Friday, 4 March 2016

Pregnancy update!

We're 30 weeks today!

God that's flown by!
Apparently he's the size of a motor bike helmet!!
That's frickin huge!

Mike told me megan and Laten were both early, like 3 and 4 weeks early! Where as lilli was 13 days overdue so it's possible Olli could follow trend with the Wright gene and come early or the Hurrell gene and come very late, or maybe totally different and come bang on time!

Either way I'm not bloody ready!
Haven't bought anything since I've wrote my lists!
I haven't packed any of my hospital bag either!
But he has a bed, and my milk so that will do if needs be haha!

Had my 28 week appointment, had my anti D jab and alot of bloods taken again, and Im measuring 3 weeks ahead but they're not concerned as I have a higher bmi anyway.

All I wanna do is sleep, like for years and years I'm exhausted 24/7! I don't think it's helped I've had lilli all week as her dad's been on holiday but she's staying out tonight finally, so I can try get a lie in tomorrow morning!

Lightning crotch is coming and getting bad! I mean to the point I go weak at the knees every time he kicks or punches down there lol!
Backache! That little bitch has struck! To the point I can't get up off the sofa without the help! Poor mike has to help me out of bed and even then I struggle to walk for the first 10 mins after!

Only 2 and a half weeks til we have our growth scan, I can't wait to see him again! He's gonna be so big, I'm so excited!

So ill update again in a week or 2 :)


P.s. sorry there isn't a picture, I look awful haha