Monday, 8 August 2016

Update...been a while

Haven't blogged in so long, I've been so down about stuff and had 2 lots of new tablets and I'm feeling a bit better!
In the past few weeks I've mostly gutted out my house all ready for when the skip comes just a few more bits to do, it's taken a while cause looking after lilli and olli is a mission and a half even with Mikes help lol!
I'm so glad it's all finally getting done, we're getting into a routine of cleaning up and doing washing ect, it's nice to finally be in a better ballance :)
I want to make this house OUR home and get more pictures up and stuff, then I'll be a happy mumma monster :)

Olli is getting massive! He's such a chunk now it's so lush and he loves to sit up in his bumbo seat and loves tummy time too!
Lilli is doing really good at imaginative play like building forts and making a little home out of pillows and toys, it's so lovely seeing the both grow :)
Were having some good and some bad days with megan and laten but they're just kids so it's bound to happen! We now have a punishment and reward system that is working for us!
I've never been a fan of the naughty step but it works and it's right for us :)
My mental health is getting better, I'm trying hard to have more good days than bad and to keep myself busy too! It's a learning process but I'm on the right path!
I'll update again at Olli's 3 month mark!
Mumma and her monsters