All kids love watching telly even if only for a little while and even though I love the peace and quiet one can only watch so much peppa p...

44 cats [AD]

All kids love watching telly even if only for a little while and even though I love the peace and quiet one can only watch so much peppa pig or paw patrol without singing/speaking lines word for word.

I was thrilled when Pop TV got a new programme called 44 Cats, something new and fresh for my little one and of course my sanity!

44 Cats is originally a Italian programme that arrived in the UK early September about 4 cats called Lampo, Milady, Meatball and Pilou, with each episode having a hidden message for younger ones about friendship and helping other people it's great for their skills outside in the real world, 44 cats is very musical too with the band called the Buffycats little ones can have so much fun watching this!

Each cat in the series has superpowers that came from their grandmother's special pasta dish and they task themselves with protecting the neighbourhood standing up against the resident bully called Boss. Below are their super powers:

Milady – who’s fur turns pink to purple whenever anyone tells a lie.

Lampo – a tabby cat with blue lightning strike over his eye and whiskers that act like a compass, guiding him where he needs to go.

Pilou – who uses her enchanting wide eyes to distract villain.

Meatball – a rather portly cat who has a BIG appetite and can sense danger when his tummy rumbles.

With every episode giving a great adventure and loveable characters your little one is sure to love this show just as much as mine!

To find out more catch 44 on Pop TV weekdays at 8am! Or follow on twitter:



In today’s time, you will hardly come across any household that doesn’t have a broadband connection. Broadband connection has now become a ...

How Do Parents Choose The Best Broadband Deal To Benefit Their Kid?

In today’s time, you will hardly come across any household that doesn’t have a broadband connection. Broadband connection has now become a basic necessity. In our daily lives, we need an internet connection for various reasons. Whether it be for surfing the net or for socializing, having a good internet connection is a must.

For parents who have growing kids at home, choosing the best broadband deal can benefit you in a lot of ways. You must be wondering how broad connection is related to having kids. To know more give a read to the text given below.
Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

Looking for cheap broadband deals? Read on for why this is so crucial

How is broadband connection important for kids?

Kids these days are more advanced than what we were in their age. This is all because they are growing up with technology. Here are some of the main reasons how choosing a good broadband connection is important for you kid.

It's time for another board game review. Are you ready? We are!  This game was sent to us by Asmodee for #boardgameclub in exchange...

Board Game Club..Who Did It?

It's time for another board game review. Are you ready? We are! 

This game was sent to us by Asmodee for #boardgameclub in exchange for an honest review. 

This month the board game is 'Who did it?' it's a simple game to find out who pooped on the living room floor?!

The game consists of 36 (4 sets) colored cards and around 13 mini poops the aim of the game is to defend your pets and find out who did it.

“My parrot did not poop in the middle of the living room, but I think a rabbit did it”. As the proud owner of a cute little rabbit, you must quickly clear its name and place the blame on another person’s pet. You must trust your memory and use your quick reflexes or else you might blame a pet already proven innocent and be left to clear up the mess.

Defend the innocence of your 6 pets by getting rid of all your cards. Quickly find the right card as they are accused, lay it down first, and then pass the blame to another animal. To avoid being the owner of the guilty pet, make sure to act fast and remember which animals were already proven innocent.

Lilli is at that age where poop is hilarious so this game is by far one of her favorites right now! 

The game is best played with 4 players but is still fun with just 2, it comes in a really small and compact magnetic box so it could easily be used as a travel game too which is brilliant as we're going away soon and I'm sure this will be the game of choice to take with us.

I'd definitely say that this isn't really a game for adults and is obviously aimed at children around 6+, it would be perfect at a little tea party or a playdate indoors.

You can buy Who Did It on Amazon it would make a cool stocking filler for Christmas or even for a birthday.

Remember to follow us on Instagram for #boardgamenight and be our friends. 

