Friday, 6 May 2016

39 weeks...The final countdown!

Take 2....I just wrote this and it didn't save! Thanks blogger!

Anyway! 39 weeks today! 1 to go! Yup 7 days and counting! Not that I think he'll come then at all he'llprobably be very stubborn like his sister Lilli who was 13 days overdue and came the day before I was going to be induced!

I have a stretch and sweep booked for the 19th with a consultant, I'll be 6 days over then, hopefully I won't make it to the appointment but we will see!
I'm so worried about having to be induced because I've heard it's way more painful than natural labour!
And I won't be able to have a water birth either!
So fingers crossed for everything going well!

I'm honestly so uncomfortable now! My tailbone is killing me, I survived 3 hours at the cinema Wednesday night as we went for our last date before his arrival to see Captain America civil war :) it was brilliant but was a long film (2.27hrs) plus 20 mins before hand of ad's! Sade to say I was very uncomfortable after but I slept like a log!

My current predicament is battling this thrush! It's giving me so much grief I can't sit without it hurting!
So I need it gone asap! Had to wait 2 hours in the doctors today for a walk in appointment but finally got a prescription for the treatment I need!

So we're all ready! Apart from the mountains of kids toys everywhere and washing that needs doing we're pretty set for his arrival!

My only issue us how to tell friends ect that we want privacy! We have friends turn up randomly ALOT! And have asked for them to text or call first even though he's not here yet, when he us I will certainly want privacy and peace and quiet for a few weeks til we get into routine!

How did you deal with friends and relatives coming to visit?
Let me know in the comments below 👇

Fingers crossed my next update will be my labour story but i won't get my hopes up too much!