Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Baby's coming to live with us.....

So my 3 year old Lilli is mega excited! All the kids are! They know I'm having a baby and he's going to be there little brother, Megan (7) and Laten (5) are old enough to know how it goes, that baby is coming to live with us.....However Lilli is not!

So Im trying to explain this to my beautiful girl!
That her new baby brother will be coming to live and stay with us, his moses basket is set up in our room and she knows it's his bed, but every time I ask her if he's coming to live with us she shakes her head and says no!

How in the world do I explain this to her better?
I'm so new at this whole having another baby thing, I always thought Lilli would be my only one til I met Mike!

I'm getting so worried that she's gonna think I'm replacing her or pushing her out! I really hope she doesn't think like that! She will forever be my baby and I keep telling her that, her reply is always "I'm not a baby anymore mum!" Yeah how grown up is that!! Haha ... put me in my place didn't it?!

God knows how I'm gonna tackle this, she's already super clingy, she can see all the physical changes now too! Took me a good extra 5 mins to settle her at nursery today, she normally runs off and doesn't give a fuck not even a kiss! But today I got kisses and so did my bump and lots of big hugs and leg cling ons!

We've decided to buy presents for the kids from Olli, Lilli will get a baby carrier for her dolls and Megan and Laten I think are getting new headphones for their tablets! I think it's going to be a good way of Olli saying thank you for sharing their mummy and daddy with them!

How did your children cope with new sibling's?
Let me know in the comments