Sunday, 30 April 2017

It's May!!

It's May!! Where the bloody hell has this year gone?!
We've got such a busy month ahead of us and it's all so exciting :)
Only 4 days til were off to Spain! It's going to be amazing and beautiful and all inclusive too ;) (not that I'll be drinking that much alcohol with my 2 monsters to look after) Hopefully I will get a lovely tan or just really fat from all the free food!
And In 20 days my baby boy will be 1! Actually a whole freekin year!!
I can't believe it's gone so quick, it only seems like yesterday I was writing his birth story having those little squishes with him!
He has grown up so much and is doing amazing at everything and is honestly the happiest baby I know!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Top 10 best parenting hacks!

Hey Guys and Gals!
So I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite top 10 parenting hacks for babies and pre school children :) so enjoy and here it goes!
1) Baby vests...poop catastrophe...
I wish I knew this with my first as this has saved my life quite a few times over the years!
Baby vests have little flaps on the shoulders, you may have wondered what they're for, no they're not a fashion statement they're actually designed for the poo explosions babies have! Pull the flaps down over their shoulders to remove the vest after a messy poo! Saves their hair and face and less mess = less waste of Wipes!
2) Shoes and stickers!
Alot of children fins it really hard sometimes to put shoes on the right feet, Lilli has often came home from nursery with shoes on the wrong feet! So the easy solution is stickers! Get a large sticker (a bit bigger than a 50p) and cut it in half, stick one side on the left shoe and one on the right so the meet in the middle and form the picture! Easy and simple and if your anything like me we have stickers lying about everywhere so it doesn't cost me anything!

Monday, 17 April 2017

The Disney Tag

I've been tagged I  'The Disney Tag'  By Mummies Waiting :)
So here goes!
1. Favorite Disney movie? Toy Story!
2. Walt Disney World or Disneyland? Walt Disney World all the way!
3. Favorite Disney character? Goofy for hero, maleficent for a villain!
4. The first Disney movie you remember seeing in the theatres? My first disney film I remember watching is Dumbo but not in cinemas!
5. What type of Disney item do you collect the most? (Pins, Vinylmation, dolls, etc) Ears!
6. Your favorite Disney song? Great big beautiful Tomorow or Bibby bobbity bo!
7. Favorite attraction/ride at the parks? Tower Of Terror
8. What is your dream job at Disney? Photo assistant/photographer
9. Who's the park character you never want to miss meeting at the parks? All the villains especially  jack skellington
10. What's your most treasured Disney item? My winter minnie fully gat ears!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter!!

It's Easter sunday!!
I'm no expert in egg hunts, but I think I did a pretty good job this year!!
I don't buy little eggs, I get big ones and hide them and write clues to where they are! The kids go crazy for this! It's like a second Christmas or something, they ask to go to bed early so the easter bunny will come and hide the clues!
So this year was no exception they brushed their teeth and go into bed  and went straight to sleep!
Me and mike hid the clues and stuck the letter from the bunny on the letter box!
So all that was left was to hide the big eggs in the cupboard where the last clue led them too! And sleep!!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Life's looking up!

I'm full of joy and happiness lately, I changed my anti depressants and I'm feeling fab! I wake up with so much energy and I'm on top of cleaning the house too! I'm doing my driving lessons wich are going brill! I failed my theory the other day (by a measly 5 points) but it's okay ill do it again and pass!!
I have a new home start volunteer and she seems really lovely, she is very enthusiastic and that's just what I need to give me the kick up the ass but someone to have a cuppa with too! Hopefully we will get on like a house on fire!
I'm enjoying spending time with my babies even more now that the sun is shining were loving spending time outdoors playing and having picnics! It's so magical! We love learning about the outdoors and the different insects in the garden :) we have started growing some plants that will hopefully go into the garden eventually!
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