Thursday, 23 June 2016

A very late 4 weeks PP update!

So I apologise for it being posted so brain and all that!

First big mile stone reached....little smiles...We've had a couple of half smiles and smirks they're so beautiful, slowly getting there, soon it will be a big gummy grin!

Olli is exactly 1 month and 1 day old today!
God I can't believe he's been here for so long it's gone by so quick!

We've adjusted into a routine of going out and feeding times ect, even tho he's having formula as well as breastmilk it's working really well and I was so against giving it at one point and I cried so much when they told us to top up after feeds, but now I'm not fussed, he's being fed, he's happy so who cares?!

The poop situation is better, he's pooed at least 3 times this week 1 being a massive explosion in no other than lillis first outfit that she came home from hospital in :( I've doused it in stain remover but have yet to see if it's  come out!

His sleep is amazing at night time! He wakes up once about 3:30am has both boobs and goes back to sleep, wakes up about 6:30 and does the same then we get up about half 7/8 ish because lilli insists on shouting Coco pops at me til I get out of bed!!

Our favourite item this week has been our mini microwave steriliser, just bung in some cold water and Milton and bottles bung it in the microwave for 8 mins and they're done! Awesome! Love things that are quick and easy!

How did you cope with a newborn? Let me know in the comments below 👇


Thursday, 16 June 2016


That moment when he says "I know you don't want to admit it but I think your abit post natal!"
Yeah, I am, I didn't wanna admit it but me crying every time I can't settle Olli kinda gave it away, me shouting at Lilli for EVERYTHING! Snapping at everyone mostly Michael the poor sod!

I had to take a step up and call the doctors...just doing that is hard because I'm admitting to myself it's present...Going to the appointment is even harder but once I started talking about it the doctor really helped me, she gave me a few questionnaire things to fill out and spoke about what tablets I could use while breastfeeding and there was people I could talk to ect, I felt so good for going and finally admitting it to myself!

Some days I feel amazing and I clean the house and I'm super mum and I really have everything under control! Other days Im really under it all, the washing the washing up, hovering, junk everywhere it's just awful and it takes me days to get on top of it again, and I can't have a routine because Olli doesn't have a pattern of napping or anything yet!

Some days I really shout at Lilli, I don't mean to, I love her with all my heart and soul and would literally die for that girl but god she does my head in sometimes, her generally not listening to me is my biggest problem, It makes me so angry I hate being ignored, and when she is with other kids she's even worse :(

Sleep deprevation is the worst and can put me in a foul mood for the whole day! And it's not Olli he sleeps fantastic, It's when lilli wakes up at 6am and starts talking to me and I have to get up and I'm like a bloody zombie! And crying at 5am cause you've been up since 2am, and your all hot and sweaty and falling asleep while feeding but nothing will settle him is just the bloody worst!

Mike is so much help to me! He does so much, gives him bottles n gets him dressed but most importantly let's me have my 'me time' cause he knows if I don't ill snap and cry and be a total mess!
He cooks and cleans and is honestly amazing to us!

But after all this I'm still here, I'm still standing and I'm getting better!!

How did you cope?

Saturday, 11 June 2016

3 week pp update!

93 weeks, wow that's flown by!
Only feels like yesterday I was laying on the couch with my tiny man in my arms!
He's changed so much and got so chunky too!

Olli is doing fab! He's back up past his birth weight and is gaining nicely, still tiny and in newborn clothes, literally everything that is 0-3 is massive on him!
We are loving the new buggy and he sleeps well in it when we're out! I've yet to attach the buggy board for lilli as I've lost a part of the clip for it but she's doing well walking everywhere!

I'm doing good! My back is still sore and I get uncomfortable sitting down for long periods like when feeding! I am yet to weigh myself but I've been told I'm looking slim so baby weight is coming off (I lost weight in pregnancy anyway).

Lilli is doing okay adjusting to being a big sister she helps me alot and is so lovely and gentle with Olli, she's regressed abit in toilet training, she's wetting herself on purpose and finding it funny so we have bought the potty out again to take a step back but still keeping her in knickers!

Sleep has been lovely from Olli, he has a bedtime bottle at 10-10:30pm and boob after and sleeps til about 3:30am has another boob feed and back to sleep til 7am, Lilli on the other hand has been waking up at 1 am every night for another bottle of milk, wich is exhausting me because she gets up at 6:30am!

Our favourite item this week for Olli has been the sleepsacks we have! We have 2 armless and one with arms and Olli sleeps very well in them.

And for me my favourite has to be Non alcoholic Koppaberg mixed fruit flavour it's beautiful and refreshing and only £1.25 a bottle from morrisons!

