Saturday, 15 October 2016

4 and a half months!

Wow! Time flys so fast!! Why do they have to grow so quickly?!
I can't believe Olli is so big already! He is in 6-9 months clothes already.
Soon be eating food and I honestly can't wait he want to do it now but it's well too early for my liking lol
Lilli is nearly 4 (jan 24th) and I've already had to choose her schools for next year! It's crazy she's in 4-5 stuff already!

My babies are getting so big!
I got my new tattoo a few weeks ago :) with Olli name and date of birth with lego green arrow (that who he's named after) to start off my lego sleeve :) ill add a photo x
Anyway only 2 weeks til we go to Disney land Paris :)
I'm so excited and nervous about it!
I can't wait to see Lillis face when she meets buzz and woody!
I'm worrying about not having enough euros as the rate is really rubbish right now!
Going to start packing soon! I'm so excited!
I'll add some photos too!