The Teal Pumpkin Project® is a movement close to my heart, my daughter has a dairy intolerance so can't have to many sweet on Halloween ...

Teal Pumpkin Project® GIVEAWAY [AD]

The Teal Pumpkin Project® is a movement close to my heart, my daughter has a dairy intolerance so can't have to many sweet on Halloween that contain dairy and believe me it's more than you think.

But we hate them to feel left out so Teal Pumpkin Project® was born... The movement is to make a safer l, happier Halloween for children with allergies and intolerances by handing out non-food treats instead of sweets.

What's a non food treat? Well here's a list:

  • Glow sticks, bracelets, or necklaces
  • Pencils, pens, crayons or markers
  • Bubbles
  • Halloween erasers or pencil toppers
  • Mini Slinkies
  • Whistles, kazoos, or noisemakers
  • Bouncy balls
  • Finger puppets or novelty toys
  • Coins
  • Spider rings
  • Vampire fangs
  • Mini notepads
  • Playing cards
  • Bookmarks
  • Stickers
  • Stencils

Yes, avoid giving balloons, we'll the latex kind anyway. Also think of chocking hazards for small trick or treaters too such as toddlers. 

Yeah, maybe just have 2 bowls, one full of sweets and the other full of non food treats so they can choose with adult supervision. 

They don’t just like them, they love them! 
Think how long a sweet lasts compared to a mini notebook or a tube of bubbles, they're sure to remember you too! 

You can help support Teal Pumpkin Project® by using their free resources, donating money and buying cool merchandise like tshirts.

Plus if your feeling super lucky, enter below for a chance to win our fantastic GIVEAWAY to win a #TealPumpkin Tshirt! Good luck. 

Open to UK ONLY
Ends 6/10/19 11.59pm

Teal pumpkin project

T's&C's apply

So I've been abit quiet recently, I've started a new job, we've had summer holidays and theyre now back at school/ nursery plus...


So I've been abit quiet recently, I've started a new job, we've had summer holidays and theyre now back at school/ nursery plus in a few weeks were going to Disney with A Disney Kinda Day too!

I started working at card factory just before they finished school so I havent had any issues with picking them up or whatever but im sure I have it to come! They're so accommodating and helpful, its such a lovely place to work and im so grateful to be there!
Lilli just started in year 2 and Olli just started upstairs with the big kids at nursery, it's been so exciting for them!
So ive not really had much time other than to do a few reviews, im not neglecting you at all and I wanna say thanks for sticking with me it really means a lot.

My blog started off with just a space to blog about my pregnancy and post Partum journey with no one really knowing about it and its flourished so much with my loyal readers and brands giving me so many great products and services to share with you all so you can have a better lifestyle too. You've put so much trust in me I really just want to say thanks for believing in me I really do appreciate each and every one of you.

I really hope that after my holiday I'll get back on my feet and will be giving you so much more great content and GIVEAWAYS too!

Thanks for sticking with me <3
Mumma/ Vicki

The Asmodée UK Boardgame club sent us another game and this time we're mega excited to share it with you if your even the slightest...

Board Game Club... Harry Potter Dobble

The Asmodée UK Boardgame club sent us another game and this time we're mega excited to share it with you if your even the slightest little fan of Harry Potter-like my kids are then it's still a mega-fun game to play!

Harry Potter Dobble is just like regular Dobble, and if you haven't played that it's kinda just like snap! With 55 Cards this game doesnt really take long, playtime is about 10-15 mins per game depending on if your playing with adults or children.

harry potter dobble board game

Start by dealing out 1 card to every player, then place 1 in the middle... Each player turns over their card at the same time and has to be the fastest to match a picture from their card to the middle card whoever does this the fastest wins that card... The process repeats until all cards are won. Then count up who has the most and that player is the winner.

Dobble is the perfect game to play with children it really makes them quick thinkers and have fast reactions. Me and Lilli play this game so much and she loves it, although she doesn't know what every object or crest is called we still have loads of fun.

