Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mothers day!

Happy Mother's Day!

It's that time of year again, but this year it's different!

So this year lilli can talk, and I know she could talk last year but couldn't say 3 or 4 word sentences, she now can! And I got woke up his morning by her saying "happy mothers day mummy" it was so special and beautiful and she gave me my card that was signed by herself, Megan, Laten and Olli bump :)

So I literally wouldn't give mike any money for a present as I didn't want anything and as it all goes into my account so he was screwed haha

It's not that I don't already know how awesome I am is it?! I get told alot and it's so cute! So I don't need a shit mug to remind me haha!

Anyway, we have my mumma coming over for dinner today, Mikes making spaghetti boglenese and I'm so looking forward to it! :)

I was sick this morning, these first trimester hormones are back and fucking me up again, I've literally managed to eat a piece of toast and I still feel awful :(

Let's just hope I can stomach dinner and keep it down!

Hope you all enjoy your mother's day,
Let us know what you did to celebrate?