to do but safe to say this was a massive hit with the 3 older kids! 

Norfolk Rail Adventure With Greater AngliaNorfolk Rail Adventure With Greater Anglia

The only thing we didn't try was the picnic area, I didn't know that it existed and I wish we would have bought a picnic to eat as the food in the cafe was rather pricey for my liking.

After the museum, we did a little light shopping and grabbed some lunch from Greggs then had a lovely walk back to the train station to go home, Our train back to Great Yarmouth are pretty frequent so we didn't have to wait long to behind our rail adventure home and it was an indirect service so the kids got to guess which station was next on our route before arriving back in to our town.

Norfolk Rail Adventure With Greater Anglia

We had a really lovely day out and it was so nice taking the train instead of spending nearly an hour on the bus (where I always get travel sick), We'll definitely be taking the train again as it was so much fun, There are so many awesome destinations to try in East Anglia you can have a whole summer of fun – whether it’s travelling to London, the coast, shopping, museums, a
day out with the kids – the train journey is all part of the adventure!

Greater Anglia offers great value off-peak fares with 2FOR1 on top London attractions and if you book in advance, tickets from Norwich to London are available at just £10, Cambridge – London at £7 and Southend-London just £5 one way. Accompanied children travel for just £2 return! This amazing fare is valid for any off-peak journey on Greater Anglia’s network. Noneed to book in advance either - just turn up and buy them from the station on the day.

you can discover destinations and ticket prices at www.greateranglia.co.uk and plan your journey at www.nationalrail.co.uk

It would be great if you could take this short survey on behalf of Greater Anglia at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/5CG9TGG

If you could visit anywhere in East Anglia where you go? Let me know in the comments below :D

Much Love

*Disclosure: Greater Anglia sent us free rail and attraction tickets in exchange for an open and honest review, I do not receive extra payment for this post*

Mum of one, Emily Tredget founded MummyLinks - the safe place to meet mums locally - after suffering loneliness and Post Natal Depr...

Parenting and mental health: What it feels like: Part 6

parenting and mental health

Emily Tredget
Mum of one, Emily Tredget founded MummyLinks - the safe place to meet mums locally - after suffering loneliness and Post Natal Depression. Before motherhood, Emily studied at Oxford University, worked as a Strategy Consultant, and then spent nearly 5 years in Supply Chain Management at innocent drinks. But she found the transition from career girl to motherhood very difficult - particularly feeling lonely. So she is now passionate about helping all mums to create a great support network locally to them. MummyLinks helps mums meet locally for ad-hoc playdates, safely - it invite/approval only. Emily is also an advocate for maternal mental health, working tirelessly to reduce the stigma and raise awareness. She launched the #ShoutieSelfie campaign which was a great success in both 2017 and 2018.

1) When did you realize you had a mental health problem?
A few months after my son was born. He started to sleep through the night and I suddenly stopped. I was surviving on just 1 hour of sleep a night which made me extremely anxious and depressed. I tried my hardest to push on, but when it started to affect every part of my life I knew something was wrong. In hindsight, I had struggled with anxiety during the pregnancy, but I hadn't noticed at the time - thinking it was just a part of being pregnant.

2) How did you deal with it?
I went to my GP, although they wanted to put me on medication which I wasn't keen on. For me, taking a tablet that could affect me when I was already feeling out of control wasn't appealing. So I went on the waiting list for CBT and went on to do various talking therapies. At times I also tried to eat better and get some exercise, but that was often pretty hard to motivate myself to do! I also set up MummyLinks (helping all mums beat loneliness) and starting talking out about PND. They both gave me a focus beyond myself - of helping other people. Because once I started to talk to close friends about my struggles and found they also struggled so I wasn't alone, I felt a hundred times better. So now I hope to do this for any mums who read my blogs or see me talking out in the media.

3)How does your mental health affect your parenting?
When I was really struggling it affected it a lot. I was scared to be left alone with my son as I always had this fear of being taken ill and not being there for him. Which meant that often I had to ask my mum to look after him during the day. It also made me more irritable which I hated. And then I'd beat myself up for being that way which continued the vicious circle. 

4)Do your children notice when you have a bad day?
If obviously upset my son was very cute - he brings me his toys to play with or gives me a hug. He didn't show signs of noticing if I was just feeling a bit off, or not that I could pick up anyway!

- How does that make you feel? 
It actually makes me so proud of him; he seems to have this innate ability to know what to do if someone is upset. Which funnily enough is something I struggle with!

