Monday, 18 April 2016

Adventures, contractions and updates!

So its been a pretty hectic week, I'm now 36 weeks and 3 days and Wednesday night I was having lots of Braxton hicks contractions and painful tightnings, I had these all day Thursday at our group and mums house too! Friday I was abut more rested, I had a few things to do but had alot of sinus pain to make up for it! And Saturday and Sunday we spent in Ely seeing my sister for my nieces birthday!

We travelled by train on Saturday and got to my sister's by the afternoon had a mini tea party, some lovely dinner and very lovely sleep! Even if it was on a blow up bed I slept rather well!
Sunday we got the train to Cambridge and walked from the train station to the main shopping centre wich started off more contractions and they started getting very painful!, we had an hours party at Build a bear workshop and then sat down for a lovely dinner at the local weatherspoons, after that they stopped and the Braxton hicks and very strong movements carried on! We got home around 7pm after alot of waiting and train swapping! And I finally got to chill and have a well deserved coffee!

Safe to say I think he's giving me alot of practice!
And I'm at that point where I just want him out now!

We have a midwife appointment at our house to do the birth plan tomorrow and also a scan and consultant appointment on Thursday I'm hoping for all good news to be able to habe a water birth! So fingers crossed!

So I guess I should get my butt into gear and pack my hospital bag! It's just so much effort lol!

But i will keep you updated!