Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fresh blog, fresh start and update!

Hey Guys!

So basically I've changed the name of this blog, I've update info and everything is looking fresh!

So to start off with....

Im Mumma Monster :D And below are the 3 amazing minions in my life :D And my partner Mike!
Alot has happened in a very small amount of time!
I ended a 7 year break up and started a new relationship with the most amazing man who happens to be a daddy to 2 amazing kids!

We've been together for nearly 11 months and we live together too we kinda took really big steps first!

We're having a baby boy called Olli! He's due 13th May 2016 so we're very excited!
I can't wait to start my journey into parenthood again with this little man and also the amazing breastfeeding journey :)

I'm hoping to share so much with you guys and maybe one day I'll be like my sister and her blog .... she's super cool and does amazing things with her 2 beautiful girls! (We're sometimes in her videos too!) So go check her blog out!

I'll post again soon!
Bye :)