Monday, 4 July 2016

Oops I've missed 2 weeks haha

So I've missed like 2 weeks of pp updates, let's just go with a every few weeks update shall we?! Haha
We're Ill at the moment, just crappy colds but Olli has it the worst :( it's hard for him to breathe while feeding so he's getting very frustrated :(
We've had a few little smiles but not a proper one yet, he's getting there tho!
Olli sleeps so well at night, from about 8-10:30 then 11-4 then 4:30-6:30 :) it's a lovely routine :)
He's pooping really well now once or twice every other day :) (we had a poop shoot yesterday and it went all over my leg )
I'm doing well, I'm taking my tablets for PND and coping well, even though everyone keeps telling me I'm not myself! Hopefully they will kick in soon it's been just over 2 weeks I've been taking them for!
Our favourite item this couple of weeks has been our sling/wrap its been a life saver when trying to settle Olli and having other stuff to do like vacuum and tend to lilli! Would definitely recommend one to anyone with a baby/toddler!
We love you lots
Mumma, Lilli and Olli
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