Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The return of the sickness!

Bloody hormones!

I'm fine for days on end, then BAM! Sick sick sick :(
Can't manage to keep anything down before about half 10 in the morning!
Feeling bloody awful laying on the sofa like a beached whale!

I nearly have everything on my list either here or ordered!
Just have to get nappies and wipes soon!
With mike informing me about Megan and Laten being early babies I'm starting to panic that somethings gonna happen much earlier than I planned!

Have to pack my hospital bag soon too!
Still have no idea where to start haha, I feel so unorganised I had all this done by 28 weeks last time!
I also need to buy Olli's going home outfit too think about getting this.... can u tell Lilli picked it?! Hehe

What did you pack in your hospital bag?
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