Monday, 16 May 2016

40 weeks + 3 days!

Not a single twinge.....

Alot of pressure down below, he's engaging nicely but jeez how long does it take!

Pregnancy is such a drag at the end!....Friday 13th came and I watched it pass without a single niggle! Yeah thanks for that! I was kinda hoping this little man would be stubborn like his sister was but obviously I just have a comfy womb!

I'm so ill at the moment! I'm a never ending flu/virus factory, HE'S SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME!
I had  a cold, then it passed and I got bad sinusitis, it passed then I got really bad thrush, that cleared after treatment and I got conjunctivitis, wich I currently still have along with ear ache and a beautiful mucous cough :(
Yeah I feel amazing! And I know it's all gonna go after I give birth! I know it's just because he needs my extra goodness to help him out those last few days but my god it sucks being this ill!

My nipples are killing and my back hurts, heartburn's a bitch and pregnancy is just 50 shades of fucking glorious!

I've tried a few of those 'home induction methods' like having a curry and lots of sex and a bath with jasmine ect... what a load of bullshit haha
He's not coming til he's ready! And right now he's trying to escape out of my belly button haha

Anyway I'm gonna go be misrable and just wish him out of me lol, hopefully next post will be a birth announcement!