Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A bit too dependant!

So we've come to the conclusion were wifi dependant!

Our house doesn't run properly without it!
We don't have a tv licence as we don't have an tv ariel plugged in and we don't watch any live TV! Saving £150 a year! BANGIN!
But we do however have a chromecast so we can stream stuff thru it and also netflix cause ya know who doesn't love netflix!

So yeah we game online, we watch shit online, we use tablets with games and apps that all need Internet!!
This is something I hate to have to admit!
But it's driving me insane!
Im sure i can live without it for a few days, we get paid on Wednesday and will pay our Internet and phone bill off! Wahoo!

The kids use their tablets that run on wifi..The games and books don't but the videos do!
I have to have Internet to blog, to use what's app, to email, to sleep!! (Yes we have netflix on thru the night its a bad habit! So shoot me!)

So the last 2 days have been filled with moans and groans of ohh I can't do this or that and kids actually having to play with toys! (they found a ball, chucked it, smashed 3 glasses! They need to learn how to play with toys!) I have to walk to the shop to check the bank account thru the machine, and I have to use my house phone to call and not use whatsapp or messenger!
So we've resorted to DVD's finding stuff we haven't seen in ages is always good but sometimes not when your 3 year old demands Paw Patrol!

Yes my life is a Internet controlled nightmare!
But I love it how it is!
And I vow not be late paying my bill ever again if I can help it!

What can't you live without? Let me know in the comments below!


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