Sunday, 13 March 2016

Pregnancy update!

31 weeks and 4 days!

Sorry its abit late I've been mega ill with sickness amd dehydration :(
I've definitely noticed alot more activity going on in there this week, I'm guessing cause he's running out of room! Alot of kicks up near my ribs and hiccups near my hips! Let's just hope he's laying head down!

We went shopping on Friday in the city and bought lots of cute outfits and have hopefully decided on a 'going home' outfit for him too! We spent a lot but got some amazing bits, also ordered the wrap and change bag and a few other bits off Amazon wich came today!

My sister, jade from *mummies waiting* just got home from Disney Land Paris, so me and my mumma went to see her, Ryan and the girls and had a lovely weekend! She bought me this amazing mug! And we watched all her video footage that will soon be turned into a Vlog! How exciting!
So anyways I'm now exhausted from travelling on the train, was sick on the last train and also when I got home and slightly uncomfortable as my bump nearly reaches the table lol!

Not long until we have the growth scan at 32+6 weeks!
So excited to see our little man again :) he's gonna be so big :D

Cramp is here! Included with the heartburn, awful sickness and achey hip pain at night time haha! OH THE JOYS!

Going to pack my hospital bag tomorrow I think so I'm all prepared, jade gave me some of her reusable breast pads! They look awesome, so I can add them in too! The only thing left to buy is nappies and cotton wool! Yay!!

Let me know what you think is a 'Must Have' in your hospital bag?
Update you next week!