Tuesday, 23 August 2016

3 months old!

Wow I actually can't believe it's been 3 months!
Where did the time go?
We've had lots of smiles and a few giggles, his first trip on a train to see his auntie janies :)
We also went on a boat trip too!
Olli is trying to roll over and also pull himself up to sit.
We're mostly bottle feeding formulae now and breastfeeding in the night and early morning, he is sleeping most of the night with only 1 or 2 feeds.
I haven't had him weighed in over a month (although I'm going to tomorrow) but he's bloody chunky so he's doing well!

My mental health has plummeted so I have a change of medication and some extra help put in place.
I hate feeling like this but I WILL get better!
I have up days and down days and my temper is awful and i snap at people I care about for the stupidest of things!
Lilli is doing well, with ups and down's of listening but mostly doing well, her speech is so brilliant and her imagination is amazing, I can't get over how in 5 months she'll be 4!! Next September she will be off to big school :O
Lilli has now finished the reading challenge at the library and megan is nearly finished too! Although megan keeps playing up so her trip to the library gets revoked and she has to wait again so she may not finish at all!
This week we have a very important birthday :) On Wednesday 31st August is Mikes birthday and we're so excited to celebrate I love doing little things with the kids for it! So this weekend will be filled with trying to get all the kids to sign his card and write something nice haha
Anyway I shall update soon x
P.s. Not long til Laten and Megans Birthday too!
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