Sunday, 16 April 2017

Happy Easter!!

It's Easter sunday!!
I'm no expert in egg hunts, but I think I did a pretty good job this year!!
I don't buy little eggs, I get big ones and hide them and write clues to where they are! The kids go crazy for this! It's like a second Christmas or something, they ask to go to bed early so the easter bunny will come and hide the clues!
So this year was no exception they brushed their teeth and go into bed  and went straight to sleep!
Me and mike hid the clues and stuck the letter from the bunny on the letter box!
So all that was left was to hide the big eggs in the cupboard where the last clue led them too! And sleep!!

So 7 am came (very quickly I may add) and we all went downstairs for the kids to find the letter! They followed the clue on the letter and the other 7 clues hidden around the house, it all happened so quickly that I only managed to get a few pictures but they absolutely loved it!
So they had easter eggs for breakfast and lilli ' s and Olli ' s ones came with a cup, bowl and spoon too!
Anyways.... how was your easter? What did you do?
Let me know in the comments below :)