Wednesday, 14 June 2017

5 tips for keeping your relationship alive after having a baby.

It's hard to stay connected after having a baby, your sore and tired and your partner is the last person on your mind with all the madness surrounding you, but staying connected is important, less arguments less stress and more love!
So here's my top 5 tips of staying connected....

1) Make conversation...
It may seem like the silliest thing but making conversation about anything, how your day has been, what you had for lunch, how the baby Is, or even what the cat did today.
Conversations matter, just talking can brighten your mood or help you relax after a stressful day.

2) Go out for a meal together.....
I know that for some parents who breastfeed or others who just aren't ready to leave their baby this may not be the best idea, but spending one on one time with your loved one is important, it makes them feel important too, all your time and energy is focused on a little baby so it's nice to let them know that their on your mind too.
3) Getting sexual....

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

What to do in great yarmouth...

Summer is slowly creeping up on us and if your anything like me you have no plans for that terrifying 6 weeks of trashed house craziness!
So here's what to do in great yarmouth for locals and for holiday makers....

1) First off is the beach! Great yarmouth beach is alright but it's nothing compared to the golden sands of Gorleston (just over the bridge), it's free of course so that's always a bonus,  there's some bouncy castles (if you want to pay), the yacht pond if you want to take a mini speed boat (or a paper one), a little pool just for the kids (it's quite open but still small enough for you to keep your eyes on them) it's a bit of a suntrap in the summer so don't forget your sun cream :) and of course there's the sand!
The beach is a huge stretch with a lovely clifftop above, there's a few cafes really close and a bandstand where music plays, close to the shops there is a lovely restaurant called Porter House wich serves the best food and drinks for that chill after a long day :)

Friday, 2 June 2017

What's in my bag?!

For a toddler and a pre bags pretty basic...
I choose to use a rucksack rather than a changing bag as I find it more comfy, and my rucksack is a toy story vans one so it's super cool!
But anyway here's what we take out on a normal day...
*Wipes for every occasion!
*Spare onesie for olli
*Spare pants and trousers for lilli
*Pad and a pen (just in case we get stuck and lilli is bored)
*Teether toy for olli
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