Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Worries about mummy!

My poor little Lilli pants is so worried about me going to hospital, every time I drop her off at nursery she clings to me so tight and says "mummy not go hospital today!"
I'm so worried for her! Don't know how she's gonna cope with me going into labour!
I'm hoping that I go in whilst she's at nursery or at her dad's or something so she doesn't have to see me in pain!
Gonna be so strange for her to see me come home with another baby, I just hope I've prepared her enough!

We've read books about new baby's and watched videos too, I keep explaining that baby is coming to live with us and showing her his bed!

I just hope her little beautiful mind can cope with it all! I keep telling her she will always be my baby but she will have to share mummy soon. (she doesn't like that part)

I'm worried about how it's gonna change her bedtime routine and her play too! I know I want her to be independent but it's just so scary!

How did you prepare your little ones for baby number 2 or 3?
Let me know in the comments below 👇

P.s. look out for my next pregnancy Update 33 weeks and a new scan picture hopefully!


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