Dobble has 5 different games to play with the cards but the picture matching (Game 1: The Tower) has to be the easiest with young children.

The second game is called The Well...
The aim. Is to get rid of all your cards...
Place 1 in the middle and deal all other cards as evenly as possible and the first to get rid of all their cards is the winner!

The third game is called Hot Potato...
Deal 1 card facedown to each player and set aside all other cards... Choose how many rounds you will play (5 minimum)
See rules below...

The fourth game is called The Poisened Gift...
Deal 1 card to each player and place them facedown, place the remaining cards in the middle to form the draw pile... The object of the game is to have the least cards..
See rules below.

The fifth game is called Triplet...
Place all the cards face down in a pile and then draw the first 9 cards and place them face up in rows of 3.
The object of the game is to collect the most cards.
See below for the rules.

Dobble comes boxed and in a tin to keep it all tidy too so no messy cards all over the place either. It's also a really great game to play with adults over a glass of Butterbeer!

Here's a recipe for that too from Thimble And Twig

Photo credit Thimble And Twig

Butterbeer Recipe
Butterscotch (or caramel ice cream)

  • Ice Cream Soda
  • Caramel Sauce (warmed up), we used Sainsburys Salted Caramel sauce
  • Butterscotch or toffee pieces (you can find these in the baking section)
  • Whipped Cream (we just used squirty cream).
Place a spoonful of ice cream into the cream soda, squirt some cream on top and add the hot caramel sauce with the butterscotch pieces on top. It sort of froths a bit like a potion – which adds to the magic!

Now you have the game the rules and the delicious Butterbeer have fun playing!


This post contains affiliate links that may bring me revenue that is no cost to you. Part of this post is a collaboration. Summer i...

Back To School.. The must haves

This post contains affiliate links that may bring me revenue that is no cost to you.
Part of this post is a collaboration.

Summer is nearly over, school Is just around the corner and we have all the best must-haves to make your experience a whole load easier!

Buying uniform can get really expensive especially if you have more than one child, buying from Studio is always great you can get packs of shirts for as little as £8.99 but a little tip is, check your schools Facebook page they may have a buy and sell group for old uniform like blazers or Ties to help you save a few quid!

Backpacks and Lunch Boxes:
Now your child may want the one with all the crap included that will more than likely get lost over the first week but Claires have some amazing little lunchbox and backpack deals just in time for school to start.

Headlice Protection:
Headlice is a problem in every school no matter how much parents try, but giving them that extra bit of protection is that extra layer they need for a healthy happy head! Using Hedrin Protect & Go protects their hair all day long from those nasty lice and keeps your peace of mind intact too!

Stationary is so popular with kids and having the coolest pens or erasers is kind of a craze right now. Forget Smiggle, head over to Craft Stash and get great stationary deals for half the price! Get books, pens, glue, and notepads and save loads this season.

Name Tags: 
Going to school means you to name EVERYTHING!
My Name Tags have some great tags you can get a pack of 56 from £11.95 they have the most durable labels on the market so forget about them falling off!

Spanking New Shoes:
We love to have new shoes but with kids, they don't always last, well, in my opinion, Hush Puppies are the best school shoes, they last all year and you can have capped toes so they don't get scraped or scuffed. They start at around £35 but are so worth it instead of buying 3 pairs of £15 shoes.

Now you have all you need to get the kids back to school you can relax and prepare for the big day!

Digital Pocket Money- The Best Way For Kids To Save Pocket money is a really exciting thing for a kid, I remember getting my 50pence a...

Digital Pocket Money- The Best Way For Kids To Save

Digital Pocket Money- The Best Way For Kids To Save

Pocket money is a really exciting thing for a kid, I remember getting my 50pence a week and getting so excited to buy things that never lasted more than 5 minutes like penny sweets and magazines.
Whether it be from parents, grand-parents or even aunties and uncles it was so special to us!
We started giving Lilli pocket money when she turned 6, She gets £2.50 a week to spend on what she likes but she finds it really difficult to keep her money and save up for things she really wants like bigger toys, etc... Because purses have that jingle and as my mum said it burns a hole in your pocket! 

