Monday, 29 February 2016

I miss that bond we had

Oh how I miss breastfeeding, even now, 2 years on, she's 3 and has the biggest fullest set on gnashers out there! I miss it!

The simple flop out your boob and let her take it, the no fucking about before she goes to bed to making bottles, cleaning bottles, buying milk (soya milk at that, and it's fucking expensive!), heating it up in the microwave, I mean jesus this is tedious!

Thank god it won't last much longer as she now drinks out of cups!

That bond! Oh god I miss it! It changes when u stop feeding! Well it did for me at least, we stopped in the day at 14 months, but carried on at night for another 2! But BAM! After that it just disappeared! It hurt like I'm still not so close with her now! That's why we do the Theraplay to strengthen that bond! It's sad to think of really.

I can't wait to have that with Olli! Im so excited to breastfeed him, it's gonna be so beautiful again! That amazing journey, yeah sleepless nights are a total bitch but every part of that is just 100% worth it :)

But that's it, I just miss it!


Sunday, 28 February 2016

When will it start? And when will it end?

When will this 'nesting stage' start?

So many ladies on my due in May group on Facebook are nesting, cleaning, painting, buying buggy's and all sorts and I'm just say here like yeah I guess I should write a list or something?!

Mega lazy ass mode, big, fat, tired and pregnant with no energy and all I wanna do is sleep for the next 11 or so weeks haha

So when does it start? Like I know it's gonna come, I bloody hope it does, I need to do so much! I need to buy so much, why are babies so expensive?! Haha

Things we NEED to buy:
*Baby carrier/buggy (at least one of these!)
*Clothes in newborn and 0-3
*Nappies and wipes
*changing bag
*changing mat
*Moses basket sheets
*dummy's (just 1 or 2)

So hopefully it won't cost us like a million pound haha!
We just have to wait for money and shit to be sorted god why does it cost so much to live seriously?!

Things we NEED to do:
*put all baby clothes away in drawers
*pack hospital bags + lillis overnight bag
*tidy bedroom....

When will all the mess end?!
It's like a never ending cycle of washing and cleaning this and that and you take a 2 min break and your whole house is a tip!?! How did that happen?

Having 1 child making mess is hard, but having 3 who are hyper as hell like we do 3 days a week is just crazy madness!
And now there's gonna be another one soon! Thank god he's gonna be a ickle tiny non-crawling baby for at least 6 months lol

Anyways.....I'm rambling!
Check back soon,

Mumma x

Friday, 26 February 2016

Your not a baby anymore, but you'll always be my baby.

So tonight we tried something new!

I gave Lilli a bath, all part of Friday night routine, we splashed and had fun with toys and bath foam, got out cleaned her teeth and got dressed!

Usually I'd just put her in bed read a story and she'd be asleep by the time I was on the last page, but my Theraplay (a one on one session we go to) leader suggested we tried something new, not because it wasn't working or anything just because of bonding time before Olli gets here!

We tried a foot massage! Just used some baby lotion and my hands, but it was so beautiful, it relaxed both me and Lilli and gave us eye to eye contact while I read to her her favourite story (she calls it the mummy story, and its very very very well loved lol).

In that little moment of quality time with her I realized she really isn't a baby anymore, she's so smart and has such an awesome little personality!
She is growing up so fast and is going to be a big sister soon too!

But one thing I was 100% sure of is she will always be my baby! Even when there's 2 and Olli is here, she will always be my baby girl.

Always and forever.

Check back soon,
Bye x

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Potty training joys!

Soooooo Lilli, my 3 year old, is potty training, well she goes on the potty and on the toilet sometimes too like at nursery and in places where don't  have pottys (they have them weirs under the toilet seat things)

Anyway she's doing really well she'll go at home and at nursery starting to go at nannys but won't go when we're out as she always just says no! (I don't blame her, public toilets are awful!)

But honestly and 100% truthfully I'm rubbish at it!
I mean like I forget to ask her every 15-30 mins like jeez I have alot of other shit to do haha!

Being pregnant isn't helping cause we get to places like play group and I need a wee so bad, and I ask lilli and she needs to go to and I then have to add am extra like 5 mins on of me needing to pee because I have to sort her out first!
Don't get me wrong she will always come first before me and I'm not complaining about that but woah, that extra 5 mins of needing a pee is awful especially when you can see the toilet lol

Anyway I'm blabbering about crap....and pee now haha
Bye x

Pregnancy Update!

IM PREGNANT! ... If you didn't already gather!
Today I am 28 weeks and 5 days!
I had my 28 week appointment, had bloods taken and an Anti D jab given as I have ORhNegative blood type.

IT'S A BOY! Just incase u didn't gather that either!
His name will be Olli David Hunter Wright :)
Named after the green arrow and a middle name from my grandad who sadly has recently passed away.

I'm measuring 31 weeks but I'm a chunky monkey so they're not too bothered!
Have a growth scan booked at 32 weeks so will get to see my little dude again!
Mentally I'm prepared for it all physically I still have to get a buggy, a carrier/wrap andmore clothes ect!

I'm planning on breastfeeding, as I did with my little girl we managed 14 months before her teeth got too unbearable! But I loved every minute of it so will hopefully love it this time too!
So that's my update, I will update again in a few weeks after my scan and next appointment :)

So come back to check soon!
Bye x

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fresh blog, fresh start and update!

Hey Guys!

So basically I've changed the name of this blog, I've update info and everything is looking fresh!

So to start off with....

Im Mumma Monster :D And below are the 3 amazing minions in my life :D And my partner Mike!
Alot has happened in a very small amount of time!
I ended a 7 year break up and started a new relationship with the most amazing man who happens to be a daddy to 2 amazing kids!

We've been together for nearly 11 months and we live together too we kinda took really big steps first!

We're having a baby boy called Olli! He's due 13th May 2016 so we're very excited!
I can't wait to start my journey into parenthood again with this little man and also the amazing breastfeeding journey :)

I'm hoping to share so much with you guys and maybe one day I'll be like my sister and her blog .... she's super cool and does amazing things with her 2 beautiful girls! (We're sometimes in her videos too!) So go check her blog out!

I'll post again soon!
Bye :)
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