Sunday, 29 May 2016

1 week pp and baby update :)

We're so in love, all of us, our beautiful little family!
And all of our family and friends are in love with him too!

Olli David Hunter Wright 💙
21st May 2016
8lb 6 oz

I can't stop staring at him! Through every feed, every little nap, every little cry, he's just so beautiful and I can't believe he's finally here and we've spent a whole week with him!

Sunday was a blur, a blur of family and friends and alot of me not having him because of cuddles and I didn't like it!

Monday I felt awesome! I had all the energy in the world and I wasn't achey or sore so we decided to go out, I wrapped Olli and lilli was in her buggy, we went to a few shops then to the park so lilli could play!
My friend came over in the afternoon to meet him and her little boy played with lilli!

Tuesday I took Lilli to nursery, then me and Olli went to see auntie Sadie and had lots of cuddles! We then met up with Helen and walked back home, she stayed for a while and had cuddles too!
Megan and Laten came back from school and had cuddles, we ate dinner they went back home.

Wednesday was our chill day, we spent all day in resting and catching up with telly! We had an earlyish night too!

Thursday was our busy day! Lilli came home from her dad's about 11 ish and we went to the high street with mike, got some food shopping and went to mums, Olli met Auntie Janies (jade at Mummies waiting), Kairi and Naminé (his cousins), We had ths midwife visit and do Ollis heel prick test and a quick check up for me too, Lilli played alot and we had a visit from my auntie and my nanny so they could meet him too! We had a lovely dinner and relaxed and then Mike met us and walked us home!

Friday (today)We had the midwife come this morning to do Olli's hearing test and I took Lilli to nursery (at 12pm) while Mike looked after Olli and I went to the high street, he slept the entire time and had lovely cuddles with his daddy! We then chilled all day watching dvds and tidying up a little, before picking Lilli up from nursery at 5pm, I managed to express half an oz of breast milk wich mike gave olli in a bottle (he guzzled it in 2 seconds) wich made me sad because I know he wants to feed him but it took alot to pump that between 4 feeds during and after each one and I only got a little and it went so quickly! I wish I could just express alot but ill keep trying!
I put lilli to bed at 8pm and read her Room on the Broom (her new favourite) and I'm now on the sofa chilling with Olli asleep on me! BLISS!

Tomorrow (Saturday) We have megan and Laten coming over as usuall, and they will stay the night so that will be fun! I hope they sleep okay!

We are both well and Olli has only lost 6.5% of his weight so he is now 7 lb 13 oz but will now put it back on again!

We will update next week, look out for our midweek post for potty training update!


Toilet training update!

So we started potty/toilet training a while ago!

It wasn't going so good, lots of wet pants, lost of just weeing in pull ups, she was just going when she wanted on the potty and that was it!

That then turned into going on the potty alot and occasionally the toilet (she only used the toilet at her dad's as she didn't like his potty), but she was still weeing and pooping in pull ups!
So me and her dad had a discussion to put her in big girl knickers! So that's exactly what we did, we got lots of pants and she wore them in the day but a nappy still at night!

She decided she liked the toilet better so doesn't use the potty at all now, but it had a removable seat to go on the toilet and a hard lid so turns into a step for her too! So we're she now goes on the toilet almost every time, she wears pants to nursery and only has  1 or 2 accidents (only ever wee) while she's there and none at home!

So we've made huge progress! I love that she's using the toilet like a big girl and she's getting alot of praise for it! We just wish we would of done big girl pants straight away to save all that money on pull ups!

Now to tackle nights! Haha just kidding! Not yet!

Let us know how you toilet trained in the comments below! 👇


Monday, 23 May 2016

Birth Story! .... Highway To Hell!

So I'd been having cramps all Thursday after my sweep and Friday and woke up Saturday and nothing at all, so I generally was gutted I literally only had Saturday and Sunday to get him moving or I was being induced Monday!

