Sunday, 27 November 2016

6 months and a bit.....

What the heck?!
Where did that come from we hit half a year already!
Olli now weighs 18 lb 15 oz!!
He's now staring to try and crawl, he rolls about like a crazy man and army crawls haha
We're starting food now too, not that he wants to eat but I'm sure he will pick it up soon! He just holds it and that's it lol
I just can't believe he's got so big so quick I feel like soon enough it's gonna be a whole year!!
Lilli is gonna be 4 in less than 2 months and she's now wearing pants in bed and not wetting herself and I'm super proud of her!!

She can dress herself now too! Doesn't need mummy anymore haha
We had an amazing time at disneyland paris even though Olli had bad teething poos. ..but we got to meet alot of characters and have Breckfast with some of them too! We bough lots of new toy story toys for lilli and a few things for olli too (they don't have a lot of baby stuff).
We're nearly all set for xmas and the kids have 99% of their presents done too just other family to buy for now!
We get a new tree on Wednesday and I'm getting excited to decorate it :)
Anyway that's all for now!
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