Friday, 25 March 2016

33 weeks pregnancy Update!

Wahoo only 7 weeks left til full term now!

Had a growth scan and a consultant appointment yesterday! (32+6)

Olli's estimated weight for yesterday is around 5 lb 4 oz so he's quite chunky already :)
Considering Lilli was 8 lb 9 oz when she was born I'm not supprised he's gonna be around the same, he has some hair (wich the sonographer let us see on the scan) he's very healthy and has alot of waters around him!

He's laying transverse so that means he's not head down, but he's also not breech, hes horizontal!
But he has a few weeks to move down, hopefully he does it soon as having his head and feet in my sides is painful when he stretches! Because of all this we have another scan at 36+6 weeks to check if he's moved ect...

The consultant is happy with my blood pressure and everything else, he's advised me not to have a water birth because of my weight, getting out of the pool in an emergency would be quite difficult! So I'm still weighing up the pros and cons and will discuss them with my midwife in a couple of weeks.

I'm happy everything is going good, we have everything ready for Olli to arrive, just need to get a wardrobe or drawers for his clothes to go in!

Lilli, Megan and Laten are getting very excited and keep asking questions, and the occasional sigh with "are you still pregnant?!" haha yes, sorry guys!

I still have a few bits to pack in my hospital bag for myself, but Olli's bag is all ready :)
Im just hoping he doesn't come too soon, Megan and Laten were both early, Laten was born at 35+1 weeks so that would literally only give me 2 weeks left if my body follows their pattern!(wich I'm not sure is even possible?)

Anyway I'll update you more next week!