Friday, 25 March 2016

33 weeks pregnancy Update!

Wahoo only 7 weeks left til full term now!

Had a growth scan and a consultant appointment yesterday! (32+6)

Olli's estimated weight for yesterday is around 5 lb 4 oz so he's quite chunky already :)
Considering Lilli was 8 lb 9 oz when she was born I'm not supprised he's gonna be around the same, he has some hair (wich the sonographer let us see on the scan) he's very healthy and has alot of waters around him!

He's laying transverse so that means he's not head down, but he's also not breech, hes horizontal!
But he has a few weeks to move down, hopefully he does it soon as having his head and feet in my sides is painful when he stretches! Because of all this we have another scan at 36+6 weeks to check if he's moved ect...

The consultant is happy with my blood pressure and everything else, he's advised me not to have a water birth because of my weight, getting out of the pool in an emergency would be quite difficult! So I'm still weighing up the pros and cons and will discuss them with my midwife in a couple of weeks.

I'm happy everything is going good, we have everything ready for Olli to arrive, just need to get a wardrobe or drawers for his clothes to go in!

Lilli, Megan and Laten are getting very excited and keep asking questions, and the occasional sigh with "are you still pregnant?!" haha yes, sorry guys!

I still have a few bits to pack in my hospital bag for myself, but Olli's bag is all ready :)
Im just hoping he doesn't come too soon, Megan and Laten were both early, Laten was born at 35+1 weeks so that would literally only give me 2 weeks left if my body follows their pattern!(wich I'm not sure is even possible?)

Anyway I'll update you more next week!


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Worries about mummy!

My poor little Lilli pants is so worried about me going to hospital, every time I drop her off at nursery she clings to me so tight and says "mummy not go hospital today!"
I'm so worried for her! Don't know how she's gonna cope with me going into labour!
I'm hoping that I go in whilst she's at nursery or at her dad's or something so she doesn't have to see me in pain!
Gonna be so strange for her to see me come home with another baby, I just hope I've prepared her enough!

We've read books about new baby's and watched videos too, I keep explaining that baby is coming to live with us and showing her his bed!

I just hope her little beautiful mind can cope with it all! I keep telling her she will always be my baby but she will have to share mummy soon. (she doesn't like that part)

I'm worried about how it's gonna change her bedtime routine and her play too! I know I want her to be independent but it's just so scary!

How did you prepare your little ones for baby number 2 or 3?
Let me know in the comments below 👇

P.s. look out for my next pregnancy Update 33 weeks and a new scan picture hopefully!


Saturday, 19 March 2016

Heartburn's a bitch!

I said it before, I'll say it again, HEARTBURN IS A BITCH!

Yes they're are alot of things you can do to 'prevent' it but when your pregnant NONE of these things work!

So I get bad heartburn and ill take a Rennie, but half way through the night I'm sick cause of the amount of acid I have in my stomach....or if I don't have any rennies I just throw up about 4/5 times and end up throwing up the lining of my stomach and it hurts so bad!

People say milk helps or yoghurt but it's only a temporary thing and seriosuly have these people ever thrown up acid and yoghurt or half digested milk? Trust me it ain't pretty!! Half the time it makes me more sick!

Someone has mentioned love hearts or palmer violet sweets, I've yet to try these so I'm hoping they work would be such a cheaper option!

Let's hope I find something soon, I have another 8 weeks of this at least max of 10 weeks! (That's scary shit)

Anyone got a remedie to try?
Let me know in the comments below!


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Baby's coming to live with us.....

So my 3 year old Lilli is mega excited! All the kids are! They know I'm having a baby and he's going to be there little brother, Megan (7) and Laten (5) are old enough to know how it goes, that baby is coming to live with us.....However Lilli is not!

So Im trying to explain this to my beautiful girl!
That her new baby brother will be coming to live and stay with us, his moses basket is set up in our room and she knows it's his bed, but every time I ask her if he's coming to live with us she shakes her head and says no!

How in the world do I explain this to her better?
I'm so new at this whole having another baby thing, I always thought Lilli would be my only one til I met Mike!

I'm getting so worried that she's gonna think I'm replacing her or pushing her out! I really hope she doesn't think like that! She will forever be my baby and I keep telling her that, her reply is always "I'm not a baby anymore mum!" Yeah how grown up is that!! Haha ... put me in my place didn't it?!

God knows how I'm gonna tackle this, she's already super clingy, she can see all the physical changes now too! Took me a good extra 5 mins to settle her at nursery today, she normally runs off and doesn't give a fuck not even a kiss! But today I got kisses and so did my bump and lots of big hugs and leg cling ons!

We've decided to buy presents for the kids from Olli, Lilli will get a baby carrier for her dolls and Megan and Laten I think are getting new headphones for their tablets! I think it's going to be a good way of Olli saying thank you for sharing their mummy and daddy with them!

How did your children cope with new sibling's?
Let me know in the comments


Sunday, 13 March 2016

Pregnancy update!

31 weeks and 4 days!

Sorry its abit late I've been mega ill with sickness amd dehydration :(
I've definitely noticed alot more activity going on in there this week, I'm guessing cause he's running out of room! Alot of kicks up near my ribs and hiccups near my hips! Let's just hope he's laying head down!

We went shopping on Friday in the city and bought lots of cute outfits and have hopefully decided on a 'going home' outfit for him too! We spent a lot but got some amazing bits, also ordered the wrap and change bag and a few other bits off Amazon wich came today!

My sister, jade from *mummies waiting* just got home from Disney Land Paris, so me and my mumma went to see her, Ryan and the girls and had a lovely weekend! She bought me this amazing mug! And we watched all her video footage that will soon be turned into a Vlog! How exciting!
So anyways I'm now exhausted from travelling on the train, was sick on the last train and also when I got home and slightly uncomfortable as my bump nearly reaches the table lol!