 -How do you deal with it?
I always tried to be very real about it. People can't be happy all the time, and that's ok. I'd never want to think that he thought we expected him to be happy and jolly all the time, so why should we put this pressure on ourselves too? It just creates false expectations.

5)How does your mental health affect your daily life?
Right now it doesn't affect me much - although I do have to ensure I get enough sleep and don't over do it otherwise I do feel anxieties creeping back in. But back during my darkest days, it was all-consuming. On the worst days, I wouldn't manage anything. My mum would have my son and I would just rest all day. It also meant that I would pull out of social events at the last minute, or not sign up to them to start with. Everything just took much more effort, so it was exhausting. It's been a slow journey to where I am today, but I've learnt to be kinder to myself and prioritise what is actually important.

6)If you have, how did you get over your mental health problems?
It was when I accepted how I was that actually, things started to improve. I knew deep down I was doing the best I could, and when I stopped worrying about comparing myself to others it definitely got better. And talking to other mums too - 1 in 4 struggle and when you realise that you aren't alone like you feel you are it makes a huge difference. And that's why I speak out very openly about my experience. I don't want any mum to feel alone like I did for so long. We are all in this with you.

If you liked Emily's Post you can follow her here at these links:

For more info: www.mummylinks.com

Much Love
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Who doesn't love taking photos right?! Well, I do, and when C anvasChamp got in touch with me and asked if I could review their pho...

CanvasChamp Review

canvas champ review

Who doesn't love taking photos right?! Well, I do, and when CanvasChamp got in touch with me and asked if I could review their photo canvas' i immediately said yes and started scrolling through my phone for the perfect photo!

Yes, that was the one, my two little beauties walking home together from school, just makes my heart melt! After going through my phone a million times I came back to this everytime and knew it was the one!

The Canvas turned up super fast and was so incredibly easy to order, With tonnes of extras and sizes I could have ordered a million! The quality is amazing and its super firm too which I love!

CanvasChamp offer wall displays, split canvas prints, shaped canvas' and photo mosaics to suit everyone! You start off by choosing your style of canvas, then the size, sizes start from 8x8 (20cmx20cm) and go all the way up to 16x20 (40cmx50cm), next you add a photo and any extras you want and BAM! It's time to order, delivery is super quick too and then all you have to do is find somewhere to hang it - My canvas came with two hooks at the back so I can hang if I want but i love where it is!

So if you love a great looking canvas like me, then head over to CanvasChamp and order one now, they're so cheap and they'd make a brilliant gift for fathers day too ;)

Let me know below what you would have as a canvas!

Much Love 

Disclaimer: *this is a collabortative review with CanvasChamp all opinions are honest and my own- I was gifted a canvas and will recieve payment*

So my bag's contents are always crazy, I mean the bigger the bag the more crap I cram in there! And not even just receipts and rubbi...

The Odd Things In My Mum Bag!

The Odd Things In My Mum Bag!

So my bag's contents are always crazy, I mean the bigger the bag the more crap I cram in there! And not even just receipts and rubbish but random kids stuff too! I literally have woody (from toy story) finger and Ryder's (from paw patrol) Leg, Yes, my children give me random broken toys and I keep them and say I'll fix them but it rarely happens! Here a few random bag contents from other parents that have made me giggle!

BethMy daughter became rather acquainted with a potato. She drew a face and bag on it and used to take it to bed. Needless to say, I also had to take it in my bag when we went out 😂

Leanne: A urine pot (a clean, unused one 😂). Pregnancy means constant urine samples!

Becky:I once spent an entire week carrying around six or so half eaten grapes. My sons a picky eater so he likes to stash unwanted food in random places, like me bag!

Natalie: A vintage harmonica. We acquired it when my grandad died and my 4-year-old daughter has really taken to it. When she's in the mood to play it, she won't be parted from it so I take it in my bag for her when we go out. Plutoniumsox.com

Andrea: I have the usual Mum bag items and then right at the bottom there is... a lens cap, pot of play-doh, the cast of Disney cars some bailing twine and a screwdriver! Don’t know why there is a real working screwdriver in there but must have been a reason. Bailing twine is a fab essential to any countryside Mum bag. Is been used for the kids to tie toys up with, an emergency dog lead an emergency child’s rein - worked very well and held my wing mirror up!