But as it was a Saturday we had the kids coming over so doing the deed was out of the question, so I'd just took my usuall position on the sofa and sulked and all of a sudden the contractions started!
Coming every 3-5 mins for 45 seconds to a min, this was it! I called delivery which said try a bath (as I wanted a water birth anyway it was best I was in water) so I ran a bath and got in all hot a lots of bubbles....and contractions stopped!! I mean nothing, not a single twinge! So I got out and dried off, layed down on the bed after the maximum effort it was to get out and dry, and I just chilled for a second!
I got up and all of a sudden got very wet, so I dried again and the same happened when I got up!
My waters had finally broken! It was gushing every time I moved!

I told mike, who then started to panic as he does in times like that, I reassured him it was fine and to just get megan and Laten home while I called mum to come get Lilli, I then called the hospital who told me to come in so after rushing round to get lillis bag packed, the kids home and pack my bag too! We got to the hospital at about 2:30pm (this all took us about an hour or so!)

Contractions then started to come back again every 5 mins and they done an examination I was only 4cms dilated! They soon moved me into a room on the unit (at about 3pm), where I then got given gas and air! We turned on Kerrang! Radio and started jamming, some good tunes were playing and music calms me!
Half an hour later I got alot of pressure in my bum and asked to be examined again I was only 5-6 cms which didn't make me feel any better but the gas and air was helping I felt quite high!
They started getting bad so I asked for the pethidine injection (3:50pm) and within 10 mins of having it I was ready to push!!!!
Don't Speak by No Doubt came on and I asked mike to turn it up, so music was lovely and loud! I started pushing and half an hour later (4:32pm) Olli David Hunter Wright was born to ACDC's Highway to Hell! Fitting ;)

We then had instant skin to skin and a first feed :)
I had the injection for the placenta and he had the vitamin k jab!! We had lots of cuddles and kisses and pictures and stayed in hospital til 3:30am and finally got home at 4am had lots of feeds and cuddles and fell asleep on the couch while Olli slept in his moses basket!

What a day! We were/are exhausted!

We're so happy to welcome Olli into the world and to join our family!

Keep an eye out for Post Partum updates!


Friday, 20 May 2016

41 weeks!


I'm serious, I just wanna cry!
I'm a whole week over today!
Had a sweep yesterday and the consultant said I was already 3 cm but could of been like it for days/weeks, anyway I had alot if bloody show/plug loss 😷
Had seriously bad cramping which turned into contractions last night and I was up late with them every 6-7 mins apart, I really thought this is it!
Then BAM! Massive wave of exhaustion comes over me and I fell asleep!! And woke up with NOTHING!

So today I've been hoping for something but had sod all! I've been shopping and stuff too :(
I just feel totally exhausted today!

The consultant has booked me in for induction on monday night about 8pm! So I'm hoping he comes this weekend so I can water birth but if not he should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday! YAY! its officially baby week! I'm so excited ♡

Soo I will update when he's here!


Monday, 16 May 2016

40 weeks + 3 days!

Not a single twinge.....

Alot of pressure down below, he's engaging nicely but jeez how long does it take!

Pregnancy is such a drag at the end!....Friday 13th came and I watched it pass without a single niggle! Yeah thanks for that! I was kinda hoping this little man would be stubborn like his sister was but obviously I just have a comfy womb!

I'm so ill at the moment! I'm a never ending flu/virus factory, HE'S SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME!
I had  a cold, then it passed and I got bad sinusitis, it passed then I got really bad thrush, that cleared after treatment and I got conjunctivitis, wich I currently still have along with ear ache and a beautiful mucous cough :(
Yeah I feel amazing! And I know it's all gonna go after I give birth! I know it's just because he needs my extra goodness to help him out those last few days but my god it sucks being this ill!

My nipples are killing and my back hurts, heartburn's a bitch and pregnancy is just 50 shades of fucking glorious!

I've tried a few of those 'home induction methods' like having a curry and lots of sex and a bath with jasmine ect... what a load of bullshit haha
He's not coming til he's ready! And right now he's trying to escape out of my belly button haha

Anyway I'm gonna go be misrable and just wish him out of me lol, hopefully next post will be a birth announcement!