Well, we found Pigzbe and got so excited that we just had to share it with you.

Pigzbe is a new way of doing pocket money. It makes financial education child's play, helping kids 6+ learn the value of money in a fun and rewarding way. 

Pigzbe combines the Pigzbe Piggy Wallet, an educational pocket money app for kids and parents, and our own digital currency, Wollo, Check the video to see how it all works! 
Its a really simple and great way for kids to spend and save without losing those precious pound coins down the sofa!
Pigzbe comes in 2 colors with built-in WIFI, Bluetooth, a Piggy tail lanyard, USB-c charging cable, 1-year warranty and some FREE Wollo Tokens! Plus it can stick to any surface like the cupboard or fridge so they won't lose it!

Pigzbe works by setting tasks like cleaning a bedroom or helping with the washing, Adults can set tasks from their phone or tablet to be completed by a specific date and set how much Wollo (money) the child will receive for completing the task. Simple!
Wollo can also be gifted from grandparents for birthdays, Christmas or even just a treat too!

The App Will then tell the child when they have received a task to complete and will also give them a notification when they have received Wollo, They can then shake their Pigzbe to see how much Wollo they have saved. The app will show children how much their money tree has grown too so it's still visual. In late 2019 Pigzbe will have a branded Pigzbe family card and it will integrate straight to the app.
Wollo sounds a tad confusing but let me break it down for you,
1 Wollo = £0.10p
10 Wollo = £1.00
50 Wollo = £5.00
100 Wollo = £10.00
Meaning if you want to send a birthday gift of £10 you will need to send 100 Wollo's through the app. You can select a specific payday and choose an amount too so you could send 25 Wollo's Every Friday so they would then receive £2.50 to spend or save, So kids can learn while becoming great little savers too.

Pigzbe help kids:

Understand the value of money
Make the connection between hard work and rewards
Develop responsible saving habits
Develop their independence and self-sufficiency
Prepare kids for a future of digital money

Sign up to hear when the Pigzbe app goes live and, if you’re based in the UK, you can earn £20-worth of free pocket money when you subscribe how cool is that?!
Plus you can invite friends and family and you can earn even more – up to £160! – just by helping us spread the word. 

Join The Pigzbe Launch And Get FREE Pocket Money Now!

They'll send your FREE pocket money when you subscribe to the Pigzbe App for 1 month. A Pigzbe app subscription is £3.99 a month for up to two children with a 1-month free trial :)

So it's mega cheap too!!
Do you think Pigzbe will be a hit in your house? I definitely think it will be in mine! Leave us a comment below and let us know how you do pocket money...



Working self employed means I constantly rely on my phone, to interact with people or reply to emails, but also for use in my daily lif...

Getting the Latest Deals

Working self employed means I constantly rely on my phone, to interact with people or reply to emails, but also for use in my daily life too like setting alarms for work and school or even just playing words with friends on the loo! 

Our whole house runs on tech with tablets, phones and games consoles, Alexa, and even our telly has WiFi too! We love to keep up to date with technology and now in 2019, technology is everything and we love to have the latest gadgets but can't always afford them, well, we have to look for the Latest Deals rather than get stuck in a 2 year contract. 

My ideal phone would have to be one with a great camera and lots of space like the P20 pro from Huawei or the Samsung Galaxy s10+ these are both great phones that cost an arm and a leg without being bound in contract for 2 years and paying £55 a month minimum so getting a great deal is crucial for pay as you go. 

Another great thing about having the latest phone is that the more popular the phone the better the phone case or phone gadgets that are more compatible with it like great headphones or wireless charging plates. 
The latest phone from Samsung wirelessly charges and can wirelessly charge another device on top of it too! 