See you next week! (I can't believe it's gonna be a month!!!)


Sunday, 5 June 2016

2 weeks PP update!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks! Where did that go?

He's changed so much in such a small space of time!
We've been babywearing alot as the buggy broke and we had to order the new one!
But it's finally here and we love it 😍

Feeding is going really well he's still not back to his birth weight and is having top ups of 2oz formula every 4/5 hours in the day and full boobie milk at night!
As soon as he's up to his birth weight we can cut it down to 1 or 2 bottles a day!

We finally got Olli registered, so he's all official now!
Got his birth certificates all ready now to get photos done and apply for his first passport ready for our holiday in October/November to Disneyland Paris!!

His sleeping pattern is lovely he sleeps alot from about 10:30- most of the time in his bouncer or buggy so I can clean and he also sleeps really well at night (from 11ish) he only wakes up once for a big feed at about 4am then sleeps again til about 6:30-7ish!

He's having trouble pooping it took him a week to go last time and now it's been 5 days again! We've tried all the suggestions like tummy massage, water, pushing legs up and warm baths ect... but nothing is helping! He's screaming in alot of pain and really trying to go :(

I have been feeling alot better, I had lots of energy a couple of days after he was born then I kinda crashed abit, but I've been getting good sleep and eating properly too so I'm feeling alot better, so apart from still bleeding and feeling gross down there I'm all good!

Me and Lilli have been able to have some quality time together it may only just be her helping me tidy or me giving her a bath or a bedtime story but we're getting some and we love it! She's such an amazing big sister to Olli and loves to help while I change his bum and loves to give him cuddles and stroke his head! It's adorable :) she is so proud of him and loves to show him off and tell everyone he's her baby brother!

Our favourite item this week has been out new buggy!
Cossatto Yo2 Tattoodle £169.99 from Just 4 Baby :)

See you next week!

Friday, 3 June 2016

The mummy tag, YOU'RE IT!

I was tagged in the Mummy Tag by Jade from Mummieswaiting, loved her answers, here are mine!

1 – Are you a stay at home or working Mum?
Stay at home mum :) love having my 2 munchkins here!

2- Would you have it any other way?
To be honest I miss working, I went straight from working to uni then having babies so I definitely miss it!

3- Do you co-sleep?
We co slept with lilli til she was about 2 and a half then she went in her own room, we now bed share with Olli, most of the time as he doesn't really like his moses basket!

4- My Newborn must have?
Sling!! My buggy broke a few days before I gave birth, so having the sling saved my life!

5- How many kids do you plan on having?
Well I have 2 (Olli and Lilli), and mike has Olli and 2 others (megan and laten) so having more seems like a seriously big thing to decide on but maybe in the future when I've forgotten about the pain of childbirth!

6- Date Night? How often?
More like cinema date night, so it's whenever we see a film we wanna watch! But now we have Olli and I'm breastfeeding it will probably be a long time til we do it again!

7- What’s your child’s favorite show?
Lilli loves Paw Patrol, Ben and Holly's little Kingdom and The Hive :)

8- What’s 1 thing you bought for your newborn and never used?
For lilli it was alot of shit! But mostly the Nappy Bin! What a load of poop!

9- Child’s favorite food?
Lilli loves cheese pie (it's like Mince with gravy and mash on top covered in cheese)
Olli just loves the boobie :)

10- How many cars does your family have?
None, we are both non-drivers.

11- What’s your dream family holiday?
I can't wait to take them both to Walt Disney World florida, it may not be for a long long time while we save but one day we will be there!

12. Dream holiday without kids?
Errr....I dunno if I'd like to go anywhere without them!

13. How has life changed since having kids?
It's amazing, it makes you have something to get up for in the morning! (even if you are exhausted and it is 5am!)

14- Finish the sentence. It makes me melt when…
Lilli holds olli and tells me that she loves him!

15- Where do I shop for my kids?
Primark, boots and charity shops/facebay (love finding bargins)

16- What’s your favorite makeup and skincare?
What's that?! Haha

17- Huggies or Pampers?
Lilli's pull ups are cheap ones from wilkos (we did use Huggies but she only liked minnie mouse not cinderella so I had to force her into them haha)
Olli had quite pack of pampers then we got little angles from asda! Boots are good too!

18- Best Part of being a Mum?
Seeing them grow into beautiful little people, seeing their imagination come to life in their play! Sitting having bedtime cuddles and thinking, damn I did an awesome job cause he/she is amazing 💙❤

I literally cannot tag anyone as my pc Is broke but I shall do it through instagram! Take a look there to see who's it!


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