Saturday, 30 April 2016

38 weeks..... The crappy bit!

So yeah as the title suggests, it's the 'crappy bit'
Pregnancy certainly isn't glorious at all, not in the last few weeks anyways!

Having sickness back, running to the loo every 10 minutes, your bowels being like a tap, bad acne, mucous plug...ewwww my list could go on but it's discusting 😂

So I haven't really got much of an update, I'm layed down on the sofa, Mikes making me some toast (the best toast ever) and I feel like crap! Oh pregnancy is so fun!!

Lilli has been way more clingy lately, it's getting so hard to drop her off to nursery without her crying and making me feel awful! She now knows I have milk in my boobies, she hasn't had it since she was 14/15 months and keeps asking if she can have some, when I say it's Olli's milk she gets all grumpy and shouts NO! at me lol!

Mums getting impatient now too she wants him here by today (30th April) so she can have 2 grandchildren in April as she has 2 in January too! Lol somehow I don't think he's going to make an appearance!
It would be nice if he did tho!

I'm getting to the point now that I want him out! My body is achey and I just wanna meet my little boy!
People keep asking how long I have left and do I think he's coming soon and it's driving me nuts!
I wish he was coming soon like I know it is soon he's due in less than 2 weeks now but it feels like forever!
And if he goes overdue like Lilli (13 days) ill be pissed off lol

So baby Wright please make an appearance and come and join mumma and her other little monsters! We're so excited to meet you!!

Update soon :) (hopefully with a labour and delivery story)


Friday, 22 April 2016

37 weeks...Fully baked today!

So yeah we're here....37 weeks, wow his pregnancy has dragged!!
Lots of ups n downs but only 3 weeks left til due date and he'll defo be here in 5 weeks! That's right Im gonna definitely have my baby boy in my arms!
I'm so excited!!

We had a growth scan yesterday and Olli is growing perfect, weighing an estimate of 6lb7oz and he has a right little chunky face! ... oh and he's still a boy ;)

Oooh and good news I can have a water birth if my blood pressure stays low! Yes!! So excited for that!

So now I'm just getting uncomfortable! I'm at the stage where I can't get comfy at all no matter how I sit or lay and no amount of pillows will help me!

I had my Whopping cough vaccine today as I had forgotten about it but luckily it was still ok to have up til 38 weeks so I just made it haha

Midwife has said no sweeps til 41 weeks so just lots of sex! God I hope it works haha
Gonna try have a hot curry well not too hot lol!

Anyway I must remember to re pack my hospital bag!
Olli's is done but mine isn't so I must do it or ill be running round like a headless chicken before going into hospital!

Update soon :)


Monday, 18 April 2016

Adventures, contractions and updates!

So its been a pretty hectic week, I'm now 36 weeks and 3 days and Wednesday night I was having lots of Braxton hicks contractions and painful tightnings, I had these all day Thursday at our group and mums house too! Friday I was abut more rested, I had a few things to do but had alot of sinus pain to make up for it! And Saturday and Sunday we spent in Ely seeing my sister for my nieces birthday!

We travelled by train on Saturday and got to my sister's by the afternoon had a mini tea party, some lovely dinner and very lovely sleep! Even if it was on a blow up bed I slept rather well!
Sunday we got the train to Cambridge and walked from the train station to the main shopping centre wich started off more contractions and they started getting very painful!, we had an hours party at Build a bear workshop and then sat down for a lovely dinner at the local weatherspoons, after that they stopped and the Braxton hicks and very strong movements carried on! We got home around 7pm after alot of waiting and train swapping! And I finally got to chill and have a well deserved coffee!

Safe to say I think he's giving me alot of practice!
And I'm at that point where I just want him out now!

We have a midwife appointment at our house to do the birth plan tomorrow and also a scan and consultant appointment on Thursday I'm hoping for all good news to be able to habe a water birth! So fingers crossed!

So I guess I should get my butt into gear and pack my hospital bag! It's just so much effort lol!

But i will keep you updated!


Saturday, 9 April 2016

35 weeks+3 days Update!

So yeah I'm abit late doing this as I'm 35 plus 3 days!
Been in hospital most of the day and I'm still here now!
Had some bleeding this morning about the size of a 50p, so had to come in to be monitored and given an Anti D jab as I'm Orh negative blood group!
Had one lot of monitoring and they noticed unusual uterine activity that lead to show that the placenta may be detaching from the baby!
Had to have another scan to check and he's all okay everything seems fine! He has lots of hair hehe! Estimated weight now is 6lb3oz so god knows how big he will be when he comes lol
I had to be given a steroid injection for the baby's lungs and also a whole 1000ml bag of iv fluids because I'm very dehydrated!
The consultant wants me to be monitored thru the night a couple of times to see if the activity is the same and will make a decision in the morning wether or not I need to go to theatre and have the baby or not!
Also have to have the second steroid injection tomorrow too as they have to be at least 12 hours apart!
As much as I want him here I don't want this to be the way so I'm hoping it's all good for us both!
I have to try get some sleep now as I'm being woke up at 2am for more monitoring! Good night will update in the morning x

Woke up at half 2 for more monitoring, had more cramps and shitty sleep , woke up again at 6am for yet more monitoring, all was good!
Wide awake had breakfast and a cuppa just waiting to see the consultant at half 11....He said he wants me to stay in again, I'm not too impressed....
Sat here all day with mike well til he had to leave at 2pm go get the kids from school, had the 2 nice girls across from me go home so I'm alone for abit, tired sleeping and no luck!
Had my second steroid injection at 5pm and more monitoring, asked if I could go home so she's gone to check!
Meanwhile my food came and it was lush! Beef lasange and jelly n ice cream :)
Mum n Lilli come up to see me I got the most amazing hugs and kisses ever from her it put me in tears lol
Got the all clear to come home! Yay, home time and sleep I'm exhausted from being here!
Update more soon !


Saturday, 2 April 2016

34 weeks Pregnancy Update!

So ... This week has been half term, well half of it anyway!
And we have ALL been ill! I mean Me, Lilli, Megan, Laten and Mike! Mike was bad over the past few days as he never gets ill so when he does get ill he is basically on deaths door!
Megan and Laten had temperatures and still have bad coughs!
And I have a really snuffley nose but that's about it!
Lilli however has been the worst of all she's had sickness, a high temperature for days and last night broke out in hives so is really itchy everywhere!

So out of the whole week I've been out of the house once! It did make me feel loads better tho!
I've just been really worried about getting mega ill and something happening to Olli but so far I've been really lucky!

So today I'm 34 +1 so I only have 5 weeks and 6 days til due date! Yesterday I entered the nesting stage and had a massive jolt of energy so did lots of cleaning! But also had lots of low pressure last night! So fingers crossed he's going head down!

Anyway, I have a 34 week appointment on Wednesday with the midwife so hopefully she can let me know some good news that he's turned for me!
I'm going to ask her what is going to happen after my next scan, and whether they will let me go over 40 weeks as I had high blood pressure last time!?

But anyway I don't have much more to update you on! Hopefully by my next post we will all be well and I will have some news from the midwife 😍


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