Another reason why I love getting the best deals is that Megan (our 11 year old) goes through phones like crazy! She loves having a phone and it's great to contact her when she's playing out but playing at parks means sometimes accidents happen and her phone gets broken, we'll with the best deals we don't have to worry too much about spending loads of money to then be wasted or binned. 

Latest Deals have great deals on the latest top smartphones and so many other things too, head over now and get an amazing deal and a great saving! They really are incredible you can find the best deals from all over the Internet on whatever phone your looking for. 

Now tell me, who doesn't love a saving and the latest tech too? No one that's who! 

Let me know Below what phone you would get and what you love about it?! See you in the comments!

Me and Lilli were casually watching Vamperina and talking about family traditions they have when we realized apart from Christmas and Ea...

Finding Family Traditions ...Not just for Christmas

Me and Lilli were casually watching Vamperina and talking about family traditions they have when we realized apart from Christmas and Easter holidays we don't really have any... Family traditions can be for any time of year, not just for Christmas...

So, we asked about to see what family Traditions we could try and adapt to our family lifestyle, here's what they said...

  • My kids always get pick and mix on their birthdays, they seem to look forward to it as much the presents! Businessformums.co.uk
  • Funday Friday. We turn everything into fun and games. We learn through board games. Play computer games. Have a movie night or do a day trip. Www.Mummieswaiting.Com
  • My kids always get pick and mix on their birthdays, they seem to look forward to it as much the presents! Businessformums.co.uk
  • We discuss our good things and bad things from the day over dinner, along with what we're grateful for and what we've done that was kind. It makes the children think about how lucky they are and try to be kind during the day so they've got something to tell us about. It's also a great way to get them chatting about their day. plutoniumsox.com
Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels
  • We have a massive spring clean and tidy of the house before we go on holiday. My sister used to make us do it as kids and now I do it with my family - nothing better than coming home to a super tidy house after being away!
  • Freezer food Friday we always have pizza or chicken nuggets and chips and eat it on the sofa and watch a film we love it www.anklebitersadventures.co.uk
  • The person whose birthday it is chooses dinner!

  • Family days. We love having family days outdoors and mostly choose beautiful country parks, walled gardens or castles where all family plus dog can come.
  • New onesies each summer for festivals and camping trips! https://pinkpearbear.com
  • We always have Water Melon on holiday, the biggest one we can find. Not sure how it started but my Mother in Law said it was something they did on holidays and we have carried it on. Very random I know. Https://www.champagneandpetals.com

    We're loving these family traditions so far and can't wait to try some great ideas and see if we can make out own family tradition too!
  • We've started doing Saturday morning cartoons with my little boy. When I was younger I always remember watching the kids TV programs on a weekend, but we don't have proper TV (just a Blu-ray player and collection of films/DVDs).

    Now we've got a bunch of vintage kids TV shows and every Saturday morning we watch three or four episodes of a program while we eat breakfast. First, it was Stoppit and Tidyup, now we're watching Paddington.

  • My four-year-old has this thing at bedtime where we all have to do a kiss on his lips, an Eskimo kiss on his nose, then kiss each other's heads. Bit random but we've been doing it for about a year now and he won't let us leave his bedroom without it! www.twinstantrumsandcoldcoffee.com~
  • Pizza Saturdays. And McDonald’s breakfast every time mummy or daddy have been out the night before 😂www.readaraptor.co.uk/hatchling
    Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

  • Paella the night before we go on holiday. Started before the kids were born and have continued!
  • We go to Aviemore most years for a week's holiday. I first went when I was 11, and have been most years since. I love the place and am delighted that my kids also love it. There is nothing quite like the Highland air! www.youmoneysorted.co.uk
  • I know you said not just Xmas but ours is delightful.
    I'm the oldest of 5. Me, Jenny, Daniel, Nicole, and Heather.
    When Jenny was a toddler she was too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve so she climbed in my bed and I made up stories. We basically kept each other awake until the sun came up and then we pestered the grown-ups to start the day. Then my brother Daniel was born and later joined us, then Nicole and then Heather. So on Christmas Eve we all shared a single bed and kept each other up. all night long.

