The world can feel very overwhelming when you are parenting . You are managing your life, the house and the lives of small children. When ...

How To Stay Calm When Parenting Is Hard

By August 26, 2020

 The world can feel very overwhelming when you are parenting. You are managing your life, the house and the lives of small children. When you only have one set of hands, it can become difficult and that difficulty can turn into anxiety and postpartum worries that really don't feel like they’re going to go away. 

No one is perfectly in control of every aspect of their lives, and yet so many parents believe that perfection is necessary to be good at looking after the small people they created. It can be very easy to lose your grip on everything that is going in your life, and while you can read all of the CBD oil tips to reduce anxiety in the world, if you don't believe that there is a problem it will be hard to fix the issues in the first place! You’re a parent, which means that the first person you think of isn't you anymore, and yet you have to give yourself an element of care - especially when parenting gets tough. Children are unpredictable and they’re feisty and they have no control over their emotions.

But you do. And it’s for this reason that you need to learn to stay calm when children get too tough to handle. Let’s check out some tips that will help you.

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  • Embracing self-care is the first thing that you can do. When your kids are screaming and crying a lot more than usual, your day becomes more difficult to handle. You forget that there is a “you” in the equation and you forget how to handle yourself. When you start your day with something just for you, you start it grounded and prepared for anything.

  • You need to be as organised as possible when you’re a parent. Lists will help you to do that, and you can keep track of what everyone is going to be doing when you have lists to follow. Bullet journals are an excellent help when you are trying to organise the kids, so invest in some today.

  • You need something for you to focus on after bedtime. Parenting is not always easy - but you need something to ground your mood afterwards. A hobby can help you to do it. Many parents turn to exercise to burn off frustration or colouring books to calm their minds. No matter what is, you need to do something that doesn't involve anyone else.

  • In the middle of the chaos, turn up the music and start dancing. It doesn't matter if it’s the wrong time of day and it doesn't matter if you perplex the kids. The chances are you’re all going to snap out of a bad mood with the hormones released when you dance. A dance party will entertain the kids and it will help you to get your blood flowing.

  • Manage your time as much as possible with rotas, activities and exercises that will ensure the kids learn how to manage their own emotions. You are their role model for how to control themselves, and how you behave is how they will behave. Remember that on the hard days.

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