Monday, 24 July 2017

Getting Ready For "BIG" School!

So my Lils is leaving nursery, its so emotional, shes leaving her favourite teachers and friends and is going off to "BIG" school in september.

So we just had graduation, it was spectacular!! Lilli loved singing and dancing with her friends and teachers.

she got her certificate and told everyone she wanted to be a princess when she is older! She will always be my princess :)
So now she only has one day left at nursery, then its summer holidays, a whole 6 weeks of me going crazy!!!
Not saying i wont enjoy it because im sure i will, its just very long and with 4 kids it can get VERY stresssful!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Get in your Library this summer

30 Activities for Norfolk library's this summer!

If your anything like me, your a forgetful soul, I always seem to miss summer activities or see them just after they have finished and think yo myself 'oh the kids would have loved this' so this year I've wrote a list of what's going on in Great yarmouth and surrounding areas and finally gathered a list of what's going on in local librarys, so enjoy, add them to your calendar or planner and ENJOY!!!

What's on library

Great Yarmouth Library:

22nd July, 11 am - 1pm - Summer reading challenge launch party with crafts.

26th July, 11:30am - meet the blue cross, learn about pet care.

1st August, 11 am -12;30pm - Animal Agents CSI, for 6-8 years and their grown ups £3 per child.

9th August - Community Garden bug walk- ages 5 and over, please dress appropriately for the weather.

9th August- 5:45pm -7:15pm - Animal Agents CSI - for 8 -11 year olds £3 each.

15th August- 10:30am - 12pm - Growing together gardening fun in the community garden.

Friday, 14 July 2017

15 things to do in Great Yarmouth Over the summer holidays!

Summer holidays can drag, and they can get boring really fast but mummas got ya covered! Here are my top 15 FREE activities for the summer holidays (all kid friendly of course) In no specific order:
What's on in great yarmouth

1) Join the Animal Agents - Summer reading challenge - 22nd July:
Sign up at your local library to receive your collector folder, as you read/share books over the summer you can find clues and collect stickers, there is a special challenge  for under 5 ' s too!
We did this last year and lilli loved it and we read 6 books so 1 a week and got a medal and a certificate at the end with a lovely presentation evening :) safe to say this is always a hit and I even did it when I was a child!!

2) Sure start make it messy 24th- 28th July:
It's messy play week with sure start, grab some old clothes and shoes and possible outdoor clothes for seagulls and Peggotty road and let's get messy! Did I mention a messy child is a happy child?!
This is so much fun for everyone and we all know kids LOVE making a mess! Join in at these locations:

Peggotty Road Centre (garden) Monday 11.00am-2.00pm
Hopton Village Hall Wednesday 11.00am-2.00pm
Seagulls Centre  (garden) 11.00am-2.00pm

3) Gorleston Clifftop Festival - 29th - 30th July:
This event is always free! And its a brilliant day out just to have a walk around there's always some free entertainment and activitys but beware not everything is free, there is alot of game stalls and charity stalls too! It's just overall a fun day put for all ages and we go every year without fail! P.s. There's a firework display in the evening too and it's easy to get to by all modes of transport!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Dinosaur Adventure Park, Norwich

Welcome to my new mini series of guest posts for bloggers around Norfolk, the series will be about the great places to visit or events around the local area :)

I hope you enjoy and here is Mummy Est's post of the Dinosaur Adventure, near Norwich, Norfolk.

If you have a ‘dinosaur mad’ child (or in my case, husband) then this summer you MUST visit Dinosaur Adventures. Located close to Lenwade (in between Fakenham and Norwich) this outdoor park has everything you could ask for on a family day out.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Kids Zone Fun Foam Bath Review

Recently we ran out of bubble bath for the kids and what we had previously used was total rubbish, it left a thin layer of bubbles on top and disappeared quickly so it was time for a change!
So we ventured out to our local Home Bargins and decided to pick some new stuff up, now lilli is terrible at deciding on things so I just picked up the nicest smelling stuff I could find and oh my! I found it, and for a bargin price too! At 89p who could grumble.
Kids zone foam bath

Cherry and almond foam bath! And it smelt delicious, so we got home and that night ran a bath, we added the foam bath and lordy Lord it smelt beautiful, the consistency was nice and thick and it made the biggest foamy bubbles I had ever seen from a bubble bath, the bottle also said it was extra kind and gentle so for preschool children it's a brilliant selling point!
09 10