    Circumstances were such that when I was 14 we were separated for a couple of years. Daniel went to live with his father, I went to live with my Grandma and the other three with Mum.

    We were reunited when I was 17 but by this point, Daniel was pushing 6ft and Jenny and I were both boob owning, hormone-secreting women.
    Nevertheless, when I came up to bed on Christmas Eve I discovered that old habits die hard and my siblings had pulled the mattresses off the youngest kids' bunk beds and laid them on the floor. They were sat in bed, ages 14, 12, 10 and 8 waiting for me to tell them stories.

    It was the last time we ever did it but even now, we all speak on Christmas Eve and reminisce about when we were kids. http://www.marvellousmrsp.com
  • Every summer we go to Newquay, Cornwall with my partner's side of the family. It's so lovely to see the children playing together! It reminds me of my childhood, nothing beats a big family holiday!

  • Not your birthday present’ each birthday in the family little ones get a ‘not your birthday present’ so everyone can get excited and not feel left out. Nothing expensive but something wrapped to make it feel special. www.mybalancingact.co.uk
Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

  • Sunday is always family dinner with grandma
    The first day on holiday is always a full cooked breakfast
    We high five every night before going to bed after saying love yous
    We have a secret handshake, but obviously, I can't tell you what it is!
  • Every Friday evening we all sit together after a busy week. We get special drinks (wine for us and an apple tizer for them) some pizza and dough balls and chat about our weeks the good bits and any worries they have. We learn so much about what’s happening in school and it’s lovely to celebrate the start of the weekend www.memeandharri.com
  • Strawberry picking, every June with the family. eat our way around the field then buy even more and end it at the country pub for some garden games with the children. www.adventuresofamum.com
Photo by Vincent Rivaud from Pexels
Family traditions are so important and hold a very special place in our hearts, me and Lilli realized that Board Game Night is our tradition and we love it so much just us two having one on one time!

Now we've worked out ours, what are your family traditions?

 I was tagged by  www.savingmovingmummy.com   to answer 73 questions about me based on the Vogue 73 questions video interview series. There ...


 I was tagged by www.savingmovingmummy.com to answer 73 questions about me based on the Vogue 73 questions video interview series. There are some interesting questions here, have a read!

  1. What is your usual Starbuck’s order? Peppermint Hot Chocolate :D 2. What does your workstation look like right now? My work station is manic, there's paper everywhere mixed with headphones, coffee and pens lol 3. All-time favourite food? PIZZA!!!

4. Favourite author? Ridley Pearson, he wrote the Kingdom Keepers Series and I adore them. 5. What do you think of open relationships? I’m not a fan, to be honest… 6. Favourite video game? Anything LEGO!!! or maybe Fallout .. I can't decide...

7. Guilty pleasure treat?

Chocolate Donuts? Or Maybe Burger King!!

8. Favourite film?

Errrr, I don't really have a favourite?!

9. Favourite book?

The Kingdom Keepers

10. Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram all the way! I don’t really use twitter much.

11. Desktop or laptop?

I have a desktop but i loved my laptop but Olli poured orange juice all over it.

12. Best advice you’ve ever received?

Sleep when your baby sleeps...honestly best advice ever!!

13. What project are you working on right now?

Saving for my Disney trip in September, Does that count?

14. Favourite colour?

PINK like my hair!

15. Did you get good grades at school?

No at school i totally failed everything but ICT but i did amazing in college and uni!

16. Dream job?

To become a successful blogger...with a clothing label.

17. Played any sports?

I used to swim but I gave that up a long time ago I don't have the time now!

