Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Gifted us a day out in the park in exchange for an open and honest review. Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure was on the t...

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure [AD]

By August 23, 2020

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure Gifted us a day out in the park in exchange for an open and honest review.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure was on the top of our trip list for 2020 but due to the coronavirus we were unable to visit til mid-August but wow were we in for a treat! 

We took advantage of the discount with ABC taxis from Norwich city centre meaning it was a flat rate of £15, as we don't drive and it was the easiest way to get there.
We had booked a time slot for 11am and arrived at the park right on time, there was a lovely greeter who politely asked us to sanitize our hands then head to the desks to check our booking in, the staff were so friendly and helpful telling us about the booking times for both the splash park and high ropes.

We entered the park and I was very impressed with the social distancing measures that had been taken to make sure the guest were all safe and comfortable, we headed straight for the outdoor park, there was so much space to sit and have picnics in the sun or shade and such a lovely outdoor atmosphere too.

Although we didn't go and book the Dippy's Splash Zone we did have a look and it looked fantastic and so much fun, We tried Dippys Raceway and had so much fun racing around the track with each other. We watched dippy on the stage doing some dancing and a game and had a lovely picture with him too!

After that we had our picnic lunch we walked the Dinosaur trail and it was lovely and shaded perfect for the afternoon sun, the trail led us down towards the Predator High Ropes where we booked in Lilli to have a go, she was so excited that she was tall enough to go by herself (secretly I was too because it looked scary), So while we waited for the High ropes booking we walked the Neanderthal Walk and went to the Petrodactlys Treehouse to play a little more.

While Lilli took the High Ropes we then queued for half an hour for drinks and ice cream (i know these times sound a lot but it was 34c and everyone wanted drinks) we then sat in the shade and had our ice creams and drinks to chill out and cool down.

* TOP TIP * Around the park there is water fountains you can fill up bottles with so remember to bring a bottle to fill!

After a very long hot day we decided to call it quits and call for our taxi back to the city, we then went to the gift shop and took a look around, I was very delighted with the prices of the gifts and toys it was so affordable and had a lot of range after we left the gift shop we exited the park and collected our medals from dippy which the kids were so happy with and got our taxi back.

I definitely recommend the park for a day out even if you don't drive its easy to get to and is so worth it, myself and my children totally loved it and I was so impressed with the amount of hand sanitizing stations around during this time. Although we didn't try everything we wanted to because of the heat I was still completely satisfied with our trip and would 100% go back again!

If you want to know more about the Covid-19 rules and regulations in the park CLICK HERE!

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