Saturday, 2 April 2016

34 weeks Pregnancy Update!

So ... This week has been half term, well half of it anyway!
And we have ALL been ill! I mean Me, Lilli, Megan, Laten and Mike! Mike was bad over the past few days as he never gets ill so when he does get ill he is basically on deaths door!
Megan and Laten had temperatures and still have bad coughs!
And I have a really snuffley nose but that's about it!
Lilli however has been the worst of all she's had sickness, a high temperature for days and last night broke out in hives so is really itchy everywhere!

So out of the whole week I've been out of the house once! It did make me feel loads better tho!
I've just been really worried about getting mega ill and something happening to Olli but so far I've been really lucky!

So today I'm 34 +1 so I only have 5 weeks and 6 days til due date! Yesterday I entered the nesting stage and had a massive jolt of energy so did lots of cleaning! But also had lots of low pressure last night! So fingers crossed he's going head down!

Anyway, I have a 34 week appointment on Wednesday with the midwife so hopefully she can let me know some good news that he's turned for me!
I'm going to ask her what is going to happen after my next scan, and whether they will let me go over 40 weeks as I had high blood pressure last time!?

But anyway I don't have much more to update you on! Hopefully by my next post we will all be well and I will have some news from the midwife 😍


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