18. Do you have a degree?

unfortunately not, I was 1 essay off getting it but I had my baby girl and couldn't finish!

19. Nationality?


20. What is your favourite kind of blog post to do?

I love writing reviews, finding great products that I think you'll love too that can help in everyday life.

21. What do you like to collect?

EVERYTHING I'm such a hoarder!!

22. Describe yourself in 3 words?

Outgoing, Happy and Rather Moany sometimes lol

23. If you were a rapper what would your rapper name be?


24. Who was the last person you dmed?

My husband!!

25. What’s on the top of your wishlist right now?

Really in need of some new clothes!

26. Hogwarts House?


27. How many tattoos do you have?

9 :D

28. What are you most grateful for this year?

My family :D they're so supportive!

29. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this month?

I've had a few days off work!!

30. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?

We went to the park and all 4 kids played really nicely.

31. What’s the best thing ever?

My Husband, He's my best friend and soulmate!

32. Favourite season?

Autumn, I love it when you can kick the leaves! plus warm jumpers and festive drinks!

33. Favourite holiday?

Id says Xmas but I love boxing day more! no ones really busy, we get leftover meat and snacks and get to play with toys

34. Which fictional character do you relate to most?

Mad Madam Mim (sword in the stone) shes mad and pink lol

35. Do you like surprises?

depends what it is!

36. What’s the biggest surprise you ever got?

My mum surprised me on my birthday to swim with the dolphins.

37. What’s a surprise that’s made you cry?

the dolphins again, I cried so much

38. What’s the best surprise you’ve ever given anyone?

We supprised our mum by taking her on a behind the scenes tour of Magic Kingdom!

39. Do you like muffins?


40. Do you cook often?

Nope, the hubby does but i like baking!

41. What’s your favourite dessert?

ice cream! classic!

42. Is there a dessert you don’t like?


43. Cake or pie?

Pie, Banoffee Pie!

44. What’s your least favourite food?


45. What’s your favourite condiment?

onion relish!

46. It’s 4am on a Saturday night, what would you eat?

My Pillow?!

47. If you could teach a college class what would it be called?

I really don't know! Something to do with growing up though?

48. Best animated film?

Toy Story!

49. What had a guy done or said to impress you?

Make me breakfast in bed!

50. The best thing to do on a first date?

Go for a walk and explore!

51. The worst thing to do on a first date?

Cinema? Drink!

52. What’s the funniest pickup line a guy can use on a girl?

Are you a parking ticket? Cause you got FINE written all over you.

53. Best comic book character?

Harley Quinn!

54. What are the three things that are always in your bag?

My phone, Mints, headphones

55. Favourite drink?

Coffee or flavoured water.

56. If you could play a historical character who would it be?

im not really into history so no idea...someone fat though lol

57. Kittens or puppies?


58. Favourite sushi roll?

I don’t like sushi (sorry!).

59. What kind of lipstick do you use?

matt ones

60. What kind of foundation do you use?

Its some kind of matte mouse one but I don't wear it much.

61. Blow-dry or air dry?

Air dry cba with the hair dyer!

62. Who is your fashion icon?

Whats fashion? lol

63. Favourite Disney character?

Carl from UP!

64. What are you doing tomorrow?

day off so not a lot!

65. Movie you laughed the hardest through?

Loved Avengers End Game, Made me laugh so hard

66. Movie that made you cry?

That scene in Avengers End Game!!#

67. If you could sing a duet with someone who would it be?Probably Lea Michelle her voice is lush

68. If your life was a song what would the title be?

I will get back up again (from trolls)

69. What’s your favourite animal?


70. Favourite illustrator?

My Friend, Carl Trosclair!

71. The person you want to have coffee with?

Anyone, Coffee Is Life

72. What’s the country you wish to visit?

Id love to visit America, New York or California!

73. Best way to decompress?

Glee and a cuppa!!

I now tag the following fab bloggers to answer these questions: