Friday, 22 April 2016

37 weeks...Fully baked today!

So yeah we're here....37 weeks, wow his pregnancy has dragged!!
Lots of ups n downs but only 3 weeks left til due date and he'll defo be here in 5 weeks! That's right Im gonna definitely have my baby boy in my arms!
I'm so excited!!

We had a growth scan yesterday and Olli is growing perfect, weighing an estimate of 6lb7oz and he has a right little chunky face! ... oh and he's still a boy ;)

Oooh and good news I can have a water birth if my blood pressure stays low! Yes!! So excited for that!

So now I'm just getting uncomfortable! I'm at the stage where I can't get comfy at all no matter how I sit or lay and no amount of pillows will help me!

I had my Whopping cough vaccine today as I had forgotten about it but luckily it was still ok to have up til 38 weeks so I just made it haha

Midwife has said no sweeps til 41 weeks so just lots of sex! God I hope it works haha
Gonna try have a hot curry well not too hot lol!

Anyway I must remember to re pack my hospital bag!
Olli's is done but mine isn't so I must do it or ill be running round like a headless chicken before going into hospital!

Update soon :)