Friday, 3 March 2017

4 years and 9 months .....

So I wrote a post in January that didn't publish...and I've only just realised lol
So here goes.....
Lilli just turned 4 and  it's gone crazy super quick! She's in the last few months of nursery and will be starting school in September!
Her attitude is bloody awful....yep just like her mother 
But I wouldn't change her for the world, her language and counting skills are amazing and she's now learning phonics and recognising letters on signs ect... I just can't get over how I created such a beautiful human :)

And now Olli is 9 months, he is standing and crawling super fast he can now stand and get everything it's a nightmare for someone as messy as me lol!
He now can say mum and dad and recognises when we say no!
He still only has 2 teeth but loves to eat everything :)
We've recently started to settle him in his cot and it's are bloody nightmare and sleep is getting shit again but we can't Co - sleep comfortable anymore as he is huge! Olli now weighs 22 lb 12 oz and is filling out 9-12 clothes already!
As for me I'm taking a huge step and taking my driving lessons I did my first lesson last week and it was so nerve wracking but I did it and drove all the way home too!
It's gonna cost me a fortune but it will be so worth it in the end!
What have you been up to?