Thursday, 6 April 2017

Life's looking up!

I'm full of joy and happiness lately, I changed my anti depressants and I'm feeling fab! I wake up with so much energy and I'm on top of cleaning the house too! I'm doing my driving lessons wich are going brill! I failed my theory the other day (by a measly 5 points) but it's okay ill do it again and pass!!
I have a new home start volunteer and she seems really lovely, she is very enthusiastic and that's just what I need to give me the kick up the ass but someone to have a cuppa with too! Hopefully we will get on like a house on fire!
I'm enjoying spending time with my babies even more now that the sun is shining were loving spending time outdoors playing and having picnics! It's so magical! We love learning about the outdoors and the different insects in the garden :) we have started growing some plants that will hopefully go into the garden eventually!

Olli is now got his 2 top teeth and the grumpy stage is now over and he is sleeping alot better now too! It's lovely!
Lilli is growing so quick now she's so ready for school and is starting ballet lessons soon too! She is at the 'not listening' stage at the moment and it's grinding my gears but hopefully it will wear off soon!
Lilli! Megan and Laten have got sticker charts now they look awesome and they are really loving getting stickers and small prizes for doing chores and helping out! We're not going too over board with prizes just pound toys or pez dispensers! So they absolutely love it!
It's Easter this week and we're so excited to do the egg hunt like we did last year :) it's a family tradition and we plan to carry it on!
Hopefully the kids will love it again :)
Let me know what your up to over easter holidays in the comments below!
Happy easter!