Saturday, 11 June 2016

3 week pp update!

93 weeks, wow that's flown by!
Only feels like yesterday I was laying on the couch with my tiny man in my arms!
He's changed so much and got so chunky too!

Olli is doing fab! He's back up past his birth weight and is gaining nicely, still tiny and in newborn clothes, literally everything that is 0-3 is massive on him!
We are loving the new buggy and he sleeps well in it when we're out! I've yet to attach the buggy board for lilli as I've lost a part of the clip for it but she's doing well walking everywhere!

I'm doing good! My back is still sore and I get uncomfortable sitting down for long periods like when feeding! I am yet to weigh myself but I've been told I'm looking slim so baby weight is coming off (I lost weight in pregnancy anyway).

Lilli is doing okay adjusting to being a big sister she helps me alot and is so lovely and gentle with Olli, she's regressed abit in toilet training, she's wetting herself on purpose and finding it funny so we have bought the potty out again to take a step back but still keeping her in knickers!

Sleep has been lovely from Olli, he has a bedtime bottle at 10-10:30pm and boob after and sleeps til about 3:30am has another boob feed and back to sleep til 7am, Lilli on the other hand has been waking up at 1 am every night for another bottle of milk, wich is exhausting me because she gets up at 6:30am!

Our favourite item this week for Olli has been the sleepsacks we have! We have 2 armless and one with arms and Olli sleeps very well in them.

And for me my favourite has to be Non alcoholic Koppaberg mixed fruit flavour it's beautiful and refreshing and only £1.25 a bottle from morrisons!

See you next week! (I can't believe it's gonna be a month!!!)