Saturday, 11 February 2017

Getting my shit together!

I am honestly getting my shit together!
Got a skip and gutting out my house! It's drastically changing and I love it we've got more space and new things coming too like a table and tv unit and I'm loving it!
It feels so good to De clutter the place, I'm a hoarder of shit and I mean literal crap everywhere it's awful, nothing has a home and my sofas are always piled up with crap lol
Having two kids (4 on the weekends) is hard to manage all their toys and stuff but I have chucked away so much and it feel so good!!

Friday, 3 February 2017

Traveling to Disney with a baby....

So I've been to Disney alot and most of the time I haven't had kids at all!
But going with kids is so worth every penny!
And Kids under 7 stay a play free* (*at selected times)
Traveling with small kids can be a nightmare on its own and it may be really daunting to parents or carers but fear not I have the easy guide to doing it worry free!!

* safety bands....
Little bands that go on their wrist that have your family's name and you phone number on it so if they ever do get lost god forbid, then you can be contacted easy... also teaching your child your name in case of emergency is a good thing there's a million mums or dad's about so calling your name is a better option!
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