Not long until we have the growth scan at 32+6 weeks!
So excited to see our little man again :) he's gonna be so big :D

Cramp is here! Included with the heartburn, awful sickness and achey hip pain at night time haha! OH THE JOYS!

Going to pack my hospital bag tomorrow I think so I'm all prepared, jade gave me some of her reusable breast pads! They look awesome, so I can add them in too! The only thing left to buy is nappies and cotton wool! Yay!!

Let me know what you think is a 'Must Have' in your hospital bag?
Update you next week!


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The return of the sickness!

Bloody hormones!

I'm fine for days on end, then BAM! Sick sick sick :(
Can't manage to keep anything down before about half 10 in the morning!
Feeling bloody awful laying on the sofa like a beached whale!

I nearly have everything on my list either here or ordered!
Just have to get nappies and wipes soon!
With mike informing me about Megan and Laten being early babies I'm starting to panic that somethings gonna happen much earlier than I planned!

Have to pack my hospital bag soon too!
Still have no idea where to start haha, I feel so unorganised I had all this done by 28 weeks last time!
I also need to buy Olli's going home outfit too think about getting this.... can u tell Lilli picked it?! Hehe

What did you pack in your hospital bag?
Leave a comment!


Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mothers day!

Happy Mother's Day!

It's that time of year again, but this year it's different!

So this year lilli can talk, and I know she could talk last year but couldn't say 3 or 4 word sentences, she now can! And I got woke up his morning by her saying "happy mothers day mummy" it was so special and beautiful and she gave me my card that was signed by herself, Megan, Laten and Olli bump :)

So I literally wouldn't give mike any money for a present as I didn't want anything and as it all goes into my account so he was screwed haha

It's not that I don't already know how awesome I am is it?! I get told alot and it's so cute! So I don't need a shit mug to remind me haha!

Anyway, we have my mumma coming over for dinner today, Mikes making spaghetti boglenese and I'm so looking forward to it! :)

I was sick this morning, these first trimester hormones are back and fucking me up again, I've literally managed to eat a piece of toast and I still feel awful :(

Let's just hope I can stomach dinner and keep it down!

Hope you all enjoy your mother's day,
Let us know what you did to celebrate?


Friday, 4 March 2016

Pregnancy update!

We're 30 weeks today!

God that's flown by!
Apparently he's the size of a motor bike helmet!!
That's frickin huge!

Mike told me megan and Laten were both early, like 3 and 4 weeks early! Where as lilli was 13 days overdue so it's possible Olli could follow trend with the Wright gene and come early or the Hurrell gene and come very late, or maybe totally different and come bang on time!

Either way I'm not bloody ready!
Haven't bought anything since I've wrote my lists!
I haven't packed any of my hospital bag either!
But he has a bed, and my milk so that will do if needs be haha!

Had my 28 week appointment, had my anti D jab and alot of bloods taken again, and Im measuring 3 weeks ahead but they're not concerned as I have a higher bmi anyway.

All I wanna do is sleep, like for years and years I'm exhausted 24/7! I don't think it's helped I've had lilli all week as her dad's been on holiday but she's staying out tonight finally, so I can try get a lie in tomorrow morning!

Lightning crotch is coming and getting bad! I mean to the point I go weak at the knees every time he kicks or punches down there lol!
Backache! That little bitch has struck! To the point I can't get up off the sofa without the help! Poor mike has to help me out of bed and even then I struggle to walk for the first 10 mins after!

Only 2 and a half weeks til we have our growth scan, I can't wait to see him again! He's gonna be so big, I'm so excited!

So ill update again in a week or 2 :)


P.s. sorry there isn't a picture, I look awful haha

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Review: Wooly Blankets - Made With Love Hull

So, i came across this page on Facebook, Wooly Blankets - Made With Love Hull... By a lovely lady called Amanda, and with being pregnant me and my emotions totally fell in love with these blanket sets!

I had an idea in mind of what i wanted, but i also wanted to it be in the style of the artist to give it a more loved feel , and for her to be comfortable with the pattern, after all shes the one who was making it.

I requested a blanket that was about Moses basket size and it HAD to be rainbows!!
The set also includes a newborn hat with either a bow or a bobble depending on what you prefer.

Within a few days she messaged me saying that she would be starting my blanket set and i was mega excited! Literally the next day i got a message with the pictures of it all completed! I was so shocked that she had completed it that fast!

Because i was so excited i had paid within a few hours, the whole set including hat and blanket came to less than £20!!!! BARGAIN!!!!!!!
I was very skeptical at first as she didn't have PayPal and trust is a massive thing for me, but i transferred the funds to her bank account and got told the items would be sent out asap and be next day delivery! you do, Postie stalk your post man and get mega excited to see what it looks like in real life!
And oh wow it was a stunning as i thought!! I cant wait to use it with my little Olli when he finally gets here! And I'd seriously recommend this lady to anyone she is an absolute amazing artist!!

Please take a look at her Facebook page by clicking here:

Much Love,


Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Today is the day of your funeral, Even tho I've said my goodbyes, I've cried my tears and ill probably do some more today too!

You were one amazing man, never ever did you fail at making me laugh, and you loved us more than the world!

I haven't got a lot of words to say apart from Thank You! You were the most amazing Grandad anyone could ever ask for, your adventures and history lessons and gambling tests, you really were a quality guy!

I will love you forever and never forget what you taught me, Love your family no matter what.

Little birdie flying high,
Dropped a whoopsie from the sky,
Errrr, said the farmer as he wiped his eye,
Its a damn good job my cows dont fly!

Rest In Peace You Amazing Man <3


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