Thursday, 25 February 2016

Potty training joys!

Soooooo Lilli, my 3 year old, is potty training, well she goes on the potty and on the toilet sometimes too like at nursery and in places where don't  have pottys (they have them weirs under the toilet seat things)

Anyway she's doing really well she'll go at home and at nursery starting to go at nannys but won't go when we're out as she always just says no! (I don't blame her, public toilets are awful!)

But honestly and 100% truthfully I'm rubbish at it!
I mean like I forget to ask her every 15-30 mins like jeez I have alot of other shit to do haha!

Being pregnant isn't helping cause we get to places like play group and I need a wee so bad, and I ask lilli and she needs to go to and I then have to add am extra like 5 mins on of me needing to pee because I have to sort her out first!
Don't get me wrong she will always come first before me and I'm not complaining about that but woah, that extra 5 mins of needing a pee is awful especially when you can see the toilet lol

Anyway I'm blabbering about crap....and pee now haha
Bye x

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