Thursday, 25 February 2016

Pregnancy Update!

IM PREGNANT! ... If you didn't already gather!
Today I am 28 weeks and 5 days!
I had my 28 week appointment, had bloods taken and an Anti D jab given as I have ORhNegative blood type.

IT'S A BOY! Just incase u didn't gather that either!
His name will be Olli David Hunter Wright :)
Named after the green arrow and a middle name from my grandad who sadly has recently passed away.

I'm measuring 31 weeks but I'm a chunky monkey so they're not too bothered!
Have a growth scan booked at 32 weeks so will get to see my little dude again!
Mentally I'm prepared for it all physically I still have to get a buggy, a carrier/wrap andmore clothes ect!

I'm planning on breastfeeding, as I did with my little girl we managed 14 months before her teeth got too unbearable! But I loved every minute of it so will hopefully love it this time too!
So that's my update, I will update again in a few weeks after my scan and next appointment :)

So come back to check soon!
Bye x