Thursday, 18 May 2017

One last cuddle

One last cuddle, til Olli is turning one!
One last kiss, one last feed, one last smile, one last day of being a baby, tomorow he will be a toddler and a whole new year will start, a whole new yer of firsts, of adventures, of memories and smiles.
So I will treasure this day and look back and smile the last day of him being my baby boy!
So tomorrow Olli will be one!

We had a party today, family, food and fun! He opened a few presents and played with his cousins and siblings :)
I honestly can't believe he is a year old already,  it's flown by so quickly and I'm so proud of how much he has grown and what he has achieved already!
So, to my baby boy Olli, I will love you forever and always and you'll always be my little man :)
Here's to many happy years and wonderful birthdays to come!
Love Mumma and Daddy