Giving birth is the most magical thing any woman can ever do. Think about it, you are literally bringing another life into this world - how ...

3 Tips To Get More Sleep With A Newborn In The House

By September 11, 2020

Giving birth is the most magical thing any woman can ever do. Think about it, you are literally bringing another life into this world - how crazy is that!? Having a baby is a blessing, but let's not act like everything will be perfect. You'll come across some troubling times, mainly in the weeks following the baby's birth. 

Any parent will tell you to prepare for sleepless nights with a newborn in the house. They can stay up crying all night long, meaning you can barely get any sleep. Still, with the right advice, it's possible to get plenty of sleep as a new parent. 

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Work out a shift pattern with your partner

There's no 'I' in parents, but there is a tean - which is very close to team! This describes what you two will be when the baby comes home. You have to work together, or else neither one of you will have a good night's sleep. Work out some sort of shift pattern where one of you will deal with the baby on one night, then the other takes over the next day. You can also set specific hours during the night where one of you sleeps, and the other stays with the baby just in case it wakes up. This should mean that at least one of you can get a few hours of sleep each night. 

Take any opportunity to sleep

Normally, you're used to a relatively structured sleeping pattern. You go to sleep in the evening and wake up in the morning. With a newborn, you have to adjust this. Don't think of the night as the only time to sleep - get some shuteye whenever there's a chance! A good rule of thumb is to sleep when your baby sleeps. If they've gone down for a nap, sleep with them! This ensures you can get a decent bit of sleep during the day. You might need the assistance of your partner or some family members if there's work to do. They'll be happy to help if it means you can sleep for a bit. 

Take sleep supplements

Do whatever you can to avoid being too alert. There's nothing worse than having a quiet night and being unable to sleep. Consider things like CBD gummies for sleep that will help you relax and drift off. Avoid caffeine as much as possible, and do a brief bit of yoga before bedtime. All of this will move you to a more relaxed state where sleep is just a few moments away. It ensures that, when you have a chance to sleep, you grasp it with both hands and sleep deeply. 

The hardest thing about having a newborn is that you have no control over their sleep cycle. Nothing you do will guarantee if they sleep through the night or not. It largely depends on the baby and how they're feeling. Some parents enjoy quiet nights, others barely get a wink of sleep. With these tips, you should be able to increase your time asleep and avoid feeling exhausted.

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