Monday, 9 May 2016

Getting the pre labour worries!

The pre labour worries....

Shit...its gonna hurt!.....why didn't I remember this til now?!

How big is he going to be?
What if there's complications?
What if he comes really fast and I don't get there in time?!

Who's gonna have Lilli?
How will she react to it all? (She's not good with seeing me in pain, she panicks)

Oh god there's so many things going through my head I'm silently panicking!
It's getting closer and closer could be any minute/hour/day now!

I'm honestly bricking it! I mean I've done this before but this is so different! Even tho it's really not! Lol

I'm worrying about having 2, what's Lilli going to think! How's she gonna act? Is she gonna play up?
I know mike will be here so I know I won't struggle but it's definitely going to be different!

Last night and today I've had alot of pressure and a dull ache so hopefully something will happen soon but I'm not getting my hopes up!

How did your first child cope with a new sibling?
Let me know in the comments below 👇


Friday, 6 May 2016

39 weeks...The final countdown!

Take 2....I just wrote this and it didn't save! Thanks blogger!

Anyway! 39 weeks today! 1 to go! Yup 7 days and counting! Not that I think he'll come then at all he'llprobably be very stubborn like his sister Lilli who was 13 days overdue and came the day before I was going to be induced!

I have a stretch and sweep booked for the 19th with a consultant, I'll be 6 days over then, hopefully I won't make it to the appointment but we will see!
I'm so worried about having to be induced because I've heard it's way more painful than natural labour!
And I won't be able to have a water birth either!
So fingers crossed for everything going well!

I'm honestly so uncomfortable now! My tailbone is killing me, I survived 3 hours at the cinema Wednesday night as we went for our last date before his arrival to see Captain America civil war :) it was brilliant but was a long film (2.27hrs) plus 20 mins before hand of ad's! Sade to say I was very uncomfortable after but I slept like a log!

My current predicament is battling this thrush! It's giving me so much grief I can't sit without it hurting!
So I need it gone asap! Had to wait 2 hours in the doctors today for a walk in appointment but finally got a prescription for the treatment I need!

So we're all ready! Apart from the mountains of kids toys everywhere and washing that needs doing we're pretty set for his arrival!

My only issue us how to tell friends ect that we want privacy! We have friends turn up randomly ALOT! And have asked for them to text or call first even though he's not here yet, when he us I will certainly want privacy and peace and quiet for a few weeks til we get into routine!

How did you deal with friends and relatives coming to visit?
Let me know in the comments below 👇

Fingers crossed my next update will be my labour story but i won't get my hopes up too much!


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A bit too dependant!

So we've come to the conclusion were wifi dependant!

Our house doesn't run properly without it!
We don't have a tv licence as we don't have an tv ariel plugged in and we don't watch any live TV! Saving £150 a year! BANGIN!
But we do however have a chromecast so we can stream stuff thru it and also netflix cause ya know who doesn't love netflix!

So yeah we game online, we watch shit online, we use tablets with games and apps that all need Internet!!
This is something I hate to have to admit!
But it's driving me insane!
Im sure i can live without it for a few days, we get paid on Wednesday and will pay our Internet and phone bill off! Wahoo!

The kids use their tablets that run on wifi..The games and books don't but the videos do!
I have to have Internet to blog, to use what's app, to email, to sleep!! (Yes we have netflix on thru the night its a bad habit! So shoot me!)

So the last 2 days have been filled with moans and groans of ohh I can't do this or that and kids actually having to play with toys! (they found a ball, chucked it, smashed 3 glasses! They need to learn how to play with toys!) I have to walk to the shop to check the bank account thru the machine, and I have to use my house phone to call and not use whatsapp or messenger!
So we've resorted to DVD's finding stuff we haven't seen in ages is always good but sometimes not when your 3 year old demands Paw Patrol!

Yes my life is a Internet controlled nightmare!
But I love it how it is!
And I vow not be late paying my bill ever again if I can help it!

What can't you live without? Let me know in the comments below!


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