Sunday, 28 May 2017

Coping with illness and kids!

I'm bloody ill! And I don't mean like man flu ill or just a little sick I mean I have full blown tonsillitis, I can't walk without nearly collapsing, I can't drink or eat without it hurting to swallow, my nose is blocked and I wanna do is sleep!
Luckily over the past 2 days I've got so much better as I've had mike here to have the kids and lilli had gone to her dad's for the day yesterday too! He won't let me do anything but rest wich is lovely but yesterday I forced myself out and went shopping and felt bloody awful when I got back, I rested for half an hour then felt good for the rest of the day :)

Thursday, 18 May 2017

One last cuddle

One last cuddle, til Olli is turning one!
One last kiss, one last feed, one last smile, one last day of being a baby, tomorow he will be a toddler and a whole new year will start, a whole new yer of firsts, of adventures, of memories and smiles.
So I will treasure this day and look back and smile the last day of him being my baby boy!
So tomorrow Olli will be one!

Friday, 12 May 2017

I'm back...

I've been away for a week or so with Jade (my sister) from Mummies Waiting, and our family to the wonderful Islantillia in Andalcudia, Spain.
We've had our fair share of ups and downs with things going wrong and breaking on us but we've made it (just) and we're back!!
Traveling with a baby and a 4 year old is proving stressful on me and I don't know how jade does it,  I think she got the patient gene haha!
They're up and down on the airplane and train and needing the toilet at arkward times its a whole pain in the bum!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Sleep training a 11 month old and coping with mental health

I have alot of support from health practitioners and family support services because of my depression, and recently they've all been saying that I shouldn't be co - sleeping, (after 11 months of doing it)
we ignored them and carried on but came to the conclusion on our own that it would be best that we get him used to settling in his own cot at bedtime.

We don't have any strict routine, just that around 7/7:30 we go up for a bath (every other night) then book cuddles and bed, we try not to overstimulate bed time so we can all relax and with Lilli it took me a good couple of years of sitting at the bed til she was asleep and having to creep out,  totally missing the creaky floor boards and the squeak of her door or baby gate! Now she is 4 and goes to sleep all by herself, so parents. ..IT DOES GET EASIER!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Yes You Can ,Book Kickstart!

Stereotypical gender 'rules'! Some of us are old fashioned and some of us new age but everyone always comes up with a stereotypical gender 'rule'  related to kids, well this post is all about them!

Well, me, Michael and the kids argue about this alot!

Megan is 8 and she loves football (typically stereotyped as a 'boys' game) she even says her self that it's a 'boys' game

Laten is 6 he likes playing with dolls and watching 'girl' programmes he doesn't care and neither do I!

Lilli is 4 and wears 'boys' clothes alot because she doesn't like pink and they're more comfy for her than tight 'girl' clothes.

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