KirstyKnickers - the kids not mine! I always have a spare pair just in case if accidents www.navigatingbaby.com

LianneBarbie's head my daughter broke it but won't part with it ! It's so creepy as the hair is all matted and wild www.anklebitersadventures.co.uk

Carla-marie: I have literally just looked in my bag and found my "mr quack hand puppet" This isn't really strange for us as it keeps him on the straight and narrow... for some reason my son is so much more upset when mr quack is "disappointed" then when I am. Haha www.mybump2baby.com

Not clean.
Not mine (the feral four year old)....they were a delightful find 🙈

EricaStones, sticks, conkers (I am aware it is now May) a very dead, dry and very battered flower from our trip to Paris - why I said yes to putting that in my handbag remains a mystery as it was dry and dead when he picked it. Oh and beer bottle tops and corks, they belong to the grown-ups though 😉

Emma: Usually half eaten belvita biscuits because my son loves them! Of course, they are mostly crushed and ruining all my bags. Https://emmareed.net

AyseI constantly have between 10-20 squished flowers that my little girl HAD to pick but never wants to hold.

Kim: 3D cinema glasses. My 3yo insists on using them as sunglasses when she finds them! https://thebloggenie.com

Victoria: The weekend just gone I had a piece of birthday cake wrapped up in a napkin from a party my daughter attended. Totally forgot all about it and ended up with squished cake all over my bag and it's contents. Oops! www.lyliarose.com

Joanne: I've just gone in my bag to find a squashed up bag of Skips, a nappy full of wee (I have no idea how that got there) and the toothbrush I lost almost a month ago *gips* The joys! www.wingingmamahood.com

Now let's see what random things you have in your mum bag?!
Let us know in the comments below.

And if you liked this post check out our other funny post here!

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Being the bride isn't always fun and relaxing, and being a mother of the bride is no easy task either, you have to do a million diff...

Mother Of The Bride 'Tips On What To Wear'


Being the bride isn't always fun and relaxing, and being a mother of the bride is no easy task either, you have to do a million different things, make sure everything runs smoothly and of course, look glamorous whilst doing so!
Fashion plays a massive part in a wedding and we all know mums don't want to upstage their daughters but they have to look fabulous too, So I've put together a guide on 'what to wear' for mother of the bride in 5 easy steps, including outfits from Compton House Of Fashion.

1) Choosing the colour: 
Making the right statement is important, but choosing the right colour is key, you don't want to be choosing white or ivory to upstage the bride, choose more of a subtle tone that blends well with the theme.

2) Choose your style:
Whether it's short and flowy or long and fitted choose the right style to fit you, make sure you're going to be comfortable all day but still looking glamorous.

3) Hats, Hatinators And Fascinators:
What you wear on your head is always a statement, so if your tall go for a more wider brimmed hat and if you're shorter go for a hatinatior (crossed between a hat and a fascinator) alternatively you can always just got for some pretty hairpins or a simple up-do.

4)Put on your dancing shoes:
Finding comfy shoes is a must for a wedding, you will be in them all day with a lot of standing and running around, first you have to decide to go with heels or flats or maybe even a pair of comfy wedges for a summer wedding, second you have to consider the season of the wedding and the hight of your heels if you choose them, next is choosing the colour, shoes don't have to be an exact match just make sure the colour compliments your outfit. and you'll be on the dancefloor in no time!

5) Accessories:
Having accessories aren't always necessary but choosing the right earrings or necklace can make an outfit pop! Subtle earrings and a pendant necklace always work well to top off an outfit too.
Don't choose anything too big or chunky as you don't want to draw the attention from the bride.

Now you have your 5 easy steps go and check out these Mother of the bride dresses from Compton House Of Fashion they're absolutely stunning here's a few we love!

Check out this stunning Mikado silk dress in champagne by Ian Stuart, It's elegant and floral, with 3/4 sleeves and a mesh neckline it's perfect for the mother who wants to tie in with colour schemes on the big day!

Or if you're not a dress person then this may be for you, Capri by Mon Cheri Bridal is a 3 piece chiffon trouser suit in navy blue and smoke grey, it's elegant and classy but still makes a statement.
And of course, there's always something for the more mature mother, Annalisa by Ann Ballon is a beautifully fitted lace dress and frock coat in tones of Jade is very flattering with pretty sheer 3/4 length sleeves and intricate detailing.

This  50's inspired dress by Ronald Joyce is beautiful and perfect for a springtime wedding, with a lace applique and a small belt in the middle of the dress and a matching jacket with 3/4 sleeves which ties everything together perfectly.

I really hoped you enjoyed these tips and share them with your mother if you're getting married or even with friends.
Oh and keep watch for more wedding posts soon for my wedding in September!

Much Love

*Disclosure- This is a sponsored post with Compton House Of Fashion*