Saturday, 30 April 2016

38 weeks..... The crappy bit!

So yeah as the title suggests, it's the 'crappy bit'
Pregnancy certainly isn't glorious at all, not in the last few weeks anyways!

Having sickness back, running to the loo every 10 minutes, your bowels being like a tap, bad acne, mucous plug...ewwww my list could go on but it's discusting 😂

So I haven't really got much of an update, I'm layed down on the sofa, Mikes making me some toast (the best toast ever) and I feel like crap! Oh pregnancy is so fun!!

Lilli has been way more clingy lately, it's getting so hard to drop her off to nursery without her crying and making me feel awful! She now knows I have milk in my boobies, she hasn't had it since she was 14/15 months and keeps asking if she can have some, when I say it's Olli's milk she gets all grumpy and shouts NO! at me lol!

Mums getting impatient now too she wants him here by today (30th April) so she can have 2 grandchildren in April as she has 2 in January too! Lol somehow I don't think he's going to make an appearance!
It would be nice if he did tho!

I'm getting to the point now that I want him out! My body is achey and I just wanna meet my little boy!
People keep asking how long I have left and do I think he's coming soon and it's driving me nuts!
I wish he was coming soon like I know it is soon he's due in less than 2 weeks now but it feels like forever!
And if he goes overdue like Lilli (13 days) ill be pissed off lol

So baby Wright please make an appearance and come and join mumma and her other little monsters! We're so excited to meet you!!

Update soon :) (hopefully with a labour and delivery story)