Monday, 29 February 2016

I miss that bond we had

Oh how I miss breastfeeding, even now, 2 years on, she's 3 and has the biggest fullest set on gnashers out there! I miss it!

The simple flop out your boob and let her take it, the no fucking about before she goes to bed to making bottles, cleaning bottles, buying milk (soya milk at that, and it's fucking expensive!), heating it up in the microwave, I mean jesus this is tedious!

Thank god it won't last much longer as she now drinks out of cups!

That bond! Oh god I miss it! It changes when u stop feeding! Well it did for me at least, we stopped in the day at 14 months, but carried on at night for another 2! But BAM! After that it just disappeared! It hurt like I'm still not so close with her now! That's why we do the Theraplay to strengthen that bond! It's sad to think of really.

I can't wait to have that with Olli! Im so excited to breastfeed him, it's gonna be so beautiful again! That amazing journey, yeah sleepless nights are a total bitch but every part of that is just 100% worth it :)

But that's it, I just miss it!

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