Sunday, 28 February 2016

When will it start? And when will it end?

When will this 'nesting stage' start?

So many ladies on my due in May group on Facebook are nesting, cleaning, painting, buying buggy's and all sorts and I'm just say here like yeah I guess I should write a list or something?!

Mega lazy ass mode, big, fat, tired and pregnant with no energy and all I wanna do is sleep for the next 11 or so weeks haha

So when does it start? Like I know it's gonna come, I bloody hope it does, I need to do so much! I need to buy so much, why are babies so expensive?! Haha

Things we NEED to buy:
*Baby carrier/buggy (at least one of these!)
*Clothes in newborn and 0-3
*Nappies and wipes
*changing bag
*changing mat
*Moses basket sheets
*dummy's (just 1 or 2)

So hopefully it won't cost us like a million pound haha!
We just have to wait for money and shit to be sorted god why does it cost so much to live seriously?!

Things we NEED to do:
*put all baby clothes away in drawers
*pack hospital bags + lillis overnight bag
*tidy bedroom....

When will all the mess end?!
It's like a never ending cycle of washing and cleaning this and that and you take a 2 min break and your whole house is a tip!?! How did that happen?

Having 1 child making mess is hard, but having 3 who are hyper as hell like we do 3 days a week is just crazy madness!
And now there's gonna be another one soon! Thank god he's gonna be a ickle tiny non-crawling baby for at least 6 months lol

Anyways.....I'm rambling!
Check back soon,

Mumma x